Episode from the podcastDon't Call Us Heroes: A DND Adventure

Xmas Special Prt 3: Blood Glucose Levels and The Rat King

Released Tuesday, 5th January 2021
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Welcome to out first Xmas Holiday Special! With a quick fun drunken adventure we join Tim (as Fissma Hall the Teifling Monk), Kumar (as Flint Greencshist the Dwarf Ranger), with special guest starts Matt the Superfan (as Hermey Woolworth the Half-elf Sorcerer) and Kate(as Noir the Teifling Fighter) in a winter mission. Sean grabs a cup of eggnog while relaxing and plays a NPC for the players as Bill becomes the Guest DM. How will this turn out? It will take a lot of Christmas magic to keep everyone together in one piece! Sit back as we listen to how this xmas… I mean… Feast of Spo Hol Le turns out! Did I mention Spo Hol Le is the god of Joy and Drugs? Eh, it will be fine.

The party takes a heavy blow with Kate having to bow out early due to sickness. (No ‘Rona and she is fine now, btw and look for her character’s return in the future!) The team makes a final push against the BBEG and tries to win! And lets just say it is a good thing Sean made CPR cannon for the second time in this world! The biggest enemy is a meta enemy called Lord Booze and it looks to derail the players and DM! Will the players rise to the challenge and end the night in a fun epic battle! Yes! But see how they do it!

Thank you to Bill, Matt, and Kate for the fun adventure!


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon Brown for their great work!

Thank you Matt for doing a accordion into song for us!

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