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Case 1: The Silver Casket – Part 5: Hide and Seek
Uh oh! James Keyes has just been intimate with some dame and now her husband is home, whatever shall he do? Run away and hide of course! Keyes is tested mentally and physically in this episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt. But a little hiccup such as sleeping with another man’s woman won’t stop him from solving the case of the decade. So make sure to tune in because there’s nothing like a little sex, mystery, and adventure to get you through the week.    
Brentwood Heights Stories: Edith Misses Catnip - Part 2/3
Edith has just discovered that her most beloved little kitty cat, Catnip (she could cuddle him to fucking death), has suddenly gone missing! Implementing the skills that she sees Mr. K use, she decides to go on the case. The Case of the Missing Kitty Cat. She finds herself far from home and gets herself into a situation that could prove to be far more than what she expected. With the discovery of a new adversary and perhaps one of the most criminal drug lords in all of Brentwood Heights, however will she be able to find Catnip without a little help? But from who? Please dont forget to rate us on iTunes and support this show by going to our Patreon page found at  
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 12: A Star is Reborn
Prepare yourself for the epic conclusion to the second season of Dopple Avenue Hurt. In this final episode of the year, Keyes and Jane race off to confront Julianne and Sheldrake about posing the letter as a fake, only to find that they have already left for the premiere of Julianne's new movie. What's a PI and his dame to do? Chase them down of course, but Keyes gets himself in over his head when he discovers Julianne's alterior motive for inviting him and everyone close to him. How will this whole wild ride pan out? Well, throw on your fedora's and hold your special someone close, because this one is one hell of an episode. 'Nuff said. @sharkdropper  
Season 1 Wrap Up with the Cast and Creators
Hosted by John Lasaveth, this very special episode invites Amy (Edith), JJ (Paul), Kyle (Keyes), and Jonathan (Editor) to sit down with the creator of the show, Robert Lamb to discuss what it was like to record for the first season of Dopple Avenue Hurt. They discuss how they each got involved in the show, what the inspiration behind the voices were, the challenges of working with a celebrity, and touch on their favorite moments and bloopers.  Not only do they touch on Season 1, but also address the future of the show and what they hope to see from not only their own characters, but the special relationships between each other's that has formed. Thank you so very much for being a fan through out the first season, and we look forward to providing you more content to greater expand Brentwood Heights and the Universe of James Keyes. @sharkdropper  
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 4: Guys Night Out
This episode follows Keyes biggest challenge yet, living with his old BHPD partner, Paul Went. After getting near the point of a mental breakdown, Keyes agrees to go out for a night on the town with all the guys, which leads to a questionably sober disaster of an evening. Pop the Tylenol and mix yourself a bloody mary, because you're sure to feel this one in the morning. Enjoy this week's episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt. In loving memory of Patricia Vivien. @sharkdropper  
Brentwood Heights Stories: Edith Misses Catnip - Part 3/3
And now the exciting conclusion to Edith's grandeous case. As she follows Catnip onto the Tamarind Lake docks, Edith finds herself smack dab in the middle of a giant drug deal, with one of the most sinister villians in Brentwood Heights in the middle of it. What will Edith do when she goes face to face with Paul Reiser Soze? Will she get Catnip home safe and sound? Will she ever go on that second date with Joey? Listen and find out on this Dopple Avenue Hurt spinoff series. If you enjoy this episode, please rate and review us on iTunes, and if you would like to support our efforts to keep this podcast in production, you can visit and donate to our Patreon page. Special Guest voice of Paul Reiser Soze played by Dan Lizette of The Podcast Digest podcast. Thank you Dan for the encompassing a great character.
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 9: An Open Book
Looks like Terrence may have this case on the ropes as he confesses to Keyes that he has the most promising lead yet. But is it a credible one? I'm not sure old James quite believes that it is though. Our favorite P.I. has to decide to on go the investigation or hand it over to the Brentwood Heights Police Department to find out what happened to Geoffrey O'Reilly. Will he make the right decision? Lord, I hope so. We need the downloads!
Brentwood Heights Stories: Paul and Arthur Go Camping - Part 1/3
In this prequel to Dopple Avenue Hurt, Paul and Arthur meet for the first time. It doesn't take long for the two weirdos to become friends and set off on their first adventure- A camping trip to a haunted campground. What's in store for the cop duo? Listen here to find out! Follow us @sharkdropper
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 9: Shut Up!
In this week's episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt, we see James in a deep paranoia after seeing a side to Julianne he's never seen before. It surely isn't helped by the fact that he discovers the truth behind her former husbands mysterious dissapearances. Is Julianne really capable of murder? Each passing second brings us closer to the truth and what Julianne is ultimately keeping from Keyes. The price of admission covers the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge for this exciting episode. So throw on the fedoras and locate the closest BMTLYSONA, because you're in for a doozy here folks.  SPECIAL GUEST VO by Guy of The Worst Idea of All Time podcast @sharkdropper  
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 11: Pillow Fight
There's an intruder in James Keyes' room. Like a ninja he gracefully moves around the room in the dark, throwing off Jimmyjong's sense of his location, when finally he attacks! When all weapons have been relieved from both parties, theres only one more option left for our fateful hero... a pillow fight. Will he survive this epic battle or will he perish in the fate of a thousand goose feathers? Well, strip down to your tighty wighties and prepare yourself for a mild dose of middle school mayhem as these two duke it out... 4th grader style, in this week's episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt. Special Guest Voice Over by Tim Batt of The Worst Idea of All Time podcast. @tim_batt @sharkdropper
Season 2 Wrap-Up with the Cast and Creators: Part 2/2
Keeping with the tradition of Dopple Avenue Hurt, some of the cast and creators of the show you love so much sit down to answer fan questions and look back on the last year of production. Part 2 of 2. @sharkdropper
Brentwood Heights Stories: Paul and Arthur Go Camping - Part 2/3
Oh no! The camp owners Larry and Donna are missing! Was it Ghost Schmost?! Paul and Arthur gain the help of a group of teen environmentalists who specialize in raccoon release and conundrum solving. Can they solve the conundrum of the missing camp owners??? Follow us @sharkdropper
Season 2 Epilogue
P.I. James Keyes has made sure Julianne Goode is securely behind bars, but whatever happened to Jane? This is the epilogue to Season 2. It'll surely get you excited for Season 3 of Dopple Avenue Hurt!
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 7: The Mad Bomber
**Yawn.... yawn** When Paul wakes up in a dumpy hotel, it comes to his realization that our boy Keyes has been missing for days now. Ever since the boys night out when Captain Hiltz busted his door down for egging his house. Paul takes it upon himself to gather the team and go looking for Jimmyjong. Wait, hold the phone here people, the fate of Keyes being found is left in the hands of Paul and Arthur? Lord help us, we might as well call it a series right now. Throw on your square necklace and fasten your velcro shoes because were going looking for Keyes. Enjoy! @sharkdropper Special Guest Voices include Scott and Jeremiah of the Lost At Home Podcast and Mallory Presley of the Heels and Headshots Podcast as Bethany Please subscribe to all our supporters on iTunes and please be sure to leave all of us a review. It only takes 90 seconds! By the time you're done reading this, you could have already left all three of us a 5 star review on iTunes. 
Season 2 Wrap-Up with the Cast and Creators: Part 1/2
Keeping with the tradition of Dopple Avenue Hurt, some of the cast and creators of the show you love so much sit down to answer fan questions and look back on the last year of production. Part 1 of 2. @sharkdropper
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 3: The Village Bicycle
While extensively considering Julianne's proposal, James heads to Paul's daughter's birthday party. It is there where a dark secret from Paul's life emerges, and puts into place a domino effect that will ultimately decide the fate of the case all together. @sharkdropper Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes. It only takes 90 seconds, we promise.  Also, if you would like to support our efforts towards making scripted, serial podcasts such as this one, please visit our Patreon page on our homepage where you can donate and in return receive exclusive content from Shark Dropper Studios
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 6: Hakuna Matata
For James' next role, he will now be starring as the invisible man. Well invisible to BC Baxter anyways now that he gone done mess up. Keyes' is finding out everyone in the film industry is 3 clicks to the left of normal, and not just the directors and film actors. After finding himself a peeping tom to some crazy circle of life sex-capade involving Julianne and Sheldrake, Jimmyjong encounters Jane (voiced by Lang Parker of, a paparazzi for TPC (Taking Pictures of Celebrities). Maybe this is the fresh new contact needs to solve this seasons case, or maybe it will just end up getting him laid. Either way, I chalk it up as a good score in my books. Anywho, throw on your Simba costume and fight your once trusted uncle turned evil in this episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt. @sharkdropper  
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 11: A Shopping Surprise
In this exciting episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt, Keyes is determined to get to the bottom of the vase that he believes was planted at the Greenbalm household. He's seen some clever plant jobs in his day, but this one sticks out like a white republican at the... well, you get it. The question is though, who? Who would frame poor Evan Greenbalm to be fingered for the murder? Could whoever planted the vase be Geoffery's killer? Sure old Jimmyjong thinks so. My money is on that Peter Faulk character, you know, with those sad eyes and all.  Like us on Facebook and please review and rate us through iTunes.
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 7: The Stakeout
James Keyes finally wraps up his business at the O'Reily mansion by concluding his interview with Terrence. Now it's time for some long over due rest and relaxation, or is it? It seems this case is really taking its toll on Keyes' health.  Listen as he discovers a shocking secret about Anegla's husband while on a stakeout with Paul, and once again gets himself into another hard pickle.
What Happened to Dopple?
Hey guys, sorry this took so long, but here it is: An explanation of why we stopped releasing content. Life has gotten in the way and certain members of Shark Dropper Studios left to pursue their own goals. Maybe eventually we will return to complete season 3, but as of right now Dopple is on indefinite hiatus.  If you want you can check out Atlas Avenue Beat which is a remake of Dopple Avenue Hurt and released by Robert's new company 7 Lamb Productions. You can go here to see all of the audio dramas that are produced by 7 Lamb: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email us at either: Thanks for being fans!! 
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 3: A Scarface Sting
After being nicely tortured by a couple of confused henchmen, Keyes decides it's time to get these two fellas off his back. He enlists the help of his ex-partner from the force, Paul Went, to help devise a sting operation to catch these two hooligans. But figuring out just how the sting is supposed to go down may be harder than it seems... Twitter: @sharkdropper Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 2: Nice Torture
P.I. James Keyes appears to be in trouble in the second episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt! He wanted excitement and now he's got it. Follow Keyes through Brentwood Heights as he deals with a pair of confused henchmen and discovers the true identity of Miss Angela Diamond. Follow us on Twitter: @sharkdropper And don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes.
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 4: The Frothy Chicken
The sting operation is a go! Arthur and Paul are in place and Keyes is playing it cool. Vendell and Carter may think they are in control, but they have no idea. This episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt finds Keyes still on the case, but it's one step at a time as he subdues some henchmen and reconnects with a long lost love. 
Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 8: Lying About George Lucas
James and Jane go on an investigative hunt to try and dig deeper into Julianne Goode's history in hopes to get a clue about who really sent the letter addressed from her dead fiancee. Because of it, they encounter several "off" characters that have been in and out of Julianne's life. We hope you have fun with the episode, because we know we surely did. So throw on your fedora and whip out your note pad, because you're going to need it to keep up with all these shennanigans. 'Nuff said. @sharkdropper  
Case 1: The Silver Casket - Part 1: Something New
Meet P.I. James Keyes. He has been stuck in a rut recently. Being a P.I. isn't all it's cracked up to be... Especially when the job has the same old cases, that is, until billionaire Terrence O'Reilly enters the office! Terrence's father has been murdered, an old business partner arrested, but Terrence believes the police have arrested the wrong man. This is just the case Keyes needed! Something new to get those detective skills back in motion!! Listen here for episode one of Dopple Avenue Hurt, a film noir spoof in podcast form!!! Follow us on Twitter: @sharkdropper And don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes.
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