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Dr. Andi's World

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Episodes of Dr. Andi's World

Dr. Andi's World  How much of your life have you tried to create based on your stories?  How fun is that...really?  Dr. Andi welcomes Autumn Shields to this week's adventure, exploring what life could be like, if you were "out-creating" your st
Dr. Andi's World  Do you ever get the sense that you know something different is possible with health and wellness? What if we could have fun with frequencies as a part of our wellness practices?  Dr. Andi welcomes Gladys Boza this week, for an
Dr. Andi's World  It might seem like a strange idea, that we could allow Earth to be our teacher, and yet the earth is constantly in motion and is teaming with life and creation.  If we were willing to observe and witness from a different persp
Dr. Andi's World  Have you ever been on a guided transformation? Dr. Andi invites you to something new this week as she welcomes Julie Tuton to the podcast for an exploration in guided transformation and new choices. Julie Tuton is an author, j
Dr. Andi's World  Dr. Andi welcomes Rüdrani Devi to the show this week, to explore how the hek we get happy, and stay happy, beyond the daze of the holiday season.  You might be wondering if that is even possible - well - the good news is Yes,
Dr. Andi's World  Dr. Andi welcomes Venus Castleberg to this week's show, starting off Thanksgiving month with a conversation to explore having gratitude and being true to what is true for us. Venus Castleberg is a business and life coach, holi
Dr. Andi's World  Has your dog ever barked at something that seemingly ‘wasn’t there’? Or has your cat all of the sudden hissed or jumped up and gone to another room, seemingly ‘for no reason’? Is there something more than meets the eye going o
Dr. Andi's World  This week we are in the pumpkin patch with Dr. Andi and Dr. Judy, returning to Dr. Andi's World to talk about carbs and starches in our dogs' diet.  Pumpkin in a popular item - and - we have some questions to explore with Dr.
Dr. Andi's World  Have you ever observed the sheer joy your animals have, rolling in dead things?  The joy of the dead is simply not an issue for animals, they will roll in practically anything - dead things, dead food, dead stuffy toys, encomp
Dr. Andi's World  What did you learn about spooky things like zombies and witches and vampires?  Did you learn everything you know about them from the movies? Did you learn they were “bad”?  Did you learn to be afraid of them?  Have you ever co
Dr. Andi's World  It’s that time of year when many pet parents dress their furbabies with an array of accoutrements, otherwise known as Halloween costumes.  Ahhh yes, a practice that strikes terror in the hearts of some and absolute joy in othe
Dr. Andi's World  Have you ever booked a massage session for your animal? Is that something you would choose for your animal(s)?  Massage Therapy is one of the oldest healing modalities, with countless health and wellness benefits - and that ap
Dr. Andi's World  Do you wonder if dogs think?  Do you wonder if dogs think about pain, or worry about pain?  Dr. Andi welcomes Amber O'Hara to this week's conversation for more exploration of if and what dogs think about pain and other things
Dr. Andi's World  Does the idea of animal chiropractic make you go "huh?"  Or are you already totally on board with animal chiropractic being a key part of your animals' wellness program?  Dr. Andi welcomes Dr. Desiree Draws this week for a con
Dr. Andi's World  WELCOME FORWARD to Dr. Andi's World! Join Dr. Andi for this opening episode of a New Season of Dr. Andi's World and find out all the latest and greatest - and what else Dr. Andi has in store for you, this season - to empower Y
Dr. Andi's World  Does it seem like the words “covid 19” and “crazy” have become synonymous?  Did you get lost on the funny farm; and it’s not funny anymore?  Does it feel like you are losing you, in the crazy? This week, Dr. Andi is sharing so
Dr. Andi's World  What is it, to be an empowered pet parent?  Is it complicated? Does it take long?  Are there classes for that?  What if we told you it does not have to be complicated, and it can help you have  a very different relationship -
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show How many things require your attention on a daily basis?  Do you tend to focus on the “big” stuff?  It can be easy to be distracted by the things that “need” our attention - ie: the problems, or the important stuff -
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show How many things require your attention on a daily basis?  Do you tend to focus on the “big” stuff?  It can be easy to be distracted by the things that “need” our attention - ie: the problems, or the important stuff -
Dr. Andi's World Choice creates.  Do you get that? I mean really get that?  I fumbled around with that for a good while before it really started to register for me.  And I still fumble at times - quite a few times, actually. But there is some s
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show If you have ever attempted to "hold energy" you likely figured out pretty quickly that it's basically impossible.  Energy is never not in motion!  So what effects is it having on us and our bodies, and our animals (e
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show Have you ever noticed how animals are willing to use pretty much anything to their advantage?  They use their cuteness, their not-so-cuteness, their size, their vitality, their illness, their mischievous-ness, their
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show Ozone? As a therapy? Isn’t that what we get when we go outside?... Ah - this is a slightly different kind of ozone; yes.  And Dr. Andi welcomes Dr. Judy Jasek back to the show this week for a conversation all about O
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show You know there are times when your animal is asking “WTF?” - right?  Some people might want to think animals are the stupid ones but this week Dr. Andi is sharing some of the “WTF” questions she gets from her animals
Dr. Andi's World Radio Show Do you have a special connection with horses?  Have you ever felt the call of Equus?  Do you know horses have a unique magic they be in the world? Well this week’s episode is just for you!  Dr. Andi welcomes her dear
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