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Episode 23: Bill of the Seas
Does anyone read these anymore? Didn't think so! Just listen to the damn episode.
Episode 22: I Am Not Amused
That's right, Dr Bill and The Pak are still alive! So if you've been celebrating our absence, your day is about to get shitty. We recorded this episode back in May; we're just lazy and haven't released it...until now.
Episode 21: #BillBePittin
DISCLAIMER: This episode contains devastatingly hot takes concerning screamo. You've been warned.It's the boys making noise back at it again -- Dr Bill and the Pak joined by a couple old pals of the show: Keenan, Ginger King Codes, and Bigger J. Bullshit ensues. You're gonna love it.
Episode 20: I Mean... He's Not Gonna Die.
20 episodes. Anything is possible folks, I'm tellin ya.Join Dr. Bill and the Pak as they continue to talk about shit that's whack.
Episode 19: Bad Boys
Whatcha gon, whatcha gon, whatcha gonna do... when Dr Bill and the Pak got some new shit for you?We're back to take a swing at 2019 and we have a soundboard now. So that should really tell you everything you need to know about this one. Enjoy.Pak's band recommendations:-Big Bite-Hikikomori
Episode 18: The Greta Van Fleet of Podcasts
Last episode of the year! Dr. Bill and the Pak are joined by Kalebh, a touching man with many songs in his heart. Kalebh is involved in Pro Teens and James Band, and makes his own music as roofdiver. Also, we touch on Dr. Bill's new EP - Kierland Drive. Check all those projects out on yo chosen streaming service.Here's some featured tracks this episode:-Mack Browne & The Brothers: Bumpy's Lament-roofdiver: honeydew-Dr Bill - Stargazer-D'Angelo - Unshaken-J. Dilla - So Far To Go (feat. Common & D'Angelo)And that'll do it. Until 2019 -- from Dr. Bill & The Pak -- peace!
Episode 17: You Won't Believe This Waveform!
This is it, the penultimate episode of The Dr Bill and The Pak Show of 2018! Cody the Ginger King somehow snuck in again so there’s that. Also joining us on our 2nd annual “album of the year” episode are three new peeps: Davey, Jake and Parker. That being said, Dr Bill’s got a prescription: Crack open that brewski, light that doobski, and settle in for the biggest and longest episode to date!
Episode 16: The Inky Black Void
"Just the two of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us". That's right bitches: Bill and Pak for this round. No guest stars, cats, dogs, sharks, not even a tapeworm. So grab a Dr Pepper or shitty Aquafina water and press that damn play button!
Episode 15: iPlane
Bill. Pak. Codes. Venti Mike. In one room. Riffing off top, giving it to ya raw, and putting the cool back in the ranch Doritos. You're gonna wanna bookmark this one.
BONUS: FORM Arcosanti 2018 Recap
So Bill and I recorded this right after Arcosanti and were unable to release due to audio issues. But now, for the first time ever, listen to our shitty opinions about a music festival. Enjoy.
Episode 14: Aint No Sunshine When Keen's Gone
It's a wild one. Dr. Peanut (now a permanent namechange) & the Pak are joined by returning guests Big T & Bigger J, and guest from the west Keenan. Keen has put out some projects as Cafe Lounge and heads up IDS Recordings. Props to him for the intro & outro music this episode. Check out IDS on Bandcamp here: https://idsrecordings.bandcamp.com/ Also, I apologize for the tech difficulties once again. Since recording this episode I have enrolled in a 12-week training seminar on how to press the record button and it's going swimmingly so I'll be able to do that much more often in the coming episodes :) Love, Pak Love mail for Pak/Hate mail for Bill - drbillandthepak@gmail.com Voicemail line - (669) 257-4046
Episode 13: Dr. Peanut
Your eyes shan't deceive you, this is what you think it is: a swaggy new episode from your favorite dysfunctional podcast. Cody the Ginger King is back with us as well, and will definitely be stopping by our ol' shindig here more often. Listen to the episode for deets. LINKS: Stoni Wan Kenobii Show - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-stoni-wan-kenobii-show/id1414768974?mt=2 Dr. Bill: Utopia - https://soundcloud.com/user-727915138 Steady Wander: As/Is - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/as-is/1432233571
Episode 12: The Bloops
Welcome to the bloops, it's like the Grammys but without all the bullshit. This is a very unique episode of Dr Bill and The Neanderthal-I MEAN THE PAK-where you will receive a very tasty and delicious dinner of bloopers from the show! So as always, send love mail for Dr Bill and hate mail for The Pak at drbillandthepak@gmail.com. And please please please send us a voice mail at (669) 257-4046, or you will make The Pak cry!
Episode 11: Across the Pond
It's happening. Like the world cup or the olympics where you kind of knew it was supposed to happen at some point soon but then it just happens and you're like, "oh wow that's today? My stars and garters!" Kind of like that. Surprise. Bill and Pak are back at it again. This time, coming to you from abroad! Join the fellas as we consistently and gloriously fail to ensure a seamless podcast listening experience that successfully remains on-topic. But it's the shortest episode yet, so suck it up.
Episode 10: Tongued by a Cow in the Mouth: The Dr. Bill Story
I'll warn you right here, in the first sentence: this is the lengthy conclusion of the Floyd series. Crack a cold one and join the boys for one last dip in the prog-psych jacuzzi before shutting up about this damn band forever. As always, you can leave a voicemail for Dr. Bill and The Pak at (669) 257-4046. Love mail for Pak/hate mail for Bill can be sent to drbillandthepak@gmail.com. We rly love all 4 of you listeners <3 Two Podcast Recommendations -The Stoni Wan Kenobii Show - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-stoni-wan-kenobii-show -Dissect - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/city-scout/dissect<br>
Episode 9: Only Flat Earthers like the Grammys
This is it dweebs. Bill & Pak have heard, listened, and are giving you what you want: AN EPISODE FREE OF PINK FLOYD. We figured we'd throw this in the middle of our Floyd series because we have some serious catching up to do. This is arguably our most off-topic episode to date, and we couldn't be more proud. Join Dr. Bill and The Pak as they talk about what non-Floyd music they've been into recently and discuss current bullshit in the industry. As always, feel free to drop us a line at drbillandthepak@gmail.com (love mail for Pak, hate mail for Bill). You can also leave a voicemail at (669) 257-4049. WE LOVE ALL OF YOU THANK YOU FOR LISTENING EVEN IF IT WAS FOR 3 SECONDS <3<br>
Episode 8: Danimals (Three Tasty Ones)
BILL. PAK. U KNO WAT IT IS. With the help of the Ginger King in the West, join the boys as they travel down the rabbit hole of the Floyd's scathing album - Animals. We will be taking a break from the Floyd saga next week in the spirit of catching up on the year in music so far... but we'll be back to it soon enough. As always, be sure to send Pak love mail/Bill hate mail to drbillandthepak@gmail.com or leave a sexy message at (669) 257-4046
Episode 7: Wadgy Wawas & The Punk Flids
And the saga continues. In the 2nd episode of the Pink Floyd series, Bill & Pak dissect the band's 1975 album: Wish You Were Here. Although there's no reggae interpretations to completely derail this week's episode, the homies manage to derail the discussion perfectly fine on their own. But somehow--in an episode with a runtime longer than the actual album in question--Bill & Pak still manage to keep it together enough break down the lyrics, music, and themes of regret, absence, and getting lost in the sauce of LSD. And it is indeed a saucy episode. Barbecue, in fact. As always, you can reach out to Dr. Bill & The Pak by dropping us a line at drbillandthepak@gmail.com, or leaving us a voicemail at (669) 257-4046.
Episode 6: Dr. Dub & The Pink
And so it begins. As 2018 dawns upon the world, so doth Dr. Bill and The Pak. In the premiere sesh of the Floyd suite, the dudes dive deep into Dark Side. Originally intended to encompass 3 Pink Floyd albums, this episode--clocking in at a horrifying and excruciating 2 hours and 42 minutes--only makes it through one. Welcome to Season 2. As always, please drop us a line anytime at drbillandthepak@gmail.com, or leave us a voicemail at (669) 257-4046. Seriously, just call. Talk about literally anything. We will air it.
We're alive! Check out this 5 minute update to get up to speed on what to expect from the Dr. Bill and The Pak podcast in the coming weeks. We haven't forgotten y'all, and we're super pumped for our Pink Floyd suite, which will kick off both 2018 AND Season 2 of Dr. Bill and The Pak! While you're waiting on our lazy asses, PLEASE send any/all email (love mail for The Pak, hate mail for Dr. Bill) to drbillandthepak@gmail.com, and any voicemails to (669) 257-4046.
Episode 5: The Post-Rock God Hath Spoken
Got an hour? Got 2? Got 3?? If you answered yes to any of those, dag-gummit have we got a show for you. For the final episode of 2017, all bets are off and the boys are going deep. Clocking in at an astoundingly inconsiderate 3 hours and 18 minutes, Dr. Bill and The Pak (along with two special guest hosts: K-Fed and Venti Mike) are recapping & reviewing the year's music. If our podcasts episodes were creatures of urban legend, this one is Bigfoot. Buckle tf up. Thanks to everyone that has donated their time and earholes to this show. Not too sure why you did that, but we appreciate it. We'll be back in 2018 with more Bill, more Pak, more rhythm, and more boobs. In the meantime, please drop us an email (love mail for The Pak / hate mail for Dr. Bill) at drbillandthepak@gmail.com, OR leave us a voicemail at (669) 257-4046. Also, you can find the theme song for Dr. Bill and The Pak here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNUYyzfr4cQ
Episode 4: The Biggest Bucket of Shit
Episode 4... we're as surprised as you are. But we ain't doin it alone! Before jumping into the meat & taters of this week, the homies go over voicemails & emails... and you won't want to miss them. The boys are back to basics, foregoing guest hosts this time, mostly because they're just too good at keeping us on topic. In this episode, Dr Bill & The Pak begin by taking a heavy dipple into the neoclassical genre. The good doctor contributes his thoughts/feelings/prescriptions on a few select artists of the genre and explains the influence they had on his own musical output. The Pak follows this up with a dissertation on the biggest bucket of shit: The American Grammys. Stay tuned for some of the most passionate hatred you'll hear in 2017... short of the whole "Nazi" thing. As always, please drop us an email (love mail for The Pak / hate mail for Dr. Bill) at drbillandthepak@gmail.com, OR leave us a voicemail at (669) 257-4046. Also, you can find the Dr. Bill and The Pak theme song here: https://soundcloud.com/user-612049095/die-endgultige-worter-unsere-vater.
Episode 3: I Never Started Believing
Well, we made it to 3 somehow. Coming in at a whopping 2 hours and 46 minutes, Dr. Bill and the Pak welcome two guest homies to this episode: Big T and Bigger J. The newly united foursome takes some time to preach from the high heavens about their individual "lifetime albums", and it's a doozy... AND A HELL OF A BOWLER. In addition to our email (drbillandthepak@gmail.com), the homies now have a fresh & clean new voicemail line! Feel free to call in and leave us a message (love mail for the Pak or hate mail for Dr. Bill)... and we'll play it on the air! You can call us at (669) 257-4046 and explain how much of an enigma the inner machinations of your mind are. We'll listen. Peace, love, and good luck getting through this shit.
Episode 2: Rhythm 'n' Boobs
After many sleepless nights of consciously planning to ATTEMPT to stay on topic, the dudes fail horrendously yet again. Big surprise, right? In episode 2, the Pak begins with a recent news story concerning a popular west coast music festival. The good Doctor follows up with some thoughts on a recent remaster from a band we can't seem to stop talking about... the Floyd is coming, people. Following that, Dr. Bill and the Pak each take turns discussing their top three "hot picks". What are hot picks? Get through the first 20 minutes of pointless bullshit and you'll find out. As always, you can reach the dudes at drbillandthepak@gmail.com with love mail (for the Pak), hate mail (for Dr. Bill), and any comments, questions, feedback, or fresh memes you're just itchin' to pull the trigger on. Thanks dweebz.
Episode 1: Good Morning Vietnam
In the premier episode of Dr. Bill and The Pak, the dudes intro their boring lives because it's episode 1 and I guess that's just what you do. So once you get past that somehow, nuke up some cider and settle in for a deep dive into current events in the music industry. This episode's topics include: Dr. Bill's thoughts on a recent band reunion, Pak's praise of a quickly-rising prolific jam band, and other various riveting discussion about recent festivals and album remasters in 2017. PS: we promise not to eat in future episodes. But we do not promise to stop talking about food. If you'd like to contact us with feedback, love mail (for the Pak), hate mail (for Dr. Bill), ideas, suggestions, or anything else at all... PLEASE drop us a line at drbillandthepak@gmail.com.
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