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Jerica gets upset when her husband doesn't answer his phone or call right back when Jerica calls to check in with him. - Dr. Laura: "The more loving you are, the more giving he will be."How often each day do you expect to speak to your spouse?
Laura made a poor choice in a man and would like to make sure she doesn't ever go back to the relationship. - Dr. Laura: "Let intellect, not emotion, influence your decisions."Are you driven more by your head or your heart? Email me your though
Elizabeth is proud that she found a way to turn her mood around even though her problems haven't gone away. - Dr. Laura: "There's always something to be grateful for."Are there days when you can't turn that frown upside down? Email me your thou
Kim's husband is pushing her to try to help work out the problems between her mother and brother, but Kim's not sure it's the right thing to do. - Dr. Laura: "Not every problem can be fixed."Would you rather find a resolve or tell them to "poun
Terri calls back to share the epiphany she had after speaking with Dr. Laura about her dead sister. - Dr. Laura: "Make the most of second chances."What was your "aha" moment? Email me your thoughts at: [email protected] To participate on the
Terri had no idea that her sister was deathly ill with COVID and is sad that no one in her family told her until after her sister died. - Dr. Laura: "Life is short. Mend your fences."Have you been kept out of family affairs? Email me your thoug
Caylee's family is upset with her because she didn't put in the effort to see or stay in touch with her grandmother before she died. - Dr. Laura: "Some mistakes teach valuable lessons."Have you failed to meet your family's expectations? Email m
Whitney calls with an emotional update on her marriage since taking Dr. Laura's advice. - Dr. Laura: "Men are straight lines…women are curlicues!"What bit of Dr. Laura wisdom has helped you? Email me your thoughts at: [email protected] To par
Elizabeth's father hasn't been supportive, involved or loving, and she feels pretty bad about herself as a result. - Dr. Laura: "You cannot count on selfish people to behave in lovable ways."Has selfishness conquered love in your life? Email me
21-year-old Nick feels depressed since dealing with his mom's substance abuse issues and his father's health issues. - Dr. Laura: "Let go of yesterday. Don't try to control tomorrow. Enjoy today."How do you stay focused on today? Email me your
19-year-old Abby is resisting her parents' rules and expectations now that she's a college student. - Dr. Laura: "The person with the responsibility has the power."What family rules did you want to break as a teen? Email me your thoughts at: dr
Marcy sent a group text to her siblings about the physical abuse she endured as a child, and many of her family members are mad at her now. - Dr. Laura: "Don't fret over people who are upset by truth and reality."What hard realities have you fa
Linda is in her 60s and says her fear of making mistakes has prevented her from enjoying life. - Dr. Laura: "Fix your mistakes and move forward."Do you fear your mistakes, or do you accept them as life lessons? Email me your thoughts at: drlaur
Kaily updates Dr. Laura on how blocking her addict mother's phone calls has changed her life. - Dr. Laura: "The less drama you have, the lighter you feel." How has reducing drama in your life made you feel? Email me your thoughts at: [email protected]
Jennifer wants to end her relationship with her in-laws because they don't respect how she and her husband parent. - Dr. Laura: "Trust your instincts when it comes to avoiding negative people and influences."Are your in-laws a positive or negat
Gibran is estranged from his family over his alcoholic uncle who just died, and he's wondering the best way to express his condolence given the strained situation. - Dr. Laura: "You can show compassion without compromising your character."Have
Carol calls Dr. Laura to let her know how her advice to another caller helped Carol walk away from a negative relationship. - Dr. Laura: "You don't have to keep hurtful people in your life."What kind of call have you heard on The Dr. Laura Prog
Robin has an 8-year-old, a job, plus takes care of the family farm and doesn't know how to talk to her husband about how drained and unhappy she is. - Dr. Laura: "Husbands want their wives to have the time and energy to feel sexual." What's one
Mark was raised by his grandparents and wonders how to explain to his children that their aunt is really Mark's birth mother. Dr. Laura: "Teach your kids that human connectivity is about bonding, not biology." Is a secret better than the truth
Anthony is trying to get closer to his girlfriend's parents, but they don't seem interested in getting to know him. Dr. Laura: "Don't underestimate the significance of extended family in a marriage."Do you ignore the red flags when dating? Emai
Trey and Sara sharply disagree on almost everything when it comes to purchasing a new home for their family of four. - Dr. Laura: "Great marriages involve self-sacrifice, compromise and a desire to satisfy each other."Do you argue of finances w
Kavita's brother and father say she didn't set her nephew up in a grand enough way when she helped him move into his college dorm. Dr. Laura: "Unreasonable people cannot be made happy."Do you ever want to tell a family member to pound sand? Ema
Sasha struggles with depression, and it makes her feel like she's not good enough for the "together" guy she's dating. - Dr. Laura: "Focus on being the best version of yourself."Are you truly certain you're "not good enough" for that special so
Patti wonders if her childhood struggle with dyslexia is the reason she never finishes the projects she starts. - Dr. Laura: "The first step to success is figuring out which way you learn best."Are you unable to finish the task? Email me your t
Sadie's husband wants to move his mother into their home against Sadie's wishes. - Dr. Laura: "Give up the bad so you can pursue something good."Does your spouse ever commit acts without your input? Email me your thoughts at: [email protected]
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