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After killing Deba'ar, William is arrested and thrown into jail. The rest of the party still needs to deliver Tristan's mystery package. Looks like there's going to be a prison break. I wonder what calculated, well thought out plan are they goi
Want to know William's backstory or what he was going to do in Andover? Great! That's not what you're getting here. Instead, enjoy the antics of our trigger-happy party and the duality of their newest member as they find out that their actions
I'll take you to the Magic shop Check out the satchels that I got Mainly role play and there's a lot Theo'din and his backstory plot, whoa I'll take you to the Magic shop (yeah) Wendy shares info that she got  (uh-huh) Laz breaks an arm, it wen
Tonight only, at the Bard Rock, two critically acclaimed bands compete to become the greatest troop of bards in all the land. Bardy Rock and Bardz II Men go head to head, amp to amp, spell to spell in tonight's no holds barred event... Battle o
Welcome to Andover, a bustling city off the coast of Sproates. To the west is Sunset Wharf, where trade ships and travelers from around the world come to dock in our fine city. In the distance, you can see Castle Herse. Home to King Theodor Her
On the continent of Sproates is the city of Andover, a bustling metropolitan teeming with opportunity. The party has finally made their way to within its gates... time to stir up some trouble!
After their brutal defeat, the party is taken as prisoners and tortured for information... Wait, it's the other way around? The heroes have taken prisoners and started torturing them? They're lighting them on fire and urinating on them?... Yeah
What has the party gotten themselves into this time? The toll to pass was 10 gold a head and now it's their lives. Knowing the party, everything is going to go smoothly with little to no torture. This one's combat heavy episode that's a little
This episode is a prime example to why Active Listening is important as a GM, as well as, remembering that your players will always be dicks. After messing with the caravan one last time, the party is stopped by a toll road by some shady guards
We're back and the party is up to their same old shenanigans! They join up with a caravan on their way to Andover, but Theo'din can't help himself but to get into some mischief. I need to keep reminding myself that they're not traditional "hero
The Party make their way back to Rizer Bay to let Oliver know what is going on with Penelope and plan how they will be getting to Andover. Luckily, a caravan just got in heading the same way... Convenient! Sounds like a good way to meet people.
Laz, Theo'din, and Melegeant have a genie pants party in Leomund's Tiny Hut and take some time to identify the different magical items they got from Penelope... Oh! And JiJi faces off against an Oni by himself.
Chris finishes up his one shot with Charity, Rodalam, and Claudia making their way into the city, but instead of "claiming their prize" they decide to mess things up. Hopefully, Grammy Award winner, Seal can stop them.
It's Chris' turn in the GM seat and he guides a party of Magical Girls in his adventure! Charity, Claudia, and Rodalam wake up in a mysterious underground room only to be thrown into a fight to the death. "Blast and ask" or "Smash and dash"?
Come on down to your local hag lair for all your questing needs. Looking for strange occurrences and eerie happenings or maybe you're looking for a nice place for dinner. Well, you're sure to find it here, all we require is that you enter into
The Party makes their way through the hag's lair and follow their curiosity. They take some souvenirs and run some experiments. It's a good thing they live in a world of fantasy and loose laws because if this was the real world they'd be done.
The party finds out that Penelope has a really nice home. It's pretty secure, it's two stories, and it comes complete with the heads of your loved ones in jars... Maybe it's not that nice. It doesn't even have a pool. Psssh!
After some daring acrobatics and butting heads, the party makes it's way across the chasm and head into the fourth and final chamber. Hopefully they will be able to suppress their killer instinct enough to not murder one another before they mak
The party makes there way further into the cave and comes across some strange things and keep a few souvenirs. Still, it doesn't take Admiral Ackbar to recognize a trap when they see one. What will the party do?... probably set it off.
The Itsy Bitsy Ettercap Dwelled inside a cave In came the adventurers And stabbed it with their blades Out came its blood And it covered everyone Now they go to find Penelope To see what can be done
The party ventures into a mysterious cave hoping to find Penelope and  get more information to save Freya. But what dangers lurk in the shadows and how will the party manage? Good thing they're a competent bunch with their wits about them... wa
The party makes their way through the Denglish Forest to find Penelope's hideout, but something is off. Something's out there and it sounds hungry. Hopefully they can use their skills to deal with this challenge... *whispers* Hail Hydra
The Saddle Hawkins dance is saved, but the town is still acting strangely. Why are all the citizens so obsessed with Delilah? The party continues to use terrible horse puns and their brash personalities to solve the case. Special thanks to Keel
There is trouble in Appleloosa. There has been some strange events happening and now the Saddle Hawkins dance is in danger of being canceled. Can the party find Delilah and save the town? Special thanks to Keelin for always GM'ing for us! You c
Yisland gathers her squad and warns them of the danger that threatens the world. The party must now decide to take on this threat or allow the world to perish. Either way Laz get a sweet sword.
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