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Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan), Jim Bentley (@jimbentley22), Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Adam Carolla joins the show.Udo N was smuggling 246 packets of cocaine when they unexpectedly burst in his stomach giving him one hell of a high & unfortunately a cerebral edema. We give him a call & he answered.If it hasn’t already, GoFundMe has jumped the shark with Martin Scorsese’s daughter asking for money for her displaced pets.MLK Jr. allegedly had quite the extensive team photo & a few unfortunate sexual misconduct allegations that were documented by the FBI.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan), Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and Bob are here today!Cobbling with Bob, Jimmy Fallon & Shaq cry over Kobe, Aaron Hernandez's ex breaks her silence, Joe Paterno's bad timing, K-Fed can't get work, cancel culture & Felicia Sonmez, and odd Super Bowl prop bets.Bob is in-studio after donating at Killer Care's Christmas. Thanks Bob & Pam!Abigail Disney tweeted breaking news that 'Kobe was a rapist, get used to it'.American Airlines tried to slut shame a passenger for wearing a 'revealing top' & not allowing her to board the plane.Kevin Federline can't get work in Las Vegas anymore, so we give him a call to offer him a job.Shaq is super sad about Kobe, but it's not going to stop his Super Bowl Fun House Party in Miami.The 'clown prince' of Detroit Charlie LeDuff is making news for his Peter Karmanos Jr. interview on the most recent No BS News Hour. With all the coverage of Kobe Bryant's recent helicopter crash, Drew is getting Kobe'd out. Trudi Jasina's into the studio & could really use a beer.Comedian Ari Shaffir made a joke about Kobe's death and now the venue of his most recent show is receiving death threats.There was no love lost when Joe Paterno died... most likely because it was two months after Jerry Sandusky was arrested. The Washington Post reporter that couldn't wait to Tweet about Kobe's rape accusations has a history having people 'cancelled'.Louis CK got a standing ovation at a charity event & the internet is outraged.Kobe's death has made T.I. reflect on giving his daughters virginity tests & so he took the opportunity to apologize to them publicly on social media. #GirlDadDua Lipa is #cancelled after stuffing cash in the thongs of twerking strippers at a nude bar outside the Grammys. #dualipaisoverpartyThe prop bets for this Super Bowl LIV are in & BranDon has locks for all of them.Jessica Simpson admitted to being bombed on Ellen before getting sober in 2017.Nikki Glaser didn't blow us off, she just had to reschedule. She'll be at the Royal Oak Music Theater February 8th.Shayanna Jenkins went on GMA to stand by her man, Aaron Hernandez.On the eve of a new album release, Selena Gomez is breaking her silence about the 'emotional abuse' she endured during her time with Justin Bieber.Charlotte has been getting into music & was upset that Marc didn't tell her that one of the Beastie Boys was dead.Jonathan Kaiman's identity was murdered after he was hit with a #MeToo allegation built out of remorse.The Boner Line has some quality separated-at-births. Call or text (209)-66-BONER to contribute your own.A woman who slipped off the dock into Lake St. Clair & was rescued in the nick of time was subjected to internet bullying & body shaming.Clifton Blackwell is on trial facing charges for a 'racist acid attack' after accusing an innocent man of being in the country illegally.
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Michigan football is bad, Antonio Brown's cut & loving it, the Lions win, new Jeffrey Epstein info, Storm Area 51 was joke, Mark Ronson comes out, The Last Days of Phil Hartman and BranDon gets a new nickname.Walter had to tweak the Red Shovel open. Speaking of which, Drew gave out the wrong Fox 2 email address last week. Use fox2newsdesk@foxtv.com and let them know your feeling on ML Soul of Detroit.BranDon's ass was a topic of discussion at Drew's mother's memorial. Thankfully gambling took over and Drew finally got his own MyBookie account (use promo code: Drew).The Detroit Lions remain undefeated following a 27-24 road victory over Philadelphia thanks to the Eagles Lion-esque performance.Antonio Brown is no longer on a NFL roster. He's taking to Twitter to sound off against the league and snitch on other players.Michigan isn't very good at football. A ton of fans want Harbaugh blown out, but he's not going anywhere. Meanwhile, State won.'Storm Area 51' was a massive letdown as only .15% of those that pledged to attend actually showed up.Mark Ronson is a sapiosexual... whatever that means.UAW strike continues on with support from Elizabeth Warren. At least one positive has come out of the strike so far- this sweet banger.No work got done this past Friday as everyone participated in the largest global climate strike. If you couldn't get your Amazon packages, now you know why.The Last Days of Phil Hartman revealed very little new information, but Andy Dick did not disappoint.Dateline aired a Jeffrey Epstein piece where even MORE info is revealed.Chris Brown is still harassing his exes. This time it's Rihanna. He's also been harassing a woman that's suing him.Righteous Rick and his foul-mouthed buddy released a Detroit Lions hype video with opinions that do not necessarily reflect those of the podcast.Antonio Brown can't stop trollin'. But hey, Master P has his back. The Spike King must be bummed his AB jersey is now irrelevant.The new Bonerline coins BranDon 'Brantonio Brown', Drew's pronunciation is under attack and a husband out there is in trouble for having 'The Bonerline' listed in his phone contacts.A man ends up in court for farting while being stripped searched.Calvin Johnson's Sports Illustrated article shows that there's no love lost between him and the Lions.#FreeBritney seems to have been a failure as the conservatorship remains.
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Growing Up Buttafuoco provided laughs, the Lions season is over, Michigan/MSU week, Baby Trump Balloon popped, Bloomberg joins the race, Donald Trump Jr. on The View, Bill O'Reilly's doormat and Drew's Chicago weekend.It's cold out and a ton of snow is coming.The Detroit Lions season ended today in Chicago. Every Lions fan and Jeff Driskel did learn today that Jeff Driskel is the backup QB.It's Michigan/MSU week, but some people aren't excited thanks to Illinois. Perhaps the Spartans need some 'Little Giants' for the game.Drew's back from Chicago, but caught Joker in theaters & Dolemite Is My Name on Netflix and loved them. James Bond flick, however, is too woke and 007 isn't acting himself. Player Dave needs to replace Daniel Craig.Kevin and Bean came to an end last week and they rolled out all the alums and had several celebrity call-ins.Whitney Houston's lesbian lover broke her silence on Dateline.Bill O'Reilly is 'cobbling together a living' on his website that offers his book, puzzles, doormats and even a concierge service.Donald Trump Jr. cause an uproar on The View that unsurprisingly led to everyone talking over each other.Michael Bloomberg joins the presidential race. Just what the field needed, a 77-year-old billionaire.President Trump had a great weekend as he was cheered at the Alabama/LSU game, but someone stabbed the Baby Trump balloon.We've all been digging President Trump's autotune singing career.Boring John Legend & Kelly Clarkston re-wrote and recorded 'Baby It's Cold Outside' despite no one wanting it done. Pete Doherty is having a great time in Paris.Ric Ocasek totally snuffs Paulina Porizkova from his will.A CBS employee was blown out after being accused of leaking the ABC Amy Robach/Jeffrey Epstein video.Speaking of Epstein, Alan Dershowitz is counter sues Virginia Roberts Giuffre.Dustin Hoffman got scammed by Paul Manafort's former son-in-law.Speaking of scamolas, Prince Charles was swindled with fake art.Growing Up Buttafuoco on 20/20 was a great reminder of the 1992 fiasco and beyond. Key takeaways include Mary Jo used the bullet in her head as an excuse to bail, Amy Fisher's recreation actor wasn't flattering and 1992 Joey Buttafuoco = 2019 Righteous Rick.Bonerline time!!!ABNN Breaking News: Antonio Brown has a burner Twitter account to support Antonio Brown tweets.William Shatner got hit with 'Ok, Boomer', despite not being a Baby Boomer.Episode 5 of the Charlotte & Daddy Podcast.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Jim Fouts' presidential moment, Fox 2 loves that chicken from Popeyes, more Jeffrey Epstein arguing, Chris Brown's yard sale, Buffalo Wild Wings racism, Ivan the Terrible & the Radio Hall of Fame bothers us.David Crosby Remember My Name was essentially an open admission by Crosby that he was a giant aaaaa-asshole.Mayor Jim Fouts has retained his spot as the mayor of Warren & used his victory as an opportunity to compare himself to President Truman. BranDon's Lock of the Week is the Lions +2.5 in case you're looking to double your paycheck.Speaking of the Lions, Matt Patricia isn't trending in a very positive direction.Amy Andrews & Jay Towers drove to Popeye's Chicken to do a story on a sandwich. No matter what anyone says, Jay did not want to participate.Buffalo Wild Wings decided the racist customer is 'always right' when two managers asked an 18-person party to move from their table because he didn't like black people.Kevin & Bean, Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome & Ryan Seacrest are part of the National Radio Hall of Fame's Class of 2019.Some joker tried to promote the listing for his home on Zillow by leaving out a plate with lines of coke on it in one of the pictures.Bombshell: Amy Robach was caught on a hot mic at ABC complaining about her Jeffrey Epstein story being squashed by the network.The Devil Next Door on Netflix examines the story of Ivan the Terrible & Johnny D.FaZe Jarvis made over $20K for the video of him on YouTube crying about his lifetime Fortnite ban.Whitney Houston's lesbian lover has broken her silence.Chris Brown had a yard sale, but not because he needs money.Instagram Jen dropped by to not talk about Celine Dion.
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!No more TED Talks, Michigan will never beat OSU, Killer's Christmas, Kid Rock's drunken rant, Pete Davidson's NDA for fans, The Irishman, Hunter Biden loves strip clubs, Gabrielle Union v. AGT and the Drew & Mike store is open.It's Cyber Monday- Go bankrupt at the Drew and Mike Store. If you shop on that site all the kids use, then please click here first.Back from Thanksgiving! Drew is exhausted from hanging with a 2-year-old. Something Marc & BranDon experience every day.In typical Detroit Lions fashion, their most exciting Thanksgiving Day play was by mistake.A 91-year-old man rightfully takes on Home Depot.Michigan once again was destroyed by Ohio State. Almont football lost their State Championship to Lansing Catholic, but Almont's superintendent (and BranDon's high school Dean) responds to BranDon's detention claims.Former OSU Buckeye Terrelle Pryor was stabbed and then arrested on assault charges. RIP Terry Glenn Jr.Matt Riley drops by to promote the 8th annual Killer Christmas at The Lodge Grill & Bar in Keego Harbor. The silent auction is live now. Bid for your chance to become our friend.Colin Kaepernick has run out of things to be mad at now that he has taken on Thanksgiving.Pete Davidson is making fans sign a $1 million dollar non-disclosure agreements keeping them from discussing his show.Kid Rock might have been over served when he decided to go off on Oprah during a rendition of Proud Mary.Coldplay's Chris Martin has a sister who changed her name to get acting gigs.Is Billy Dee Williams sure he knows what being 'gender fluid' means?Dwyane Wade's son and wife are in the news. One for attire, one for getting BLOWN OUT of America's Got Talent. Thankfully Debra Messing has added her powerful voice in criticizing her network.Breaking News: Olivia Jade is BACK on YouTube.Drew is on a kick of watching old 80's movies. Meanwhile Marc recommends Us and the guys review/spoil The Irishman. The Mafia should be cancelled. Leonardo DiCaprio is destroying the rainforest of Brazil. He also has the best team photo of all time.Everyone has done a TED Talk. If anyone wants you to watch one, just say no.BranDon presents new evidence that Boomers are ruining Millennials.Turns out Hunter Biden like strip clubs and crack, so much that he met his 'baby momma' there. A Kamala Harris staffer is jumping ship over to Bloomberg's campaign following a hostile environment. #Cancel Kamala Harris.Johnny Depp is producing a movie about Michael Jackson's alien pedophile glove. #Cancel Michael JacksonLouis CK is in trouble... again... for an Auschwitz joke in Israel. #Cancel Louis CK again.Time for an America's Got Talent info-dump from BranDon.Kudos to the Howard Stern Show for killing it with phony phone calls and avoiding the PC Police.Why does Thanksgiving bring out so many true crime stories?
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Maz tries to cheat on 'Guess What Happens Next on Cops', Vinnie Dombrowski calls in, checking in on Area 51, escaping Jeffrey Epstein, banning Antonio Brown and 'This Week in Soft Rock'.Vinnie from Sponge & The Orbitsuns will be Rockin' The Shores in St. Claire Shores this Saturday. OJ Simpson checked in with 'Twitter world' to brag about being 2-0 in his fantasy football league and to dish out some more legal advice.The summer of Maz is officially over with the first closing of the pool thanks in large part to Maz's brother Dave who did 95% of the work.'Storm Area 51' is this weekend and we cannot reach our correspondent Jeffrey Felix author of Guarding The Juice. Instead, we call the Sunset View Inn to see how much they jacked up their rates.Vinnie Dombrowski interview time!A debate ensues over which movie soundtrack is better, Singles or Dazed & Confused. Maz picks Saturday Night Fever.Then another debate about the best National Anthem performance breaks out- Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, or Johnny Gill. Maz picks Whitney Houston. Meanwhile, Whitney's getting ready to hit the road again.Maz is doing some show prep during the show that involves the picture of Chrissy Teigen's tubes falling out on Instagram from two weeks ago.The stories about how great a guy Jeffrey Epstein was continue, as a woman has broken her silence about her escape from pedophile island that involved swimming through the sharks.Cokie Roberts has passed at age 75, joining Eddie Money & Ric Ocasek in an eccentric death triangle.The NFL met with AB's most recent accuser Britney Taylor for a lengthy investigation. BranDon is dream weavering because he's sucked into Google Earth.After bringing up the UAW strike yesterday Drew got some friendly emails telling him to "DO HIS HOMEWORK"!After going on a brief hiatus the past couple weeks, we play another round of What Happens Next? on Cops, but Maz just watched the episode.Shaun King has broken her silence on Larry's recent decision to cut her out of the picture.This Week in Soft Rock will be slightly shorter since Soft Magazine editor Matt Jennings had his company car stolen with all of his copy in the backseat.This Week in Soft Rock to include: 76' Shake Your Booty was #1 on the charts, 82' John Cougar Mellencamp the only male artist to have 2 singles in the top 10 & a #1 album, 92' Eric Clapton's Unplugged ends up on the Billboard charts, 96' Noel Gallagher walked out on Oasis while on tour, 01' My Chemical Romance began as a reaction to seeing the 9/11 attacks.50 Cent is back to trolling Lala Kent & Randall Emmett after than Vanderpump Rules couple decided to rehash their previous humiliation.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Golden Voice Ted Williams joins us, Trump v. Dingle, a review of Louis CK in Royal Oak, ex-Miss Kentucky's sexting, Aaron Carter needs a new door, Sean Taylor's murder and Elrick still hasn't written notes.The George Zimmerman fans are coming out of the woodwork to defend the killer, not murderer.The Golden Voice, Ted Williams is calling the studio to promote his new show Second Chance With Ted Williams & talk about some of his more famous voice overs. ML Scrub Alert: As of 12:03PM, ML has been scrubbed from the Fox 2 website. Mr. 404 still hasn't written notes for his comeback Soul of Detroit podcast.The Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt footage is suddenly missing. Some say it's more incompetence, but others say #EpsteinDidntKillHimselfPolice barged into Aaron Carter's crib after he crashed on Instagram Live & his followers thought he OD'd.Alyssa Frangedakis is suing Barstool Sports for posting a video of her son taking her picture at a sushi restaurant that resulted in tons of crappy comments.The list of the top YouTube earners for 2019 is out & Drew is not impressed.Christine Brennan wants to know what teams or players you'd like to impeach, even though that's not a thing.Drew was smart enough to say no to the choking game & Trudi was into Séances. Any crappy thing President Trump says can be excused as just riffing at rallies, including questioning whether John Dingell is in heaven or hell.Even though no one asked, Alyssa Milano, John Legend & Cole Sprouse took the time to issue public statements on President Trump's impeachment.Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin pardoned a whole bunch of questionable people from child rapists to gruesome murderers.Former Miss Kentucky Ramsey Carpenter Bearse sexted topless photos with one of her former 15-year-old students, but it was his and her ex-husband's fault.Brie Larson's dress stole the show for her appearance as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live.Adam Sandler joined David Spade on his Lights Out show to share some good SNL memories.Sofia Vergara met with AGT to gauge her interest in joining the show. Hopefully she got Gabrielle Union's blessing first.The Red Hot Chili Peppers biggest moments have been when Jon Frusciante was in the band.The Boner Line is stoked to see Bentley back on the podcast. Call or text (209)-66-BONER to catch up with Bentley on lost time.Matt Farley was one of Billie Eilish's favorite artists growing up.Louis CK was at the Royal Oak Music Theater last night & despite his #MeToo troubles Louis was mostly unchanged.Investigation Discovery did a piece on Sean Taylor, the Redskins linebacker that was killed in a home invasion back in 2007.
BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Calling Star Wars fans already in line, Cardi B does something we like, Antonio Brown v. the cops, Richard Grieco cries, Harvey Weinstein says he's not faking, Cameos on sale and Jim Bentley is back.Ti Nypeniss himself, Jim Bentley, has re-joined the show! Give him a ring up at Szott Ford for all your car shopping needs.The Detroit Lions lose again. Trust the process.Star Wars nerds are already camping out for the opening of The Rise of Skywalker. We chat with organizer, Erik, who seems to be wearing down. Amanda Bynes was missing, but it turns out she just moved back in with mom and dad.Tom Mazawey defeats Patrick Parlay in the Lock of Week.ABNN: Antonio Brown live-streamed his visit from the police.Cardi B hooked up Offset with a $500,000 cash present... and then shows the world that she poops.Taylor Swift accepted her Woman of the Decade award all while playing the victim.New Bonerline brought to you be Lover's Lane.Harvey Weinstein was BUSTED without his walker, infuriating Rosie Fellhauer. She joins the show to pop off about that, the groper who has been charged for slapping the reporter's butt and spill about little Marc.Is Gerald Cotten dead? The QuadrigCX Bitcoin dude died at 30 of Crohn's disease, but it was recently discovered that all the $$$ he had stored away was transferred before his death.The Detroit New Year's Eve Ball drop has been cancelled for the second straight year.Almont vs Denby: Day 377. Some kid got his butt kicked on a school bus for wearing a MAGA hat.Hunter Biden knocked his new wife up... days after the birth of his new illegitimate kid. That makes 5 kids from 3 chicks. Meanwhile, Caroline Biden is the latest relative to Joe to give him a headache.Starbucks doesn't want to serve uniformed police officers.Drew's new favorite show on Investigation ID is Body Cam!Richard Grieco was arrested after pulling a 'don't you know who I am' and crying.Cameo is holding a blowout sale! New cameos include Eric Roberts and The Situation.Breaking Mike Starr (not THAT one, the other one) News: Kristy Swanson confuses Mike Starr with Danny Aiello.Teen Mom ex-member David Eason is selling crap on Etsy.Nolan Finley wants something done about Greta Thunberg. SNL had a pretty good cold open featuring families discussing the fun impeachment.Megan Rapinoe endorses Elizabeth Warren for 2020. Tommy Lee takes aim at 'Trumpers' with some lame jokes.20/20 featured the story of Lou Pearlman and his big ideas... leading to drew doing a deep dive on AJ McLean.Dateline's story had quite a separated at birth.The Drew and Mike Store is still open for all your holiday needs.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Brett Kavanaugh's 3rd accuser comes forward, OJ Simpson on Bill Cosby, tornadoes v. This Is Us, Adam Lavine v. Pee Wee, missing Maddox Ritch, new Cameos and Maggs is a cone head again. Brett Kavanaugh has now admitted to being a bit of a drinker & doing some stuff that might maybe he wouldn't want to talk about. Maggs is sporting the cone of shame after a visit to the vet where his ear went haywire & decided to flop & bleed. Layla accompanied Maggs in a service dog capacity. Drew was trying to get a quick meal at the drive thru when he assessed that the situation was taking too long, tried to back out & hit his new best friend Curtis' car. Brett Kavanaugh is either a Supreme Court Justice or an attempted rapist that possibly belongs in prison. Maz has been teasing a Toto book for years now & finally his tease cums to fruition as Steve Lukather is releasing The Gospel According To Luke & Drew has an advanced copy... OoOoooo!!! Donald Trump has a nice new nickname for Michael Avenatti. Brett Kavanaugh has released 36 years' worth of calendars that detail his BORING schedule. BEACH WEEK'82! BranDon managed to find one of Drew's old calendars in the 'Silence of the Lambs' room. K.K. Downing from Judas Priest recounts shifting the bands outfits from frilly & flirty chiffon to some more badass leather & chains. T.J. Miller will be on tomorrow's show which also happens to be Kavanaugh hearing day. Time to punish BranDon by making him call Andy Dick for no apparent reason. Cameo has recruited new stars that range from Brett Favre to Paul Flart the farting security guard that got fired from his job for farting on camera. A Macomb County man 'roided out & stabbed his girlfriend 23 times while beating her lifeless body. The girlfriend lived & doesn't want to press charges. Speaking of roids- JLo is showing off some guns that look to be the result of PEDs. Breaking News: Dustin Johnson Moonves & Paulina Porizkova Gretzky Moonves have been spotted together holding hand in Paris. A decade long beef between Adam Levine & Pee-Wee Herman was revealed after Judd Apatow tried to broker a peace deal between the unlikely foes. Bill Cosby News: Bill Cosby has found a new audience in an adoring prison population that is ready to accept the rapist as one of their own. O.J. Simpson has checked in on the Cosby case to give Bill some sagely prison advice. He also reminds us that juries are always right. The 696 road closure is a complex issue that leaves us wondering who to be pissed at & why is the media barely covering it? But mostly- just fix the damn roads. A promo for the new Crimetown podcast teases a new interview with Kwame Kilpatrick. 6-year-old Maddox Ritch is a missing North Carolina boy with one slow dad. This Is Us fans were livid that the show's premier was preempted by a pesky tornado warning. The list of BRATS in the new season of Dancing With The Stars Junior hosted by Frankie Muniz has been revealed. Who are these people and who would watch this? A new sex survey is out that explores the questionable trending fetishes & kinks in Americans. Pegging is all the rage. BranDon introduces us to his own fetish of Cake Farts. Drew takes a break from the show to take pictures of Maggs spacing out in the cone of shame. Tess Holliday News: Piers Morgan is being accused of being a closet chubby chaser that picks on Tess Holliday & other plus sized models to cover up his love of fatties. Tess Holliday wiped out a huge field of wheat to take a naked modeling photo that nobody wants to see. We learn so llama facts & relive the llama chase in Sun City AZ. Deal Breakers on 96.3 is Marc's new favorite 'hate listen' of a fake radio bit. Nick Bosa from OSU is likely done for the season after having core surgery after a brutal injury.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!Coldplay gets softer, Charles Barkley v. a female reporter, Cragslist arguments, Pete Davidson hates David Spade, Stephen A Smith v. Terrell Owens and what it was like living with 'Homeless Al'.BranDon is still in search of his 3rd grade 'best friend' & now the listeners are mobilized in hopes of finding David Hartman.The Impeachment hearing's ratings are down and Channel 4 makes the correct choice to air Inside Edition instead.Every single story on NBC Nightly News is 'BREAKING NEWS'.Charles Barkley joked off the record about hitting a female reporter and she doesn't accept his apology. Since it's 2019, someone dug up some racist tweets she's made in the past. Myles Garrett suspension is upheld so he decided to play the racist card against Mason Rudolph.Somebody at Syracuse was allegedly AirDropping white power manifestos, but the University investigation points to the story being fake.Tim Tebow bummed the internet out by posting a video of him putting his dog Bronco down... then 'Tebowing' at the gravesite. Craigslist has some choosy beggars & ridicKulous weasels.The Queen firing Prince Andrew & taking away his allowance caused his family to lose Royal privileges.Jerry Sandusky's interview with Bob Costas may be the only interview worse than Prince Andrew's.Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are incommunicado with the rest of the Royal family.Uncle Magazine cover model and former show guest Tanqueray is making news as part of a Humans of New York series.Pete Davidson was interviewed by his buddy for Paper Magazine & comes across exactly as you would expect.Fart & Run is Drew's new favorite David Spade bit.The Boner Line is poppin' this week. Call of text (209)-66-BONER to help keep it stiff!Nick Carter managed to get a judge to take away his brother Aaron's guns.Coldplay has halted all future tour plans until they can devise a way to offset their carbon footprint.Popeye's Chicken cash only policy has Drew flummoxed.Some people are saying the Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions is Alex Trebek's way of hanging it up.BranDon regales us with more 'Homeless Al' stories, but there is significant doubt when he claims he never saw Al nude.Things got heated when Terrell Owens insinuated Stephen A. Smith not supporting Colin Kaepernick meant that he wasn't black enough.Lock of the Week: BranDon is moving away from the New England Patriots this week to take the over 41.5 on the Detroit Lions / Washington Redskins game. IMG signed Gene Simmons to a licensing deal that will put the Gene Simmons' name on tons of useless crap.
Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) is here and BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) can’t do anything right today. Does anyone bother to click on the links? Movies are better when stars die early, no matter how bad the film. Early Hulk Alert: New day, new article and story about the Kid Rock LCA show.  Thank god for common sense mustache guy. Breaking news: NO! not this Chrissy Metz one, but this one: Cult member available! What’s up with our old friend Hinkdog & his mooooooooommmm? Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx are officially an item now that the embargo from the divorce between the “action star” & “Suri’s mom” is over. Why do Asians kick so much ass? Time to call Subway for Hinkdog update number two. Good parents let their children see good movies like Team America. Tigers still suck.  Anyone know who the winning pitcher was yesterday? Today in Rock: Some people like Abba, Keith Moon died, song from the best video ever was released today & Warren Zevon died. Myth busting at the Days Inn about Usher and his girl Quantasia.  The only truth we find out is their terrible phone quality. Great segue GMA!  What would you do is you were busted like this guy? Drew’s baseball stories.  The winner of the 1979 AL Rookie of the Year causes some controversy. Rick Suttcliffe, You’ve been reading about that? You been seeing that? Matty Moroun gets to build another bridge. New Michigan Donald Trump poll. Kim Jong-un is a nut, but so his best friend Dennis Rodman. Radio host in trouble alert: Craig Carton devises a crazy investment scheme.  Let’s call Boomer! Maggs & Layla are being fat shamed. Chuck Gaidica is an author too? Kwame Kilpatrick is still around.  Ugh. Go away. Peter Werbe did a pop in!  
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Screech and Peter Case of The Nerves and The Plimsouls join the show! Dustin Diamond calls in to promote his stand-up show.  “Depression is No Joke” This Sunday September 10th at O’Mara’s Irish Pub in beautiful Berkley.  A comedy show benefiting Common Ground: Helping Youths, Adults & Families in Crisis.   The interview went better than expected.  He was most recently mentioned in the oral history of Jim Harbaugh on SBTB. “I’m Jim Harbaugh”. BranDon shows up & immediately plays the wrong intro music.  At least there’s a lyric video to sing along. Rejoice!  The NFL is back. Geoffrey Fieger just might have to sue Mother Nature & her daughter Irma. Drew’s been everywhere in this song.  Not so sure about this version though. Kate Middleton won a lawsuit… BORING!… over her topless photos. INTERESTED! (NSFW). Kwame has a pen pal! She has a You Tube “entertainment” show, but GP needs his own show! Peter Case from The Nerves & The Plimsouls calls the show. He’s playing the Trinity House Theater in Livonia on October 20.  He mentions David Lowery’s blog re: Spotify.  Here it is if you’re interested. How old is Silverchair now? 22? 31? Drew’s on a power pop kick lately, rocking out to Material Issue but all some people see is Simple Jack. We still think the Dustin Diamond interview went well.  BTW- He’s at O’Mara’s Sunday.  Drew & Zip used to watch Saved By the Bell together.  It always had very important life lessons to teach.  Too bad it didn’t reach everyone. Trudi accidentally re-casts SBTB with Bleeth & Schrodes.   Where is Yasmine today?  Considering what happened to her and her husband on 9/12/2001; they are still together and doing fine. Punky Brewster got mad at us once.  Drew really should be in charge of certain surgeries. Aaron Judge is a beast… & his girlfriend is gorgeous and a Michigan grad.  Thank god someone spends time to do research on important things. Today in Rock: Hey Jude is number one, Courtney won’t let Kurt sing & Bruce Dickenson got his pilot’s license; leading to a great documentary & an even better mashup. Uh oh! I guess we were wrong about the Dustin Diamond interview. BTW- He’s at O’Mara’s Sunday. But for now it’s time to shoot someone.  Does anyone know what went wrong?  Send your best theory to drew@drewandmikepodcast.com & the best one is going to an event courtesy of Luke Nowacki at Pinnacle Wealth Strategies. Have a great weekend! Go Blue! Go State (or Broncos)! Go Eagles Hurons! Fire up Chips! Go Lions! Tigers still suck.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Ron Jeremy & Boltman join the show! Plus we remember Hef & Tommy Morrison. Who got more women… Elvis or Hefner? Flag Week continues:  This is what it takes to remove Ray Lewis’s statue?  First! This guy pulls his NFL ads.  TV networks didn’t show NFL fans during the anthems even though we saw some.  This bar won’t show NFL games anymore, nor will this bar.  This bar set up a controversial “doormat” & is surprised at the reaction.  This restaurant that will give you free food for NFL items to burn.  What are the guidelines?  We call to find out. Governor Nerd won’t ask the head of the State Police to resign over her anti-NFL player Facebook post. It’s still Megyn Kelly’s “first day”.  Jane Fonda and Debra Messing hated being on her show.  The most likable person on the show is her cameraman.  Even Doug has bailed. Marc is boycotting GMA over Robin Robert’s reaction & their second story on Hugh Hefner’s death. Susan Smith’s new mugshot looks great. Boltman, the self-proclaimed most famous Chargers fan, was mistreated at the last game.  We call him to find out the real story.  We may have caught him in a fib. Time to call Ron Jeremy.  He shares his memories of Hugh Hefner. The latest 30 for 30 was on Tommy Morrison.  The next one better be on his mom. Today in Rock:  BBC1 is launched causing BranDon to realize that Billy Idol wasn’t in Pump Up the Volume, A song Maz probably likes hits #1, Elton John has too much stuff and Keith Urban is a bad driver with excuses. Francis Bean is loaded, so her turd ex-husband is trying to get some of that Nirvana cash. Ed Sheeran played the LCA last night.  A listener, who loved the show, gave us a review.  The Free Press did a review too. The sincerity of Hefner eulogies are being questioned, especially  the one by Pamela Anderson. #Goodbye Hef. Have a great weekend!
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Fergie hates America. Rae Carruth breaks his silence. Marilyn Manson's 5 song show. The Florida school shooting judge is attractive. Laura Ingram v. LeBron James. And Drew's Mouth of Skank. Meth sounds great... at least for a day.  Drew marathon'd Locked Up Abroad this weekend. For some reason this is a tradition: Eddie Money opening the Rock season at DTE May 25th. Triple murder & suicide in Keego Harbor blamed on Jehovah's Witnesses shunning the shooter. A Cheboygan couple breaks up & male claims his ex's dad framed him for drug dealing. Fergie is sorry for ruining the National Anthem. Does anyone ever mention that the Black Eyed Peas changed "Let's Get Retarded" to "Let's Get it Started"? Happy Anniversary Britney Spears Hair Auction! Today in rock to include: 59' Hendrix debuts at a synagogue, 70' Instant Karma released in the US, 76' KISS had their footprints cemented at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, 77' Stevie Wonder wins Best Album Grammy with Songs In The Key Of Life, 03' Great White disaster at The Station in RI. Rae Carruth from the Panthers breaks his silence & is seeking custody of his son.  The All Prisoner NFL Team is impressive. Russian curlers are wasting dope trying to sweep faster.  Just let them all do drugs. Mouth of Skank Update: Drew is losing his Joe DiMaggio tooth. JD Martinez finally signed with the Red Sox for 5 years at $110 million. SIST: the Parkland High shooter's judge is hot. And has poor taste in men. Laura Ingraham labeled racist (when she's really just a grammar nazi) for her opinion of LeBron James. Michael Strahan interviewed the guardians of the Parkland shooter. Pay no attention to the GMA fans between their heads. Switzerland bans boiling lobsters because it's not a nice way to kill them before you masticate them. Muhammad Ali nearly lost his ass as a conscientious objector. We call Claudio who is 4 beers deep (lightweight) & went to the Manson show that was cut short. Tainted Love covers leads to an audit of the show's fart drop library & the greatest display of teamwork ever. University of Michigan calls Drew back asking for him to pay for his PSL. The lazy members of the podcast decide it's an opportunity to end the show.
Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and BranDon (@Pro_Duecer) are here today. Snow Day! Omarosa booted, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Roy Moore flops, Jose Canseco blown out, Warren Sapp responds & more funny business in the NFL. Drew’s favorite things are still available via Amazon.com for you late Xmas shoppers. RIP Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. A&E is capitalizing on the new season of “My 600lb Life” by introducing us to “Family By the Ton”. Tax Talk! Wait- it turns into Michigan football talk. (pick your poison) Welcome to the hall- Bon Jovi, Dire Straight, The Cars & 2 boring picks no one knows. Radiohead & Rage are snubbed, leading to the top 100 artists not in the R&R HOF. Bran-Don arrives after a 5 hour commute, and takes a beating on Drew’s cross-examination. All the TV news today is about snow.  Why do old people like weather stories? Roy Moore loses to what’s his name in the Alabama special election.  Jake Tapper owned Moore’s spokesman before the vote was finalized. Progress! Omarosa is blown out of the White House… and tries to sneak back in. Remember that crazy courtroom showdown that Rick & Morty parodied (NSFW)?  No surprise, but he got life. Warren Sapp makes quite the convincing argument denying allegations against him. Jose Canseco’s tweets got him in trouble. This dork at the NFL Network has been busy deleting his tweets to pornstars. Today in Rock: Brian Jones invents the “exhaustion” excuse, Grapevine #1, Billy Preston pleads guilty to fraud, Ozzy & Kelly are #1 and Dimebag is buried in a KISS casket. List of 2017’s highest paid musicians. Bye Bye Ian Kinsler.  It was fun. Keaton Jones…  remember him?  Not only does he have to deal with bullies & his stupid mom, but now we know his dad is a racist in jail. Poor kid. More breaking news: new accusers for Russell Simmons.  Have a better day than he will! ©facebook.com/patdinizio1 ©TLC ©Nick Rosza/FILE 1982 ©Screenshot CNN ©Screenshot YouTube/tiarawhy ©Keith Allison ©Facebook/Shawn White    
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today. Alabama National Champions… again, The Bachelor is back, The oldest Minnesota Vikings fan, Mike Babone checks in & an amazing Maz revelation. HBO’s new Bowie documentary, The Last Five Years, has some great footage from late in David’s life. Maz defends Kevin Spacey & loves OJ… but he’s not a fan of Oprah or most of Hollywood. The College Football National Championship game was great last night. ESPN had big rations too, but the NFL’s are down. The President was also there! Some think Trump doesn’t know national anthem. F*ck Trump seemed to be a theme, but not from Bo Scarbrough. Maz has a long story that was quite well told about how he proposed. It’s quite revealing. We call “Buzz” who knows something about Kwame Kilpatrick’s prison stint here in Michigan. Another blast from the past as Mike Babone left Marc a voicemail. He “just happens” to have a new venture. Arie Luyendyk is, like, the Bachelor.  He’s, like, taking some girls home to meet his, like, family & drive in, like, a demolition derby. The New American Idol won’t show the losers that think they can sing. RIP Olivia Nova.  Another star gone too soon. SIST: Did that guy ever list his house? SISeriousT: Why are funerals so expensive? BaTonya Harding almost walked off Piers Morgan because he pointed out the obvious. Millie is 100 years old! Millie is a Minnesota Vikings fan!  Millie got free playoff tickets! Millie actually answered her phone! Maz gets Drew to impersonate Kennedy… again… somehow. Today in Rock/History: Cyndi Lauper first female to be nominated for 5 Grammys; Gene Simmons sued for slander; Aussie woman arrested for stabbing husband after playing Elvis on repeat; Claude Nobs, the founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival & Deep Purple muse, died; David Bowie died of liver cancer; The trial of Lorena Bobbitt began; The Sopranos debuted. ©SI  
Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today. We learn about Millennials, Harvey Weinstein’s new trouble, Don’t be mean to your Uber driver & Rosa Park memorabilia. Drew went to the dentist & CVS is having issues. Maz sold a car to a Gen Z customer.  Meanwhile, CBS continues to teach us about Millennials. Yesterday’s Millennial, Corvette James, calls us back to answer the question about the business she runs when she gets off work. Still trying to get a hold of Juli Briskman, who was fired for flipping of Donald Trump. Let’s go penises!  I mean, Let’s go Phoenixes! Wow!  There’s actually a place to meet a black person. Maz is focused on getting pizza…  to the point of calling a friend.  That reminds us, what happened to the coolest delivery driver ever?  Jordan from Domino’s calls us back. Is there anyone who is actually pro-sexual harassment?  Those are some pretty good chants though. Harvey Weinstein is being sued for rape. Prosecutor v Uber driver: Who ya got? Roy Moore is still straining to do some explaining. Rosa Parks has memorabilia? Celebrities are piling on the pounds! Call Dr. Mirkin and Dr. Fischer stat! Bob Seger is heading back on tour.  He’s released a teaser for the new album. ©Youtube ©facebook.com/corvette.james.5 ©Twitter ©Matt Jennings ©facebook.com/JudgeRoyMoore ©RadarOnline.com
Jim Bentley (@jimbentley22) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Busy Show: Anthony Bourdain's suicide, Vince Vaughn's DUI, Alexander Ovechkin's lost weekend, Spanky the Monkey's escape, meaningless Triple Crowns & we prepare for the Trump/Rodman/Kim Singapore summit by booking a room. Drew's back from his father's funeral. Drew found some great pictures including the infamous "envelope" photo. Angelina on the Jersey Shore is gross & a liar. The NBA finals are over & Lebron wasted no time making up an excuse for the Cavs getting swept. Steve Harvey is in trouble with a white guy because he called the Golden State players "gorilla". Twitter war: Bentley v. Maz. No one cares about the Triple Crown anymore since it happens all the time. Vince Vaughn got a DUI & he looks great for 4AM. Movie Talk: Has Angelina Jolie made a good movie since Gia? Bran-Don loves female leads. American Made is good despite Tom Cruise. No one will see Jim Parson's new film. Mr. Skin hired the "Failure to Launch" millennial Michael Rotondo! Anthony Bourdain committed suicide last Thursday. Does our audience care or know who he is? Marc still thinks he's hot. There's no greater disconnect with our audience than the Tony Awards. Drew saw a bride with a sleeve of tattoos. Are tattoos over? Gen Z thinks so. The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup & Alexander Ovechkin is having the time of his life. He must have been inspired by the flasher. Family Feud: West v. Kardashian. ABC's Sunday night game show line up could use some diversity. The Bill Clinton camp is pissed at NBC. Dennis Rodman is participating in the Singapore Summit thanks to PotCoin. Why is the US paying for Kim to get a bonus weekend ahead of the summit? We call to book a room at the St. Regis with great luck. Spanky the Monkey broke free and attacked a person at her local Home Depot.  We talk to her "mommy" and learn way too much. Maggs had a painful turd stuck to his tail... so your week is already better.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! RIP Margot. Her final interview with us was picked up by TMZ. The Matt Patricia story isn't going away. We want legal sports gambling in Michigan now! Trans Waxing in Canada. Ludicrous twitter polls & we're all going to have to work until we are 70. Was there a quicker phone to casket than Margot Kidder? SIST: who was the last to say "bye" to Margot? Mike Clark is counting steps now... should he get a FitBit? A bit of self-gratuity as we made TMZ live & need to watch ourselves on TV...OOOooooo!!!! Marc creeps on Charlie via email. We're giving Vincent James of Forever Love fame a call to see if he still answers his phone saying 'Music'. Matt Patricia is straining to do some explaining as it is becoming increasingly clear that something happened 22 years ago & it doesn't sound great. This is the episode of SISTs as we spend a bit too long trying to figure out if it was the man or woman on the street (see below) that was warning us about 'geo thermal blowout toxins' on GMA. Listeners flooded the TMZ comments to sprinkle some drops in amongst the sea of racist/sexist comments. Lil Tay Update: The Momager of Lil Tay lost her listings & her job after a client recognized their house being used for an Instagram video. She also put a dent in a Rolls Royce, did a sweet collab with Logan Paul & cried about her haters doing all that hating. Sports betting has been given the green light by the SCOTUS & a lot of people are ready to head to the casinos to double their paychecks. Meghan Markle's half-sister faked paparazzi photos of her dad & her dad responded by having a similarly FAKE heart attack. A transgender woman was denied service at a waxing spa in Windsor & is seeking $50K to repair her damaged dignity. Steve McQueen nailed Ali MacGraw & dudes... allegedly. Ramadan scams are all the rage these days. Any Ramadan donations to the podcast are welcome. Drew Dreamweavering Time: 60 Minutes had a story on a giraffe that was shot for 'population control' & then a public autopsy was performed before feeding the body to a lion. The Pope is shaking stuff up by being receptive to science & telling everybody that there is 'no Hell'. A 20-year-old Royal Oak man was shot by police after stabbing his parents & rushing the officer. A gas station clerk stepped out from behind bulletproof glass to shoot a customer in the back following a quick argument. Millennial's are saving their money & saving the economy. Some parents are even paying their BRATS down payments on new homes to get them out of the basement.  Today in rock to include: 57' Elvis rushed to the hospital after inhaling a tooth, 68' John Lennon & Paul McCartney gave the worst interview ever, 76' Keith Relf of The Yardbirds died while tuning an ungrounded guitar, 77' Brian Eno attended a Talking Heads concert & later went on to produce them, 83' Spandau Ballet #1 with True, 98' Frank Sinatra died at 82, 03' Britney Spears settled a legal tiff with Sketchers, 04' Phil Spector arrested after fighting his chauffeur, 05' 50 Cent sentenced to anger management & drug testing after assaulting 3 women at a concert, 13' KISS announced their aspirations to open 100+ restaurants Drew will be on The Nine on Fox 2 tomorrow at 9:02am.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Late post due to losing power at the end of the show; Roseanne v. Ambien; Paris Jackson v. rain; Michel Rubini from the Wrecking Crew calls in to talk about the music he made & the women he laid; social media has thoughts on Brigitte Nielsen's pregnancy & the Bachelorette is back & fill to the brim with douche. Roseanne is blaming her unfunny jokes on the Ambien Walrus. But don't worry fans, the cast is meeting today to figure something out because they are very concerned about their j̶o̶b̶s̶ fans. FAKE!! Donald Trump inserted himself into the Roseanne controversy by asking for an apology from Bob Iger & calling out a perceived media bias. Weezer did an uninspired cover of Africa from Toto, but they didn't really have fun with it or make it their own.  In order to thwart a massive global malware attack from the Russians all you need to do is unplug your router, wait 30 seconds & then plug it back in... easy. Charlie Sheen wants to replace Roseanne with a reboot of him on Two & A Half Men. Trouble is Charlie died his way out of the show last time. Maz update: Maz blew off Drew & the game last night to clean his house before his parents arrival & he still won't take his autographed DMP shirt that's been laying around the studio for weeks. Mary Kay Letourneau has the ugliest cry face ever. "Conspiracy Al" calls in to touch base on the Michael Anthony debate yesterday & concedes that Drew was right! We also find out that Al has one of the weakest connections to Maz possible & find out what Maz's vetting process consists of- nothing. Former wife of Flavor Flav & Celebrity Rehab alum Brigitte Nielsen got knocked up at the terminal age of 54. Michel Rubini has a new book Life In The Key Of Rubini. He calls the studio to talk about playing with The Moknkees, Frank Zappa & the Wrecking Crew. Michel also tells us about switching from ROCKING to composing, dealing with loving an addict, working for Jimmy Bowen & partying HARD! ABC seemingly uses Maz's vetting process for the contestants on the Bachelorette. NOFX thought they could pull off a Vegas massacre joke at their latest show. Dave & Mahoney in the morning are taking a hard stand against NOFX. "Active Shooter" the school shooting simulator got pulled off of Steam before it's release. Paris Jackson noped out of a DIOR fashion show after alleging that the company was torturing the horses. DIOR alleges that it was really because she couldn't deal with a little rain. Jermaine Jackson's ex wife wants $35K/month for spousal support. It, once again, leaves us in the position of defending someone we don't want to defend. Francis Bean Cobain's ex is suing Courtney for putting a hit on him. It's male model vs. human chicken on the Bachelorette. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand no power.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!RIP Rocky, Brian Wheat from Tesla calls in, more blackface outings, we go on the hunt after a new Dr. Disgusto attack, Jeffrey Epstein's crimes, and we try to get Drew's Microsoft license key.Rocky Lockridge has died. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!Frank Robinson also died leading to a major Drew info dump.The Simpsons got signed for 2 more years and will bring their episode count over 700.The 79' UNC Chapel Hill yearbook club had some extremely lax standards for decency when they included blackface, Klan robes & fake lynching pictures.Brian Wheat from Tesla calls the studio to get his face rubbed in a 20+ year old softball loss to Drew & promote his upcoming appearance at the MotorCity Soundboard February 13th.William Patrick Corgan waited with zen-like patience for the universe to return his stolen guitar to him 27 years later.Drew forgot to renew his Windows license key & has Hu Gepeniss blow in a call to rectify the situation.Dr. Disgusto struck again, this time in the sauna at a Crunch Fitness in Florida. We call the gym to get info on his whereabouts & find out that his membership privileges have been revoked. Drew also gets pitched on some personal training sessions.Gucci is recalling a 'blackface' sweater that has a pretty dumb design. Some say the most offensive thing in the story is the price tag. Trudi finds the best separated at birth ever by finding 'Black Maz'. Or is it Tom in blackface?Waze wants to help you get home safely even if it means skipping DUI checkpoints so you don't get busted. Unfortunately some cops want to be a buzzkill & shut it down.A new Shaft trailer is out & apparently Shaft is now a family affair with 3 generations of Shaft joining forces to fight crime.Liam Neeson's racist story about wanting to murder a random black guy can't be racist because Michelle Rodriguez says he doesn't kiss like a racist.'Goose Wayne' & his girl appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss how he's Batman.Why is the story about notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein getting a sweet plea deal not blowing up?McDonalds betrayed Drew's love & trust when a Midtown McDonalds got busted colluding with a towing company to bust customers.Ariana Grande will not be in the building for the Grammys. #GrammysSoMean.Justin Bieber was celibate for a year before marrying Hailey Baldwin so he could get closer to God.Sarah Silverman is blasting a doctor on social media for refusing to wear gloves during a routine mammogram.Summit Place Mall is going to get demolished in April to make a business park... slow down.GM is managing to pay out some pretty sweet bonuses after laying off a nice chunk of the workforce.The only kids that cost more to raise than Miguel Cabrera's are Kevin Federline. Racist blackface photo from a University of North Carolina yearbook. ©UNC Chapel Hill Tom Mazawey look-a-like or Maz in blackface? ©Twitter/Screenshot Goose Wayne aka Batman in blackface. ©Dr. Phil Billy Corgan hasn't worn blackface. ©Dan Prakopcyk/RollingStone.com
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Kanye takes over the Oval Office, Verne Troyer's autopsy leads us to his sex tape, video of the Rochester Hills trigger-happy homeowner, Selena Gomez is hospitalized over Justin Bieber, Eli stops by and Drew & Trudi have unclaimed money. Big events this weekend: Elton John's at LCA and Michigan plays Wisconsin at night in the Big House. Still more information on Rod Allen and Mario Impemba being blown out of the Tigers broadcast booth. Cole Sprouse, aka Maz, derails the show even when he's not here by sending a text to Drew with the all-important information that Gene Simmons in on Sirius. Leading us into a bluetooth connected and "Beth" informative hell. Kanye West stopped by the Oval Office to hold court with an endless stream of consciousness that even left the President speechless. The real victim was a dreamweavin' Jim Brown. Kid Rock are there too for a new law. The great-grand-nephew of George Harrison is upset that Paul McCartney told the story of John Lennon & him wristing themselves off together when they were lads. Drew re-introduces the idea of micro-dosing again! Happy 25th anniversary to "Rudy"- where facts don't get in the way of a good story. Stick around after the show for a Cliff Notes revisit. Eli Zaret joins the show with Denny McLain's book and a sporgy of stories. Including why Mickey Lolich & Denny McClain aren't the best of friends. Eli's show & tell: An autographed pic of Joe Pepitone to Denny ragging him about Denny's throwing at his noggin. We also reminisce about when 'ole sledgehammer set the NFL record for the longest FG in 1970. Alec Baldwin is mad at everything including Stephen Colbert and producers that want him to interview his nephew-in-law Justin Bieber. Emotional support animal of the day: Woman who flew Frontier deplaned in Florida for her insistence she bring her emotional support squirrel. The Journey Army is not happy with us!  We might need a Steve Perry to cry into. Madison Cain, the keyboardists' daughter, gets no CHAIRS turned for her performance on The Voice. Ray Carruth is about to get out of prison after having his pregnant girlfriend killed and hiding in the trunk of a car with his own bottles of urine. Verne Troyer's death has been ruled suicide. Serious Issue Shallow Thought- remember his sex tape? Bloids: Robert Redford is a dick, Celine Dion dates a dancer a quarter of a century younger, Ben Affleck could play Scott Peterson, Tom Cruise is re-tapping Cher, Kenny Rogers nailed Dolly Parton & had work done so he looks like Buzz Aldrin. Drew demands a restraining order against Chrissy Teigen. We analyze the video from the Rochester Hills man who shot at a young man for knocking on his front door for directions. Bill Cosby wants dinner smuggled into prison in his assistants' butts, cause he doesn't like the food! Political ads that amuse us: Elissa Slotkin picks up her "Pelosi Money" at the airport. Haley Stevens is the melding of Jennifer Granholm and Hillary Clinton. John James hates both parties, but BranDon notices something else. South Park was all about Poo... and Apu! Selena Gomez has PTSD because Beebs got married to Hailey Baldwin. And naturally, the internet blames the new woman. The state of Michigan is loaded with unclaimed funds and other dumb stuff. Drew is the only one who's ever made any money from unclaimed funds!
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!On this 'best of'- Corey Feldman's Today Show appearance ruled, Drew's big book of porn, Nic Cage's questionable spending habits and Drew opens a 10 year old piece of mail.Our friend Matt Farley of the Toilet Bowl Cleaners has a movie available via Amazon Prime Video.Drew's big book of porn had some of the best adult film names and a glossary full of lesser known terms & acronyms.Nick Cage's loser kid got in a huge car wreck that prompted us to go through some of the well thought out purchases that Nick has made throughout the years.Sometimes Drew's mail piles up & important things like bills or awards can be lost in the stacks of papers.Corey Feldman & his Angels aren't exactly the most cohesive group of performers. Remember when he cried?
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! A homeless guy concocts a GoFundMe scam, Mayor Mike Duggan is 'caught' doing something, Matt Patricia wore shorts, Millennials & Gen Z v. Baby Boomers, Eli's coming, Kate Upton hates Tampa and Drew was charity shamed. Show meeting- We got some new podcast numbers that didn't quite add up at first glance, but the results are good. Bob Carmack, who is involved in a lawsuit with the city of Detroit, paid a PI to follow Duggan. He then played the video on the side of a truck for the public to see outside the mayor's office. Stormy Daniels has broken her silence on her lawyer Michael Avenatti's recent arrest for domestic violence saying she will seek new counsel if the charges are true. Breaking News: Alyssa Milano has denounced Michael Avenatti. They caught one of Detroit's Most Wanted... after he assaulted his girlfriend while out on bond. Grand Rapids police released a nice dash cam video of them catching a murder suspect by hitting him with a squad car causing a great mug shot. Lions coach Matt Patricia is so tough that he wore shorts outside while it's snowing. No word on why the Lions practiced outside when their next 4 games are inside. Kate Upton has declared she will never step foot in Tampa ever again after JV got snubbed for the Cy Young award again. Dan Gilbert's selling of Greektown casino can lead to legal sports betting in Michigan. Eli enters the studio with some classic Lions trivia. Moodys outlined how poor of shape Detroit is in despite its numerous 'capitol improvements'. Millennials are rejecting a generation themed Monopoly set & they're killing the Thanksgiving turkey. South Park continued the ManBearPig thread from last week in an episode so vulgar Drew was almost offended. The couple that was accused of making a fake GoFundMe for a homeless vet & then using the funds has been doubly busted when it was discovered the homeless dude was in on the job too. Drew got labeled as anti-SPCA by a listener after he refused to be charity shamed at the pet store. Bella Hadid tried hard to keep it silent, but apparently she ponied up $10K to help fight the California Wildfires. 21 celebrities who don't use social media & therefore are better than us all. Brad Pitt is working hard to repair his relationship with Maddox as his nasty custody battle with Angelina continues. What's Maz been up to on Twitter lately? LCA is struggling to the point where they're having to give out 'bonus' tickets in attempt to get seat fillers. 7 students at Dartmouth are suing the school after being sexually assaulted by professors that were allowed to retire before facing any charges. Gretchen Whitmer's slogan 'fix the DAMN roads' was considered very provocative by some of Michigan's softest citizens. Breaking News: Tucker Carlson will be on the next episode of No BS News Hour with Charlie LeDuff.  
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Mar 30th, 2020
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