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Transcript: Do You Know Your Countries

Released Thursday, 21st February 2019
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Bhavneet: Hello Podcast listeners! Welcome back
to Drive with Us. It’s Bhavneet.

Taranjit: And Taranjit.

Bhavneet: And today, we’re gonna talk about the

Taranjit: And how little Americans know.

Bhavneet: So, I saw this clip of, it was, Jimmy Kimmel.
And they sent someone out into the street with a blank world map and a pointer.
With a simple task for people who are walking by to name a country. Any
country. ANY country. And no one could name a country.

Taranjit: What I found funny was that no one knew
where North America was.

Bhavneet: The U.S. Shout out to lady who went to
high school and college, and thought Russia was America.

Taranjit: Oh no. We do not want to be Russia.

Bhavneet: Yea. So, the saving grace was this
little kid, who I swear, is currently in Spanish class. And if you take Spanish
in high school, remember the song to remember all the countries? Yea, he was
going through that in his head as he was going [in singing voice] Madrid Espada, Santo Domingo. Yea, I can’t

Taranjit: That’s all you remember?

Bhavneet: I can’t sing, so I am going to stop
before I lose everyone. Yea.

Taranjit: There going to go back to listening to

Bhavneet: Yea. No music! Just our voices. Our
soothing voices. So, yes. Going off of that. We thought, we thought we test
each other. Oh God! I sound like Trump.

Taranjit: E. Other.

Bhavneet: Going off of that, we thought we would
test each other. Why does it sound weird? Test each other.

Taranjit: Okay.

Bhavneet:  And
our knowledge of the countries of the world. So, we each came up with 10

Taranjit: We didn’t come up. We looked these up.

Bhavneet: We made up our own countries. Just to
fool you guys. So, we have a list of 10 countries. Going easier to harder. And
we’re gonna give each other the capitals, and we have to guess the country. So,
you guys can play along. Tell us how many you get right. How you well you know
your countries. And, whether you’re better than us.

Taranjit: Probably are. We’re gonna suck.

Bhavneet: I’m gonna crush you!

Taranjit: Yea. Probably are.

Bhavneet:  I’m

Taranjit: I know. I can see that.

Bhavneet: I know a decent amount of countries.
Not their capitals, but the countries.

Taranjit: Okay. Showoff. Let’s see how much you get.

Bhavneet: Probably none.

Taranjit: Oh, you better get this first one.

Bhavneet: Well, I hope so. It’s supposed to be
easy. Alright. You start.

Taranjit: Start as in? I give it to you first or I
guess first?

Bhavneet: Whichever you prefer.

Taranjit: I’ll give it to you.

Bhavneet: Oh God.

Taranjit: First capital. Ready?

Bhavneet: Eh-uhh. Give it to me. I’m ready.

Taranjit: Like that? Okay.

Bhavneet: It’s my ready stance.

Taranjit: Paris.

Bhavneet: Uhhh. Eiffel Tower.

Taranjit: That’s in Paris. Getting there. What’s
the country name?

Bhavneet: France.

Taranjit: Ding. Ding. Ding.

Bhavneet: What do I win?

Taranjit: Nothing yet.

Bhavneet: A fun fact!

Taranjit: Oh, yea!

Bhavneet: I win a fun fact! We also came, uh,
looked up some interesting facts about these countries. So, we can edumacate
each other and you guys listening.

Taranjit: Alright. So, fun fact about France.

Bhavneet: France.

Taranjit: You can marry a dead person.

Bhavneet: Oh God.

Taranjit: So, basically…

Bhavneet: I rather not.

Taranjit: In certain cases, you can marry a dead
person as long as you can prove that person wanted to marry you.

Bhavneet: How do you do that? Love letters?

Taranjit: So, if you could marry any person that
is dead, who would you marry?

Bhavneet: No one. I don’t want to marry a dead
person. I wanna marry a live person. A very, very live person. What about you?

Taranjit: Yea. Same boat.

Bhavneet: Then why would you ask that?

Taranjit: I don’t know. Maybe..

Bhavneet: Would any of you guys marry a dead
person? Let me know, so I can be creeped out. Don’t go to France.

Taranjit: Good job. One point.

Bhavneet: Watch us have the same countries on our

Taranjit:  We
probably do.

Bhavneet: There’s like how many hundred of
countries? You better not have picked ones. And the same fact. That would suck.
It would make for a boring episode.

Taranjit:  You
obviously didn’t pick France.

Bhavneet: How do you know? Maybe I crossed it off
right now? With my finger. Alright, number one. Athens.

Taranjit:  Greece.

Bhavneet: I was like. Oh my God. I stumped you.
That face.

Taranjit:  I
did it on purpose.

Bhavneet: Aw man.

Taranjit:  Fun
fact me.

Bhavneet: Which one.

Taranjit:  Which

Bhavneet: I wrote a couple cause I started
getting interested. Like really interested.

Taranjit:  I
thought we were doing one fun fact.

Bhavneet: We are. I’m gonna share with you one.
And keep the rest for myself. Okay. So, this is about Athens. So. Yea.

Taranjit:  So

Bhavneet: Little So-so. Anybody watched that
show? Get that reference? Okay. Athens. Did you know?

Taranjit:  No.
I didn’t.

Bhavneet: Lands. Let me finish. Athens lands on
the top 10 European best destinations list every year.

Taranjit:  That’s
why we should go.

Bhavneet: Yea. Buy me a ticket. Let’s go.

Taranjit:  You
buy me a ticket.

Bhavneet: You suggested it.

Taranjit:  Yea,
but you gave the fact.

Bhavneet: Yea, well I didn’t say, hey look the
fact, let’s go. I’ll buy you a ticket.

Taranjit:  Yea,
buy my ticket.

Bhavneet: Alright. Next.

Taranjit:  One
to one.

Bhavneet: We’ll think about it.

Taranjit:  Havana.

Bhavneet: What did you say?

Taranjit:  Havana?

Bhavneet: Alright. Ready? [in singing voice] Madrid España, La Havana de Cuba. I skipped a
couple in the middle, but Cuba.

Taranjit:  Starting
off easy. Two points. So…

Bhavneet: You know I’m gonna get it. I took my

Taranjit:  Your
fun fact.

Bhavneet: Yea? Is it fun?

Taranjit:  There’s
two. Well, I wrote two.

Bhavneet: Pick the good one.

Taranjit:  I’m
going to read you both.

Bhavneet: What?! I couldof read you a really good
one for Athens. That’s not fair.

Taranjit:  From
the air, what do you think the island of Cuba looks like?

Bhavneet: Not a boot, cause that’s Italy.

Taranjit:  What

Bhavneet: Oh, an animal? That’s my thinking face.

Taranjit: Rolling your eyes up to the sky?

Bhavneet: Yes. With my mouth open. I’m gonna pick
an animal that is crazy. Ocelot.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Oh darn. Nobody looked at it, and was
like, oh, that looks like an ocelot.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Aww. They’re cute.

Taranjit: Apparently, it looks like a crocodile.

Bhavneet: Oh? That’s no fun. Alright.

Taranjit: Anyways, another interesting fact I
found was that 99.8% of Cubans are literate.

Bhavneet: Illiterate?

Taranjit: No. Literate. They know how to read and

Bhavneet: That’s good.

Taranjit: So, they are up there, but number one
is Finland. They are almost 100%. 

Bhavneet: Whaaat?

Taranjit: And America was 125th.

Bhavneet: 125th?!

Taranjit: Only 86%.

Bhavneet: Free education guys. Free education. That’s
what we need.

Taranjit: Two to one.

Bhavneet: Alright. My turn. I mean your turn. I’m
not gonna say any of these rights, but Dublin.

Taranjit: We’re Americans, so…

Bhavneet: Dublin. Dooblin. Dooblin Dublin.

Taranjit: Ireland?

Bhavneet: Wow. You were so confident about that. Yea,
you’re right.

Taranjit: Oh. Cool.

Bhavneet: How’d you? Why?

Taranjit: My brain’s…

Bhavneet: Be confident.

Taranjit: My brain’s not working.

Bhavneet: Alright. I have two.

Taranjit: Okay.

Bhavneet: I’m going to read them both.

Taranjit: Okay. I’m not stopping you.

Bhavneet: The Titantic was built in Belfast,
Ireland. That one was not that interesting. Never saw the Titantic.

Taranjit: Yes. So… woop.

Bhavneet: Okay. This one’s better. In 1447,
mustaches were illegal in Ireland.

Taranjit: What?!

Bhavneet: No mustaches. No disguises.

Taranjit: Don’t go there.

Bhavneet: No one can be in disguise.

Taranjit: You can make facial hair illegal?

Bhavneet: I guess so. In Ireland they did. In

Taranjit: Well, that was a long time ago.

Bhavneet: I don’t know how long that lasted, but
they did it.

Taranjit: We’re tied. Two to two. Ready for your
next one?

Bhavneet: It better be easy still? Number 3.

Taranjit: You’re going to get this one.

Bhavneet: Oh God. When you say that, there’s more

Taranjit: Oh, this is so easy. You’re gonna get
it. Doha.

Bhavneet: Qatar.

Taranjit: Why did you laugh?

Bhavneet: Qatar. You’ll see. Qatar. You’ll see.

Taranjit: Okay. Your fun fact, I guess because
I’ll see. Apparently, it is the riches country. But that is not my fact.

Bhavneet: Don’t take all of them.

Taranjit: Many don’t use cutlery. So, meals are
basically served in a large dish, and they use bread, or something, to scoop it
up. Kindof reminds me of us, Indians. We eat sabzi with roti. So…

Bhavneet: Shout out to all the desis.

Taranjit: I guess it is not that weird, but…

Bhavneet: Not a single spoon?

Taranjit: I guess not.

Bhavneet: Alright.

Taranjit: I don’t know if this site is reliable, or
not, but that’s the fact I found.

Bhavneet: Interesting. My turn. Your turn. Number
3. Doha.

Taranjit: Oh. Hmmm.

Bhavneet: And we picked it for the same number.

Taranjit: Number 4?

Bhavneet: No number 3. What’s your guess?

Taranjit: Qatar.

Bhavneet: Correct, ma’am.

Taranjit: That’s so funny. We picked it for the

Bhavneet: Yea. So, I had something else first.
Then I was like. No. no. Doha. Cause it had to be easy. I wasn’t sure if you
would have gotten the other one. Alright. Facts. I had richest country on
planet. But not my fact any more. I have a couple different facts. They are a
lot of the tops.

Taranjit: Yes. They are.

Bhavneet: They are the riches country, safest
place on Earth. Because natural disaster are least likely to strike there. I
don’t know how or why. But apparently. Natural disaster safe. But, is it crime

Taranjit: Well, I guess that meant we were safe
when we landed there.

Bhavneet: Yea. It didn’t seem safe. I guess we
are. Alright, and also, it is one of the 20 most obese nations, and..

Taranjit: Yea. I read that.

Bhavneet: It trumps the U.S.

Taranjit: What?

Bhavneet: It trumps the U.S. in obesity.

Taranjit: I thought we were up there.

Bhavneet: Apparently. We might be, but they’re
higher. Alright.

Taranjit: Interesting.

Bhavneet: Interesting facts. The more you know.

Taranjit: Three to three. Here is number 4.
You’re going to get this one.

Bhavneet: I hope so.

Taranjit: Bangkok. Is that your number 4?

Bhavneet: Yes. I mean, I’ll switch it. Gosh darn
it. You better not take my fact. Alright. My turn. Bangkok.

Taranjit: No, wait. Let me tell you a fact.

Bhavneet: You guess.

Taranjit: You have to guess first.

Bhavneet: I did. I said Thailand.

Taranjit: Second that. Thailand. Okay. Here’s my
fact. Since, I go first. You told me to go first.

Bhavneet: Dur fitteh moo.

Taranjit: This is a really really long fact. And
I was thinking I would make you read it.

Bhavneet: Okay. Good. Not that you’re going to
make me read it, but it better… it’s probably not my fact.

Taranjit: So, you’re lucky you know Bangkok as

Bhavneet: Did you say Bangkong like Donkey Kong?

Taranjit: No. No. That’s not what I said.

Bhavneet: Okay.

Taranjit: Its real name is one of the longest
names of a place in the world.

Bhavneet: Oh, I saw that. I didn’t write it cause
I can’t read that.

Taranjit: I don’t think I can read it either.

Bhavneet: Alright. If you wanna know, look it up.

Taranjit: It’s very long. It’s like one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, nine words, but really really long ones. With a
bunch of letters. I don’t know how you pronounce it.

Bhavneet: Look it up if you’re interested. If you
can pronounce it, teach us. Let us know.

Taranjit: So, it basically means all those words
mean city of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of gems, seat of
king, city of royal palaces, home of Gods.

Bhavneet: Are those all synonyms or is it like
city of angels semi colon house of Gods?

Taranjit: Yea.

Bhavneet: Semi colon.

Taranjit: Semi colon. So, I am guessing each of
those long words, so like the first long word might mean city of angels. And
that second long word might be great city of immortals.

Bhavneet: Interesting. Alright. My fun fact time.
I could say two cause they are really short.

Taranjit: Oh, and it has never been colonized by

Bhavneet: So, you wrote that whole name down just
to say I can’t read that?

Taranjit: I was going to make you read it, but…

Bhavneet: Excuse you? Alright, Thailand is also
one of the most visited countries in the world. Also, little did you know, or
did you know.

Taranjit: I might have looked it up, too.

Bhavneet: This is no fun. Alright. Top orchid
exporter in the world.

Taranjit: Oh. No. I didn’t know that.

Bhavneet: The kingdom is called a kingdom,
apparently. Has more than 1500 species of orchids.

Taranjit: Wow.

Bhavneet: That’s a lot of orchids.

Taranjit: Let’s go.

Bhavneet: I didn’t even know orchids grew there.

Taranjit: I guess so.

Bhavneet: Alright, let’s visit. Want to buy a

Taranjit: Now there is another country added to
the list.

Bhavneet: We’re just racking up the expenses.

Taranjit: Not yet, but we’re making a list of
expensive places to go.

Bhavneet: Alright, I’m gonna ask you first this
time because you keep taking my countries.

Taranjit: No. You told me to go first.

Bhavneet: No. No. You keep taking my countries.

Taranjit: Number five.

Bhavneet: Okay. Go ahead. I’m confused.

Taranjit: Amsterdam.

Bhavneet: Netherlands. Sorry I’m looking.

Taranjit: Very good. You’re so smart.

Bhavneet: Thank you. I know.

Taranjit: Here’s your fun fact.

Bhavneet: Okay.

Taranjit: As soon as I find it. More than a
quarter of the country is below sea level. 50% of the land lies less than one
meter above sea level, and luckily, it is not a tsunami prone area because that
would be bad news.

Bhavneet: Wait, what?

Taranjit: You didn’t get that. So, more than a
quarter of the country lies below sea level.

Bhavneet: Oh.

Taranjit: And 50% of the land is only one meter
above sea level.

Bhavneet: Netherlands is an island right? No.
Yes. See I know so much. This is why I need to go there.

Taranjit: Luckily, they don’t get tsunamis
because that would be bad.

Bhavneet: Yea, that would be bad. Speaking of,
there was a tsunami in Indonesia. Very bad.

Taranjit: Yea, it was like a volcano that caused
a tsunami.

Bhavneet: Without any warning because it was a
volcano. If it was an earthquake, they could have warned everyone. But, they
couldn’t because a volcano just erupted. That’s sad.

Taranjit: Now I don’t want to continue that you
mentioned a sad fact.

Bhavneet: I give you a fun fact.

Taranjit: I wasn’t even done.

Bhavneet: Oh. I just spew facts. Fact.  

Taranjit: Well, can you read what my next fact is
going to be?

Bhavneet: No, I don’t read minds.

Taranjit: Anyways. Before I was interrupted.

Bhavneet: I like to do that.

Taranjit: Another fact about the Netherland’s
people are the tallest in the world.

Bhavneet: What? Like seven foot? Or just on

Taranjit: I think just on average. But who knows,
I might be wrong. I don’t know anything.

Bhavneet: Alright, I had two countries for number

Taranjit: What?!

Bhavneet: But, I’m gonna pick this one.

Taranjit: Okay.

Bhavneet: I couldn’t decide. Alright.

Taranjit: Why didn’t you just say those two
countries and skip the repeats?

Bhavneet: I didn’t realize until now. Budapest. I
got you? Oh, snap. How many of you know where Budapest is the capital of?

Taranjit: I know this.

Bhavneet: You know more than her.

Taranjit: I know this.

Bhavneet: Really long pause while she thinks.
Come on. Come on. You should know. Maybe. Pick a country. Any country. You only
have one out of 500 chance.

Taranjit: I don’t remember.

Bhavneet: Alright. Continent. What continent?

Taranjit: Probably Europe.

Bhavneet: You’re not even confident about that?
Yes. Alright, what country?

Taranjit: That, I can’t remember.

Bhavneet: Should I tell you? Lose a point? Are
you keeping track?

Taranjit: Yes. I’m just checking how many you got
right. You got all of them. No need to keep track. I got one wrong. I can’t
even remember this one.

Bhavneet: You want me to tell you? Would you like
to forfeit a point?

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: And earn a fun fact?

Taranjit: Fine.

Bhavneet: Hungary.

Taranjit: Yea. I would have never thought of

Bhavneet: Really? Okay. Fun fact. Hungary has won
more than 465 Olympic medals.

Taranjit: What?

Bhavneet: Yup. It’s the second most gold medals
in this Olympic summer games in all the countries per capita.

Taranjit: Good for them.

Bhavneet: Yea. And they won gold medals in every
single Olympics they competed in.

Taranjit: Wow.

Bhavneet: Yea.

Taranjit: Wow.

Bhavneet: Goals.

Taranjit: They’re good.

Bhavneet: Yea. Apparently, I didn’t even know.

Taranjit: Well, know we do.

Bhavneet: Yea.

Taranjit: Next time you’re at trivia night, and
this question comes up, you will know it is Hungary.

Bhavneet:  Yea, because that would be a question.

Taranjit: You never know.

Bhavneet: Alright. Next.

Taranjit: Five to four. Not happy. Not very
happy. Anyways. Number six. Port of Spain.

Bhavneet: Port of Spain? Portugal?

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: I have no idea. It’s next to Spain.

Taranjit: Trinidad and Tobago.

Bhavneet: What?! That’s hard. Is that? Where is
that? Africa?

Taranjit: Trinidad and Tobago?! Isn’t that south?
By us?

Bhavneet: You looked it up.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: You should know.

Taranjit: I didn’t look it up. Isn’t it by the
Caribbean? Down there somewhere?

Bhavneet: It’s an island, right?

Taranjit: Yea.

Bhavneet: Okay. I think its down there.

Taranjit: It’s on this side.

Bhavneet: I guess so.

Taranjit: Not over by Africa. Don’t be like
everyone. Is this Africa? Is this Africa?

Bhavneet: Watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip.

Taranjit: Is this Africa? That has to be Africa.
No. That’s South America.

Bhavneet: Still Africa. Still a continent.

Taranjit: Anyways. Trinidad and Tobago. I have
two facts.

Bhavneet: You have two facts for everything.

Taranjit: I’m gonna tell you both of them.

Bhavneet: Uh-huh. I could only tell you one for

Taranjit: Queen’s Park Savannah in the capital
city of Port of Spain is the world’s largest traffic roundabout.

Bhavneet: I thought the one in, like, London was
really big.

Taranjit: And apparently, in the center of that
roundabout, they have all kinds of carnivals, festivals, sports games while
traffic is going around.

Bhavneet: Free entertainment while you’re
driving. Do they get a lot of accidents?

Taranjit: I don’t know. I didn’t look that up.

Bhavneet: I hope not.

Taranjit: Probably not as bad as Maryland.

Bhavneet: Yea. Most people probably walk.

Taranjit: Fact number two. Probably going to say
this wrong.

Bhavneet: Okay. Say it wrong.

Taranjit: La brea pitch lake

Bhavneet: Pitch lake?

Taranjit: Yea. Pitch. Without laughing.

Bhavneet: Alright. Continue.

Taranjit: Is the largest commercial deposit of
natural asphalt in the world.

Bhavneet: Asphalt?

Taranjit: And there is only like five of these
natural asphalt deposit lakes, and its one of them.

Bhavneet: Interesting.

Taranjit: And it holds almost 10 million tons of

Bhavneet: Anyone wants to build some roads, they got
some asphalt for you.

Taranjit: People go there to go see this because
it’s like a famous thing.

Bhavneet: Oh? Add it to the list. Just add it to
the list.

Taranjit: Just keeps growing.

Bhavneet: Alright. Kabil.

Taranjit: I’m gonna get that one wrong.

Bhavneet: Shut up. Kabil. Qabool.

Taranjit: Pakistan?

Bhavneet: No. Ha ha. You got one wrong.

Taranjit: No. What is Pakistan?

Bhavneet: Something different. Not Kabil.

Taranjit: It has to be a middle Eastern.

Bhavneet: Yea, but you got it wrong.

Taranjit: Okay. Then tell me.

Bhavneet: Afghanistan.

Taranjit: Close enough. Now I got two wrong.

Bhavneet:  Good job. I thought you would have got that

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Hello. Bollywood movies went to Kabil.

Taranjit: Oh. Yea.

Bhavneet: I forget what movie that was. The one
with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan.

Taranjit: Oh. Dishoom?

Bhavneet: Dishoom.

Taranjit: They did?

Bhavneet: Yea. They went to Kabil. And she was
like Qabool. Qabool. Qabool…

Taranjit: Oh. Yea.

Bhavneet: You’re married.

Taranjit: Now I want to see that movie again.

Bhavneet: Yes. Add it to the list. We’re gonna go
to these places and we’re gonna watch Dishoom. Alright. Fun fact. It is the 42nd
most populous country in the world, and the 41st largest by area,
but its only about 250 square miles. So, about the size of Texas. Everything’s
like smaller than Tuxes.

Taranjit: Tuxes?

Bhavneet: Tuxes.

Taranjit: Everything fits in Tuxes.

Bhavneet: Yea. And Texas.

Taranjit: They have the safest drivers.

Bhavneet: Yea! Be more like Texas. Alright. Next.

Taranjit: Okay. Where are we?

Bhavneet: I am winning.

Taranjit: You have five. Yes. I know.

Bhavneet: How many do you guys have? Who’s winning?

Taranjit: Probably better than us. They probably
have all of them.

Bhavneet: Yea, who has all of them?

Taranjit: Like we can see the driver who is like,

Bhavneet: Raise your hand. I will find you.

Taranjit: Keep your hands ten and two on the

Bhavneet: Safe driver over there. See, I’m a

Taranjit: So, you wave.

Bhavneet: Yea, I wave.

Taranjit: Raise a hand.

Bhavneet: I raise a hand and wave it around like
you just don’t care. Something, something, something. Alright. Next.

Taranjit: Okay. Number 7?

Bhavneet: Yes.

Taranjit: Damascus. And, no not the state…

Bhavneet: The state?!

Taranjit: Not the city I drive through to work.

Bhavneet: Oh, God. I don’t know where that is.
Sounds familiar. You go there.

Taranjit: Not in this country.

Bhavneet: Is it in Europe? Let me think of a
country that I don’t know the capital of.

Taranjit: Yea. That face is gonna help you.

Bhavneet: Damascus. Damascus. Damascus. Damscus.

Taranjit: Are you making up a song? Sounds like
you’re making a song.

Bhavneet: Still in Montgomery County.

Taranjit: Ooo. I stumped you.

Bhavneet: Sweden.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Switzerland.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Ireland.

Taranjit: You’re going right with the S

Bhavneet: Oh. Sss-waziland. That’s in Africa.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: Sssssssss…

Taranjit: You got it wrong.

Bhavneet: Ssssss-sumesh.

Taranjit: What is that? And where is that?

Bhavneet: An Indian person’s name.

Taranjit: They have a capital city?

Bhavneet: Their a country apparently. Alright.

Taranjit: Syria.

Bhavneet: That’s not in Europe! You lied to me.
That’s in the Middle East. You know.

Taranjit: It’s still like…

Bhavneet: All the troops pulling out. The big
stink with Trump. Pulling out. Of the country.

Taranjit: Pulling out. Is that all you can say? Pulling

Bhavneet: You lied to me. I’m thinking of
European countries, and you’re over there in the Middle East. Not cool.
Alright. Give me your fun fact.

Taranjit: Apparently, the capital is the oldest
and continuously lived in city in the world.

Bhavneet: Interesting.

Taranjit: That was just a minor fact. Here’s
another fact.

Bhavneet: That’s okay. That’s it.

Taranjit: Shouting valley. Do you know what that

Bhavneet: Nope. Never heard of it.

Taranjit: What do you think it is?

Bhavneet: You shout into it, and it echoes back
at you.

Taranjit: Yea. Pretty much. Shouting valley is
like a point where the four countries meet. So, like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan,
and Israel.

Bhavneet: So, it’s like the four corners of
Montgomery County? No. No. Mount Airy in the four counties of Maryland.

Taranjit: Yea.

Bhavneet: Mount Airy’s in four counties. Does
anyone live there?

Taranjit: In all four?

Bhavneet: No. There’s a point in all four
counties. Does someone live in two counties on the line? Oh, that’s
interesting. What do you put in your address? I live in Carroll Howard.

Taranjit: Well, it’s whatever county claims that
house. So, they have to say they are in that county, even though they are
kindof in the other. Anyways, I didn’t finish. So, apparently, in the olden
times before cell phones were invented cause now you can just call someone, people
would go to Shouting Valley, and they would shout something to someone on the
other side. Like their relatives in another country.

Bhavneet: Then everyone knows their business.

Taranjit: Yea. Well, they could hear them.

Bhavneet: Your auntie’s son’s sister…

Taranjit: What?!

Bhavneet: …got married. And then, had a baby. I
don’t know.

Taranjit: Okay. And then, they shout back,

Bhavneet: And then someone on the other side was
like Oh no, your grandfather passed away. And then their like, Congratulations?
How dare you?

Taranjit: You always turn this sad.

Bhavneet: No. I was saying people would hear
other people’s things.

Taranjit: No, you always turn it into sad news.

Bhavneet: Aww. Back to happy. Alright my turn.
Your turn.

Taranjit: Wrong. You got two wrong. I got two

Bhavneet: Beirut.

Taranjit: I know this.

Bhavneet: Are you sure? I was gonna do a
different one, but I went with that. Beirut.

Taranjit: I know this. But not at the moment.

Bhavneet: So, wrong?

Taranjit: What continent is this on?

Bhavneet: I don’t know. Asia? I think. I think

Taranjit: Yea. It’s not coming to me.

Bhavneet: Winner. Winner. Me.

Taranjit: Sure.

Bhavneet: Lebanon.

Taranjit: I just said Syria and Lebanon are in
the Middle East, and you’re like I don’t know where this is.

Bhavneet: Yea. Where you said. Alright.
Interesting fact. It is the oldest nation or country name in the world.

Taranjit: Interesting.

Bhavneet: Existing for nearly 4000 years. The
capital, Beirut, is often compared with the phoenix. At first it said, phoenix,
compared with phoenix. So, I’m like Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona, really? Okay.
But, phoenix the bird I think cause it was destroyed and built as many as seven
times. And the city, Bibulous, is the oldest existing city in the world. And
the Bible is said to be derived from the name.

Taranjit: Very interesting.

Bhavneet: Yea. Fun facts!

Taranjit: I’ll probably never remember all of

Bhavneet: You got that one wrong.

Taranjit: Thanks for rubbing it in.

Bhavneet: You’re welcome. I’m winning. I think.

Taranjit: Ready? I’m probably gonna say this
wrong. Ready?

Bhavneet: Yea, I’m ready.

Taranjit: Number 8. Kuala Lumpar.

Bhavneet: Kuala?

Taranjit: I’ll spell it for you.

Bhavneet: Australian koala?

Taranjit: I don’t know how you pronounce it.

Bhavneet: Wait, let me write this down.

Taranjit: K. U. A. L. A. That’s the first word.
Second word. L. U. M. P. U. R. Probably putting emphasis on the wrong letters,

Bhavneet: Kuala Lumpur.

Taranjit: Sure.

Bhavneet: That’s the American way to say.

Taranjit: I said Lumpar. Lumpurr.

Bhavneet: Is it in Africa? How do you not know?

Taranjit: I didn’t look up where these are.

Bhavneet: But from the name of the country, you
don’t know where it is?

Taranjit: I feel like. I’m gonna say Europe for

Bhavneet: I don’t think it’s in Europe.

Taranjit: I don’t think so either.

Bhavneet: I don’t think it’s in Europe. So, is it
in Asia.

Taranjit: Maybe. It’s maybe considered Asia, I

Bhavneet: Turkey. Your face. Sad shake. Ukraine.

Taranjit: No.

Bhavneet: You said Asia Europe. Your misleading

Taranjit: Well. I said I don’t know. You’re the
one forcing me to pick one. Asia. It’s Asia. That’s what you were saying.

Bhavneet: Congo. Chad.

Taranjit: No. You want me to tell you? Cause,
your wrong.

Bhavneet: Liberia. Nigeria. Niger. I don’t know.

Taranjit: Niger?! Wrong. Malaysia.

Bhavneet: That’s a country?

Taranjit: Malaysia.

Bhavneet: Malaysia?! How did you not know where
Malaysia is?

Taranjit: I don’t.

Bhavneet: It’s an island. We listened to that
comedian. He’s Malay.

I have a couple of facts about this.

Bhavneet: Eh-huh.

I’m gonna tell you them all.

Bhavneet: No.
(check this part around time satam 27:25)

I am gonna tell you them all.

Bhavneet: Just
the fun ones.

They’re all fun.

Bhavneet: Better
party by the end of this. (double check)

So, drinking a cold drink from a plastic bag
is very common.

Bhavneet: You
don’t say.

They put cold drinks in it. Like tea, ice tea,

Bhavneet: Hopefully,
there’s no holes.

And water. And they just stick a straw in it
and drink it.

Bhavneet: Do
they reuse them? Like a cup?

I guess. They use plastic bags.

Bhavneet: Interesting.

And the local time has been adjusted 8 times.

Bhavneet: Why?

I don’t know. The first time it was adjusted,
it was in 1932, and the clocks moved forward 20 minutes.

Bhavneet: Is
the island moving?

No. Cause they wanted to make the day longer.

Bhavneet: Oh.
They just moved the time like I need more time to do whatever. More sunlight.

You know how we do daylight savings? They went
20 minutes forward.

Bhavneet: Just

To make the day longer. And then in 1941, they
added 10 more minutes. They went 10 more minutes forward.

Bhavneet: You
know, soon they are gonna go around the world.

And then a year later, they went 2 hours more.

Bhavneet: They
are going around the world.

But then, in 1945, they brought it all the way
back to what it was in 1941.

Bhavneet: Like,
nah. I don’t like this. Back to the roots.

And then, in 1982 they pushed the time forward
30 more minutes.

Bhavneet: Like,
never mind. I like that. Let’s try again. What?

I think at one point. They matched Switzerland
or Switzerland matched them. Or something. And then, they have the biggest roundabout
on Earth.

Bhavneet: Didn’t
you say the other place did?

No, there’s was…

Bhavneet: Was
that Tobago? Yea. You said Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago. Tobago.

I don’t know. This website said it has the
biggest one on Earth.

Bhavneet: You
fact check?


Bhavneet: I
didn’t either. So, if any of these are wrong… Sorry.

You guys can fact check us. There is probably
someone sitting in the car and they are like Oh my God. These girls.

Bhavneet: These
crazy lunatics. Think they know everything.

You said that. I looked it up.

Bhavneet: I
googled it. Google said so.

Exactly. Google said so.

Bhavneet: Alright.
Your turn. Belgrade.


Bhavneet: Belgrade.
Bel-grad. Bel-grud.

Never heard of it.

Bhavneet: Belgrade.
So, I’m right, you’re wrong?

I guess so.

Bhavneet: Alright.
Can I tell you?

Yea if you must.

Bhavneet: Serbia.

Yea. I would have never guessed that.

Bhavneet: Well
you gave me a hard one. Alright. It is the largest raspberry exporter in the
world. Raspberry exporter.

Really?  That’s it. One fact.

Bhavneet: They
produce over 30% of the total raspberries. That’s all I got.

So, you find so many facts for the others and
one fact for this one?

Bhavneet: Yea.
I got distracted I thought, is this really a country? So I started looking at
that. And then, I moved on. 


Bhavneet: Sorry
Serbia. You’re real.

So, what’s the score now?

Bhavneet: I

You have 5 right, 3 wrong. How much do I have?

Bhavneet: You
have 4.

4 right?

Bhavneet: Yea.
4 wrong.

Shoot. You’re still winning. Ready? You
probably know this one. Shouldn’t have picked this. Vienna.

Bhavneet: Austria.

Who’s from Austria?

Bhavneet: These
are supposed to be getting harder.

I know.

Bhavneet: What
do you mean who? They were in the world war.

No. There’s a Hollywood actor from Austria.

Bhavneet: Hollywood.
Like H?

Yea. H.

Bhavneet: Not

No. H. Here in America. Hollywood actor.

Bhavneet: That
I know?


Bhavneet: Cause
I don’t know many.

Think about it while I find my fun fact.

Bhavneet: Well,
can you give me a hint?

He’s the governor of…

Bhavneet: Is
he Schwarzenegger?


Bhavneet: I
got it before you said that. I realized.

That was one of my fun facts.

Bhavneet: Next.

The oldest zoo in the world was founded in
1752, and it was in Austria. And the first postcards were used here.

Bhavneet: Interesting.
So, they are not shouting in Shouting Valley?

No. They took one step ahead, and started

Bhavneet: Like
civilized people. Private business. You don’t need to know.

Exactly. Except, you send postcards when you
visit a place.

Bhavneet: That’s
true. Postcards are just that. No envelopes. Everyone could read your business.

More people.

Bhavneet: At
least they wrote it down. Alright. With a pretty picture. My turn. Freetown.
Not like Toon town. Freetown. Don’t pick your nose.

I’m not. I’m thinking.

Bhavneet: Like

I don’t know. I seriously don’t.

Bhavneet: Winner.

Yes you are. You won. Good job.

Bhavneet: Sierra

Yea. I would never have guessed that.

Bhavneet: Getting
harder now.

Yea. I gave you an easy one.

Bhavneet: Rich
in mineral resources.

You can’t speak.

Bhavneet: I


Bhavneet: I’m
thinking too hard. Trying too hard.

What resusces?

Bhavneet: Gosh.
Misshah’s missiles. Rich in mineral resources. Has long since relied on mining,
especially diamonds, for its economic sustenance.

Can’t say that word?

Bhavneet: I
can’t say ssss sounds.


Bhavneet: It’s
famous for the blood diamonds that were mined and sold during the Civil War to
raise money for weapons. And that is why they are called blood diamonds.


Bhavneet: In
case, you didn’t know why blood diamonds are blood diamonds.

Now I know.

Bhavneet: Yup.
Alright. Next.

It’s your last one. And you won. So there is
no point.

Bhavneet: No.
I wanna know. Watch you picked the same one.

Port au Prince.

Bhavneet: Haiti.

Yea. Good job.

Bhavneet: I
knew that one.

I know.

Bhavneet: They
were the richest. Now they are the poorest. Only place where successful slave
rebellion occurred.

You’re taking all the fun facts. Then what am
I going to say?

Bhavneet: And
then they became really poor. It’s simple history. Dear bhanji. Simple history.

Dear bhanji.

Bhavneet: Dear
Watson. Why? You wana be Watson?

How many miles of coastline do you think they

Bhavneet: 500.

That’s too low.

Bhavneet: It’s
an island.


Bhavneet: 1000?

1100 miles of coastline. Second longest in the
Caribbean. Which one’s the first?

Bhavneet: Cuba?

Yea. Good job.

Bhavneet: The
one that’s shaped like?

A crocodile.

Bhavneet: Crocodile.

Not an ocelot.

Bhavneet: Aww.
Which one’s shaped like an ocelot?

You will have to find that out.

Bhavneet: I
guess I will have to go to space on Virgin Galactic.

Or Tesla’s…

Bhavneet: Space
X. Or! Jeff Bezos Blue Origin.

Yea. You have options.

Bhavneet: Let’s

You have to have money though.

Bhavneet: Buy
a ticket.

Yea. It’s like $250,000.

Bhavneet: Alright.
Let’s go.

I can’t take you to all these places and

Bhavneet: Yea
you can.

Alright. Fun fact. Only 53% of the population
can read and write. That’s because 80% of the…

Bhavneet: Come
on Finland. Teach them something.

That’s because 80% of the population live in
poverty. And because they live in poverty, they have poor health. 10% of
children die before they turn 5.

Bhavneet: Now
you’re being sad.

I had to match your sadness.

Bhavneet: Why
would you pick that? You knew I would know that. I thought it was supposed to
be hard. Number 10.

Yea. I lost already.

Bhavneet: Okay.
I can’t even pronounce this one, but Anta-nana-rivo.

Say what?

Bhavneet: Anta-nana-rivo


Bhavneet: Antananarivo.

Yea. I don’t know.

Bhavneet: Pick
a country. Any country.

Give me a general area.

Bhavneet: Africa.

I don’t think it is any of the countries that
I know.

Bhavneet: Yes
it is. You know the name of the country.

Just tell me.

Bhavneet: I
was dancing. I like to move it.

It was dancing?

Bhavneet: I
like to move it move it.

I didn’t know there was a country called I was

Bhavneet: No.
I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it.


Bhavneet: Yea.


Bhavneet: Yea.
Antananarivo. Many of the world’s most high quality sapphires have been found
there. It’s the fourth largest island in the world. One of the last land masses
on Earth to be colonized. It has a four poponamy. Poor economy. About 70% of
its inhabitants live on less than $1 a day.

Oh, man.

Bhavneet: Yea.
And it has a very young population which might account for that. I don’t know,
but over 60% of the residents are under 25.


Bhavneet: So,
once they hit 25, do they leave? I don’t understand.

I guess. Go to the main land. Go to Africa.

Bhavneet: I
guess so. Those are the fun facts. You lost terribly. Let’s count the points.

I don’t want to.

Bhavneet: Let’s
announce them. You got 4 right.

Really? I stayed at 4?

Bhavneet: Yea.
You got everything else wrong. 6 wrong. You failed. You got a 40%.

You got 3 wrong. You got a C.

Bhavneet: Yeah!
I passed. At least I passed. I’m pass the point of getting A’s. Only A’s. I’ll
take that C. It’s passing. I win.

Good job. So, that means you have to take me
to those countries.

Bhavneet: No.
I won. You have to buy me the tickets. I win. You gotta give me something.

No. That’s what you get for winning cause you
already have all the knowledge. I need to be educated.

Bhavneet: Country

Let us know who you think should be buying the
tickets. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Drive with Us

Bhavneet: Thanks
for letting us join you on your commute and we look forward to driving with you

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