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An overturned fruit stand and a bad omen bring Moot, Glim and Sully into the path of some interesting and mysterious agents and an even more mysterious organization who claim to have a direction for our heroes. Moot's unsure where his pencils c
All the teams are getting their first breath of relief and experiencing the first actual rest in a long time as they explore the island of Maztica. Questions are raised about the state of Bahamut and Destinies Children meet with the eccentric r
It's time to interrogate a suspect! Or... dodge bombs that suspect is throwing out of the top story window. It's all in the line of work for a good investigator though, which is what Moot, Glim and Sully are!... Obviously! Moot reveals his favo
We get real crunchy D&D as MOST of the adventuring party sent outside of the submarine to face down the undead Kraken, Sully tells stories and Flamikins finds ways to make light of the darkest timeline. Thia does big magic. Yenbul is Moses? Tul
The Destiny's Children are making a name for themselves in Darromar, which brings them into an explosive investigation at a local magic shop. Terry leads the crew around town meeting some of the locals as they try to track down a suspect. Moot
Welcome to Orphan Black: The Next Chapter - Season 02! Narrated by Emmy Award winner Tatiana Maslany, the official continuation of the hit TV series continues the journey of the sestras and explores the dangerous, life-changing consequences of
Welcome to Part 2 of the Halloween Bonanza! To hear Part 1 so you have ANY idea of what is happening, visit our friends over in the Spout Lore Feed. Here's a link you can follow to find it quick! FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR Halloween Boo-nanza PART 1:
We are so excited to introduce you to a new show that has us laughing and NEEDING to hear more. It's The Land Whale Murders, and it is a Gilded Age comedic alternate history podcast about murders, birders, and a missing whale. Listen to the fir
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Thia, Yenbul and Tulgir come face-to-face with Leosin's other road crew, Moot, Glim and Sully who have returned from their mission to find the sewer hideout destroyed and everyone they know gone. Thia is looking a bit... yellow. Yenbul sees th
Having been led into the Scary Forest by their new friend Terry - Moot, Glim and Sully face down the ferocious Nightgarm and an unusual entourage. The group is aided by another unknown and mysterious creature who is the savior they didn't know
Giving the rest of the refuge time to escape back through the sewers to their getaway vessel, Thia, Tulgir and Yenbul stare down and take on the Undead Chuth. Battle wages as it becomes evident a zombie horde is on the way. Thia thought he flew
Moot, Glim and Sully have made it to Darromar to meet with Queen Calycrists. Top on their agenda is to discuss the mending of relationships and opening of borders. However new information and a turn of events leads them down a different path -
Our heroes return with a glimmer of hope in achieving their goal of finding at least some of the gods. But when you make something good happen in the darkest timeline - someone is sure to notice. Thia takes a small reprieve. Yenbul helps get re
In this special Ultra-Sex-Positive-Patreon-Improv-Liveshow, Moot, Glim and Sully have left "Doug's Rest/Victor's Ville" and are on the road to Darromar when they stumble across a small city... no wait a town... perhaps a village? Anyway, Destin
Things are getting freaky as our heroes tracking the lost Gods must find a way through this illusory nightmare in hopes that they are on the right track and not being led astray by whatever demonic fiend is controlling the Shadowfell. Thia wish
For the last week of our summer vacation, Tom and Russ introduce you to some new friends today with Roleplay Retcon! This is an actual play podcast that remakes infamous box office flops using roleplaying games, jokes, and a lot of hindsight. J
Hello friend, we're on summer break so we'd like you to meet DUMB-DUMBS & DRAGONS. They're amazing AND Canadian. You're going to love them, trust us! Follow the adventures of Alyn (Laura Elizabeth), Quinny (Tyler Hewitt), Butthole (Ryan LaPla
The Hyundai Sonata is under attack from lurking creatures that the crew must take care of before making their way to "Doug's Rest/Victor's Ville" and the great networking party that Boobs and Bonesword have invited everyone along to. Along the
Thia, Yenbul, Tulgir and Agathe quickly figure out their location in the planes and quickly find themselves caught in a world of smoke and mirrors as the sort out what is real and what is imaginary. Thia wonders about etiquette. Yenbul recommen
We pick up with the crew of the "Barge Right In"... NOT on the "Barge Right In" and in a state of disrepair after their encounter with a water elemental. Fortunately for them a passing Hyundai Sonata (aka wagon) brings help and new friends at j
We return to Thia, Yenbul, Tulgir and Agathe as they try to figure out when in the planes they've landed. The God Trackers come up against their most vile nemesis yet! Thia speaks bird. Yenbul can't be re-roping a bridge all day. Tulgir asks so
The high seas are treating our friends like the unforgiving force it is! The group must escape the band of pirates, while also dealing with the mysteries of what lies ahead on the watery road to their destination. What could go wrong? Moot feel
Today we introduce you to The Ordinary Epic - you're going to LOVE it! Our heroes welcome a new member… and chaos ensues. Transcript: https://www.theordinaryepic.com/transcript-for-the-group ***The Ordinary Epic contains depictions of fantasy
Today we introduce you to "Of Fae And Fiends" written and produced by audio drama pioneer Fred Greenhalgh. Episode 1 – Tapes in the Attic Lizzie returns to her family’s ancestral farmhouse in rural Maine and discovers tapes in the attic that r
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