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wolfboy1988 reviewed this podcast on Jan 28th, 2018
"A wonderful tabletop game based radio drama series for all to enjoy!"
ToloRomassi reviewed this podcast on Jul 31st, 2017
"I had heard that "Book I" was a little unpolished, so I skipped it and started with Book II. I'm glad I did! The music and sound effects add so much more compared to other actual plays that I've listened to. It's also nice that the players aren't afraid to put their characters in embarrassing or painful situations for the sake of a good joke or story."
Abyzz reviewed this podcast on Jul 18th, 2017
"Gold from episode 1"
Ljrydholm reviewed this podcast on Jun 28th, 2017
"Dungeons and Doritos is one of the best role playing audio dramas on the whole of the internet. There are lots of laughs and tense moments to be had listening to this show. Doritos may be an odd pairing to put with D&D but these folks sample some of the finest Doritos from across the world before the start of each episode. Have you heard of all the crazy types of Doritos from places like Japan and Israel? Didn't think so. Tune in for plenty of laughs, nail biting moments and a barrel of fun!"
barreyi reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"The premier audio drama podcast from Nerdy Show, it'll have you in stitches over and over."
Garayur reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"This is one of my favorite Live Play RPG podcasts. The role players and GM are really good and fun to listen to. It has an extremely high production quality with a backing score and sound effects that enhance the show without distracting. I recommend starting with book two. The early episodes are a bit rough so I would hold off until you have reached the current episode and want more."
MirriMidori reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"A fun, hilarious adventure that only gets better as it goes. great characters, great people, awesome story and all the doritos facts you ever wanted"
fosentertainment reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"From the first Episode, to the present, you can follow the whole crew as they live, die, and adventure in the world of Doritodonia and show you all how much you must live, and love, to experience the Sagas RPG system. I've laughed and cried SOO HARD to so many episodes, I can't NOT recommend this."
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