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Episodes of EARadio

Joan explains why university groups are a focus area for CEA and gives some suggested goals for university groups to produce value. Joan Gass is the Managing Director for Centre for Effective Altruism. Joan works with Max on the executive team.
Karolina introduces Charity Entrepreneurship (CE), an organization dedicated to helping found and mentor new effective charities. Learn about the nonprofits CE has launched through its annual Incubation Program, and about the process of startin
Nick Beckstead oversees a substantial part of Open Philanthropy’s research and grantmaking related to global catastrophic risk reduction. Previously, Nick led the creation of their grantmaking programs in scientific research and effective altru
Amanda shares reasons to be excited about forecasting, walks through a process to forecast questions you care about, and shows how Ought’s tool, Elicit, can be helpful for this. From Amanda’s Website: Amanda Ngo works at Ought, a startup buildi
We have an amazing opportunity to significantly improve the world with the resources we have, if we use them effectively. Giving What We Can is a community of people committed to giving more, and giving more effectively. Luke Freeman manages Gi
Huw and Alex talk about some of the resources and events they’ve found most useful for helping group members with career planning. The workshop aims to be a broad overview, particularly for group leaders without much previous experience of guid
Talk of decoupling, an AI arms race, and a tech Cold War abounds. These prominent narratives are rooted in the core assumption of techno-nationalism – that the nation-state is the key unit of analysis for understanding the global technology lan
Jaan Tallinn is a founding engineer of Skype and Kazaa. He is a co-founder of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, and philanthropically supports other existential risk research organisations. Jaan i
Hauke reviews international agreements to spend a percentage of GDP on public goods such as aid (0.7%), defence (NATO’s 2% target), R&D, global governance, etc. He shows how these agreements interact with priorities in effective altruism becaus
The Against Malaria Foundation is one of the most effective global health charities in the world, and the single most common donation target for EA Survey respondents (2018 and 2019). What makes this organization so special? How do they approac
Over the past few decades, many advanced nations have become more disconnected. People have fewer friends, join fewer organisations, and are less likely to be members of political parties, churches and unions. At the same time, inequality is on
Alfredo supports the Legal Priorities Project in operations. Before joining, he worked as Operations Analyst and then COO at the Center on Long-Term Risk and its parent organization, the Effective Altruism Foundation. He has a BSc in Engineerin
Jayasimha talks about the work of Global Food Partners to build the capacity of producers and provide them with financial incentives to transition to cage-free egg production successfully. From Jayasimha’s bio: “Currently, I am the Co-Founder a
Work to improve the welfare of farmed animals is in its infancy; this is especially the case in the Asia Pacific. Thus, it is likely the most effective solutions lie ahead of us. Jonathon shares reflections on novel strategies based on EAST’s (
Emily provides an introduction to the research collaboration READI – an organisation that conducts collaborative research to further the aims of the effective altruism movement. She outlines recent findings from the Survey of COVID-19 Responses
Despite the buzz around data-driven decision-making, it’s much easier to say than to do. Tony shares how IDinsight developed its Learning Partnership model to enable global development decision-makers – from government ministers to NGO leaders
Considering starting your own charity? Nikita and Corrina discuss Fortify Health‘s startup journey, and the room for improvement in one important part of the current charity-startup landscape: contextual expertise. They make the call for more c
In this episode, Johannes shares his thoughts on climate from an EA perspective including the latest recommendations from Founders Pledge on how to have an outsized impact through donations, as well as reflections on opportunities in the Asia-P
In this episode, Jason explains why it’s important to determine which creatures have moral standing and how that knowledge might affect the way we prioritize interventions and causes. He showcases one method for grappling with this problem, and
A journalist, podcaster and communications expert talk about how to best explain EA ideas to the public — maximising understanding and minimising frustration. Rob Wiblin studied both genetics and economics at the Australian National University
Stefan discusses the importance of considering our own and others’ emotions and psychological limits when practising effective altruism. Stephan Schubert is a researcher at the Social Behaviour and Ethics Lab, University of Oxford, working in t
Daniel talks about why self-care is challenging yet essential for almost anything you care about, and how you can manage your resources more deliberately. Quote from Daniel’s bio: “In my coaching practice, I help people in the effective altruis
In this episode, Evan and Caroline share personal stories about their careers surrounding artificial intelligence. Evan Hubinger was an AI safety research intern at OpenAI before joining MIRI. His current work is aimed at solving inner alignmen
Industrial animal agriculture sits at the intersection of many of the most pressing challenges facing human and non-human animal kind. To alleviate these pressures in the wake of rising global meat demand, we must accelerate the development of
Max Dalton (Executive Director) and Joan Gass (Managing Director) from the Centre for Effective Altruism provide an update on CEA’s movement building strategy and answer questions from the audience. Centre for Effective Altruism, or CEA, is an
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