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To celebrate our 150th episode (by some ways of counting) we launch a competition to write a whole adventure in 1500 words, and talk to Alex Aguila, who has already done it, about his life in gaming and Year Zero Engine plans00.00.40: Introduct
00.00.40: Introduction00.02.45: Thank you to our Patron: Mattiaz, of Red Mood Roleplaying 00.03.11: World of Gaming - Role; Twilight 2000; UKGE and Free League Showcase; Dissident Whispers US and UK distribution00.19.26: Community content: The
00.00.40: Introduction00.04.45: Thank you to our Patrons: Millie, Andreas and Pedro00.07.30: World of Gaming - The Troubleshooters: Symbaroum Gamemasters Guide; Romans and TOTOW, Destroyer of Worlds.00.22.37: An introduction to Twilight 200000.
00.00.40: Introductions00.04.27: World of gaming - Alien RPG: Destroyer of Worlds, Troubleshooters and a new Patreon exclusive. 00.23.25: Thank you to our new Patrons: Andy and Jamie00.26.14: Darkness points redux00.40.06: Interview with Stoo G
00.00.40: Introductions00.04.05: Thank you to our new Patrons: Eric (ebrim) Brimstin00.05.00: World of gaming - CovidCon; our YouTube games; Tales from the Loop boardgame Kickstarter; Cortex Prime and Bitter Reach PDFs delivered. 00.18.30: More
00.00.40: Introductions00.03.14: Thank you to our new Patrons: Stoo Goff and Jon Xuereb00.04.43: World of gaming - Mörk Borg sells out; The One Ring comes to Free League; Trilemma bestiary coming; Kult00.28.30: Colony Campaigns in Alien00.47.47
An actual play for All Hallows’ Eve.Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Imagery from European Southern Observatory. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.Like what we do?Leave a
00.00.40: Introduction00.05.22: Thank you and welcome to our new patrons: Steve Knot And John (L?)Junggren00.08.54: World of Gaming: Project: Cassandra; Dune; Twilight 2000; Broken Compass; Into the Motherlands; Awfully Cheerful Engine; 00.31.1
00.00.40: Introduction00.04.48: Thank you and welcome to our new patrons: Mohamed El Dakak, William Paine and Dean Morrisey00.07.05: World of Gaming: Free League are Kickstarter champions; Changed Stars KS coming soon; Dune PDF; Twilight2000 Be
00.00.40: Introduction00.04.00: World of Gaming: Twilight 2000; one of James Langham's T2K videos; Wyrd Science KS; The Siren; UK Games Expo; and more of our stuff including the Coriolis Planetarium00.26.47: Breaking in - getting published. We
00.00.40: Introduction00.01.50: Thank you and welcome to our new patrons: Jim McCarthy and Nicholas, plus an impromptu conversation about Alien Campaigns00.12.04: World of Gaming: Marvel's Multiverse RPG00.21.03: Wolf and Raven00.33.27: Playing
00.00.40: Introduction00.03.24: Thank you and welcome to our new patrons: Matija Kompan and Stacie Winters00.04.20: World of Gaming: Ruins of Symbaroum; War Stories; Jeff Goldblum Actual Play; Starforged; Court of Blades00.31.14: Player in the
00.00.40: Introduction00.02.21: Welcome to our new patrons: Pierre Gravelat; Paul Venner; Carl Landsberg; and Philip Greeley 00.03.55: Competition congratulations to our competition winner 00.10.08: World of Gaming: The Community Atlas is out f
00.00.40: Introduction00.01.50: A tribute to Yaphet Kotto00.03.58: Competition update 00.05.26: World of Gaming: Alien fourth in ICV2 survey; Solomn Vale Kickstarter; first Feng Shui subscription product out, preorders for Alberetor – The Haunt
00.00.40: Introduction00.02.08: Thank you to our new patron: Peter Jenson00.04.27: A bit of self-promotion - Planetarium: Miran Chain; thanks to everyone who bought the Coriolis Calendar and Summer in December; Alien the Colony; "That's why I a
00.00.40: Introduction00.02.51: Thank you to our new patrons: Karl Unde; Rowland A Gault; Arne Sahlberg; Liam Beeton; and "Beskar" Tom Cantwell00.07.08: A reminder of our competitionChoose any Free League game in English Write an adventure for
Woah! We get an exciting scoop about when the Kickstarter for the new edition of The One Ring is going to be announced, plus how its different from the first edition, and how Free League was one of the few companies that didn't make an approach
00.00.40: Introduction and thank you to our new patron, John Salquist00.05.52: We review 2020, and hand out a prestigious No-Trophy for various arbitrary awards like "on-line tool do the year," "best game" and "00.55.44: Pushing rolls in Verona
00.00.40: Introduction00.03.34: Thank you to our new Patrons: panicked sheep, Andy Gibbs and errr one other... maybe?00.06.33: World of Gaming: W.I.L.D, Opera House, Dune and Twilight: 2000 Alpha00.35.16: The Nomads: Redux00.55.07: Writer in th
00.00.37: Introduction00.04.42: Thank you to our new Patrons: Alexander Karnowski, Frontinus of Boraelia, Tony Semark, and Craig Duffy00.10.18: World of Gaming: The Dee Sanction (final hours as this feed goes live), a digression into Tales of t
Recorded at our 00.00.37: Introduction00.03.47: World of Gaming: Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds Alien (did you notice our "subtle" edits?); Role; Putrescence Regnant 00.15.57: Thank you to our Patrons: Ben and Frank00.18.28: Players in the Hamam: F
00.00.37: Introduction00.04.06: Thank you to our Patrons: Bruce Laing, Michael, AW Baader, and returning patron Thomas Powell00.06.38: World of Gaming: The Labyrinth; Conekt; Feng Shui 2 subscription; Essen Spiel; Summer in December; Twilight 2
00.00.37: Introduction00.02.50: Thank you to our Patrons, David Thompson and Lasse Borly00.04.44: Find our Actual Play recordings on effektap00.08.50: World of Gaming: Free League Showcase and Conekt00.14.20: Workshop Wonders: Shakespeare's Mon
As a podcast that started talking about the Third Horizon in Coriolis, new GMs often ask us “where do I start?”  But Coriolis is the youngest setting in this discussion. Runequest’s Glorantha, by contrast, is over four decades old. So we have b
00.00.37: Introduction, and the Ennies00.04.13: Thank you to our Patrons: Kevin J Feeley, Jason Coleman; Roland Olexsak; Geoffrey; and Saul Morales who, with his wife, has his own Effekt inspired podcast!00.09.30: World of Gaming: UKGE virtuall
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