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Planted in the soil of your soul is the seed of your purpose -- and all of life is conspiring to fulfill it. Life is on your side, but you must get on your own side! And in this video, you'll learn how to do that FAST.
Whatever pushes or pulls us is a projection of some un-integrated part of us. Our triggers are signals that we are 'shadow dancing' with someone -- and within these triggers there are gifts of great power and potential waiting to be reclaimed. In this video, I break down what Jealousy is really a sign of, and how to use it to activate your deeper gifts and true greatness.
Debt isn't caused merely by spending more than you make, and you can never get rid of it completely without understanding this little-known principle. In this talk, Derek shares what's really behind your debt -- and how to eliminate it permanently.
There is a seed of purpose planted in the soil of our soul, and when we come into alignment with it, it must begin to grow! In this training, Derek shares a powerful process for tapping into this purpose and beginning to live it, by learning how to read the signs life has been giving you.
Whatever pushes or pulls us is a projection of some un-integrated part of us. Our triggers are signals that we are 'shadow dancing' with someone -- and within these triggers there are gifts of great power and potential waiting to be reclaimed. In this video, I break down what Jealousy is really a sign of, and how to use it to activate your deeper gifts and true greatness.
Most of what's driving you is unconscious -- even in areas where you are successful. What's worse, these unconscious patterns are creating great resistance to your forward momentum. In this talk, Derek shows you how to uncover these limiting beliefs and maps of reality, to create real freedom and power in your life again!
The only way our life evolves and improves is by saying YES to the emerging impulse in us. In this training, Derek shares the secret to this most critical principle of progress, and why now, more than ever, you must develop this courage muscle. Please don't pass this by, your life truly depends on your ability to allow life to flow through you -- and this training will help you do it!
Evolution only happens in humanity when people have the courage to discover and live their deepest truth, in service of the highest good -- but many things are conspiring in the world now to prevent us from doing this. In this talk, Derek speaks to the hypnotic spells and shadowy patterns seeking power in the world, and how to get free from these destructive forces -- so you can live your greatest life and be a light in the world!
No matter what the outer world looks like, no matter what you've been through or are facing now, you still have the capacity to create and live in a beautiful world. And in this talk, Derek lays out the principles and practices for cultivating a world of peace, love, inspiration, abundance, and personal power no matter what conditions you face! This can still be your best year ever, and lay the foundation for long-term success and fulfillment. How badly do you want it?
Life is not personal, it's principle. When we personalize it, we give away our power -- and then have to fight to get it back or continue to give it away to survive. In this talk, Derek shares what's really at the root of much of the struggle in the world, and how to find your way back home to the real source of your power. If you're an influencer or leader -- or aspire to be -- this will set you up to make a bigger impact in your life and the world, and free you from much of the suffering that is occurring.
The real cause of the pain and suffering in the world -- and in our lives -- is not what appears on the surface. It is a deeper pattern or belief that dates back to the beginning of humanity. In this talk, Derek reveals what that universal belief is and how to begin to get free from it -- so you can finally access your deeper potential and purpose and live the life you desire and deserve!
We live in a world, especially in the West, built on a flawed paradigm. It has hypnotized us into believing we are something we're not, causing us to be victims of circumstances instead of masters of our fate. In this provocative talk, Derek uncovers the real cause of our greatest challenges -- and how YOU can set yourself free to live the life you deeply desire and deserve once and for all!
The most dangerous virus going around is not Covid, it is a virus that has been infecting us since the beginning of humanity...and it has become the greatest pandemic we've ever faced. In this training, Derek shares a controversial perspective on all the issues we are facing today, and how they're not even close to the most important issue we must face if we are to survive and thrive individually and collectively. This is not to be missed!
The greatest influencers in history all had specific habits and traits that allowed them to have such a powerful and sustainable impact on people and the world. In this training, Derek breaks down some of the most important, but little known, elements you must practice to become a master of influence in your personal and professional life. If you want to be thought leader, changemaker, or influencer, you definitely can't miss this one!
So many people have been captured by the hypnotic spell of mass media, politics, and propaganda, causing them to give their power away and become distracted from what really matters most. In this controversial talk, Derek breaks down how things have broken down, and how we can discover our deeper priorities -- so we can have our breakthrough! If you want to be a thought leader, changemaker, or influencer, you don't want to miss this!
We are in a critical moment in human history. Those that know how to position themselves for the coming wave will catch it and ride it to all-new heights of insight, impact, and abundance. Those that delay, deny, or distract themselves will, unfortunately, suffer the flood. In this brief training, Derek explains what's happening and how to set yourself up for long-term success, safety, and purpose.
In this provocative spiritual rant, Derek pulls no punches about the state of the world and the U.S. in particular, and what we must do as thoughtful truth seekers, truth teachers, and truth-tellers...if we want to avert the coming storms and set ourselves up for long-term success and lasting peace.
Now, more than ever, we need to be able to have mature, nuanced conversations about the most important topics of our day. Without this, the very fabric of our society and democracy is at stake. In this training, Derek discusses what is really going on in the midst of the most heated issues, how we may be inadvertently perpetuating the problems -- and how we can become the change we want to see, creating a world that works for the highest good of all!
We are in a critical time, where it is more difficult than ever to understand what's really going on and where our place is. In this deep-dive talk and training, Derek unpacks the key elements at play in our fast-changing world, to reveal the timeless principles and practices for staying empowered and living a successful life -- no matter what conditions we face.
We don't live in the world, we live in our story of the world -- and our story about ourselves -- and that is what determines our experience. In this talk, Derek shares how to discover the story you've been living in and how to rewrite it in a way that allows you to stop being a prop in this divine production and become the star of your show!
When we create merely from our history, we produce lower and lower resolution conditions -- like making copies of VHS tapes over and over until we can't see or hear what's there! We are not a product of our past experience, we are something so much more, and when we create from that, we transcend the past precedents and manifest a life of unprecedented power and potential! In this talk, Derek dives deeply into this mystical truth and lays out the path for overcoming all limited conditions and living your highest destiny.
To evolve individually or collectively, we must master the ability to communicate consciously. This requires an ability to listen to others and to ourselves, and handle conflicting perspectives without attack, blocking, or shutting down. It also requires us to realize that the real conflict is largely within ourselves -- and that's the only place we can win the argument. In this talk, Derek outlines the process of conscious conversation in a way that will allow you to speak your truth, live your truth, and take your life and the world to the next level!
With all the external forces seeming to control what we can do and who we can become, it's critical now more than ever to know that conditions do NOT determine your destiny, your CHARACTER does -- and you have complete control over that! In this training, Derek unpacks this principle and lays out a process for you to take back your power and agency over your life -- so that you can create the life you dream of no matter what challenges you are facing!
Mastering the ability to assess our life and identify what's working (or working better), and what's not working and maybe never did, is one of the most important skills to develop. It allows us to continuously evolve in an upward spiral of healing, growth, and success, rather than becoming stuck and stalled into a downward spiral of failure patterns. In this talk, Derek lays out the key questions and practices to do this, so you can design a life that truly works for your highest good, a like on the emerging edge of your greatest potential -- a life that makes us come fully alive!
Conditions don't determine our destiny, our character does -- and our character is made up of a program that we create. In this talk, Derek explores how to become the change you want to see in the world, no matter what the world looks like!
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Nov 29th, 2020
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