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How important can a laugh be? There are many factors that we must take into consideration when taking care of our mental and emotional health, such as following a balanced diet, having a morning routine, physical activity, etc. However, occasio
Life has many ups and downs, and we all have to go through them. Difficult situations are one of those things that sometimes we can't avoid, a situation in which we feel that we have lost our way, and we have a perception in which we believe th
There are times when we may be living with so much stress that we unconsciously put ourselves aside and instead give priority to other people and situations around us, when in reality the first thing we must do is take care of our own needs bef
When we are born, we come with very little information and essential skills to overcome the first stage of our lives, however, with time we start developing new skills and acquire new capabilities. Like responsibility, discipline, respect, and
We currently live in an era where technology is evolving rapidly, we now have the pressure of feeling like we should check what is going on with our friends and in the world almost every minute, but the reality is that we do not have the time o
The phrase "to love someone else, you must first love yourself" is a very popular and truthful one. Love and friendship are very important factors for human beings, sometimes feeling part of something becomes an instinct, and we are looking for
Often we find ourselves in situations where we want to do things or make decisions, but we run into uncertainty and fear of taking action and not taking action. This has to do with the lack of self-confidence we have, where sometimes an externa
Have you ever wondered why you regularly wake up at 3 am? Although people think this is a supernatural sign, there might be deeper reasoning behind this. Join us in this short episode and find out Dr. Carmen's opinion about this topic! Learn Si
Sometimes we come across situations in which we question the things we have achieved, for example when we go to a job interview, and they ask us questions such as "Tell me 5 positive things about yourself" or "Tell me about the great things you
Flexibility is a concept that is applied in various fields, although people tend to think about gymnasts or ballerinas when hearing this word, in the psychological field it's oriented to the mental and cognitive part of a human being. It is ver
People tend to say that "to remember is to live", it is certainly very nice to think about those pleasant situations that we lived in our childhood or a few years ago, and it's very common to sit with our friends and family to relive those prec
Most people have suffered a romantic breakup at least once in their life, a part of these people can quickly recover from that situation, start another relationship again and do much better, but there is another part that finds it difficult to
Frequently we hear the phrase "listen to your intuition" but... do we really know the meaning of this word? Intuition refers to that ability with which we can reach correct conclusions from little information in a short time. They are those dec
In our families, especially in Latino families, there is an almost imperceptible factor, since it is not a widely spoken concept, and it is emotional neglect during childhood, this is nothing more than the wrong way to proceed with emotional pa
Grief and sorrow are sadly a part of life, sometimes we might be prepared for it, and sometimes we won't. How can we deal with these hard feelings while still moving forward? Listening to your grief just like you listen to the rest of your emot
Choosing a good partner has always been difficult for most people, but why? To choose a good, compatible partner it's necessary to first know yourself, your likes, dislikes, and the goals that you want to reach in life. Keep in mind that this p
How are you keeping the romance alive while staying at home? The pandemic has made lots of things difficult, and one of those things is keeping a romantic relationship alive. When this situation started and everyone was excited to spend a few d
Going through the experience of a divorce without a doubt is a situation that no one wants to go through in their life regardless of the terms in which the relationship has ended. A divorce can be by mutual agreement or not, and it can even com
We have recently gone through many changes at a global level and with those outside changes, we also did the same inside; with the new rhythm of life that we have been adapting, we have acquired endless skills, knowledge, and habits, we have ev
Throughout the years, eating disorders have been portrayed in media as if it's only a problem that affects heterosexual, young, white females, but in reality, eating disorders have no boundaries and can affect people from any ethnicity, culture
The fact that a person has emotional dependencies is a very detrimental factor for oneself since well-being, tranquility and happiness cease to depend on them, becoming dependent on another person, thus, placing an obstacle when expressing thei
It is normal for life to have its ups and downs. As human beings, we face a series of tests and obstacles every day that we must overcome and learn from them, sometimes perhaps we do not get out of a situation so gracefully and we tend to feel
People often associate curiosity as an undesirable trait, and when someone curious approaches us, we tend to avoid them. But, is curiosity really a defect or a virtue? Being curious means having the desire to explore and learn more about what s
When is a good time to talk to your children about sex? And what is the correct way to do it? Talking to children about topics such as sexuality and body development can be difficult and sometimes, depending on the culture, it can even be a tab
Have you ever been asked to do something you don't want to, and yet you have accepted? Saying "No" to situations where you do not want to participate or don't want to do is not a crime, sometimes it's even a must for your health to refuse certa
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