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Couples often become co-dependent because each person cannot recognize their own worth without feeling cared for and/or needed by the other. In other words, co-dependency is caused by an underlying sense of self-rejection and self-abandonment.
A couple’s ability to repair their conflict is so important, not in their ability to avoid it. Communication is the most crucial tool in any relationship especially when there is conflict. How do you communicate? We can communicate in 4 differe
To sacrifice your identity, your wants, your purpose and your needs for the sake of the marriage is common, particularly for women.  The universal sign of being wanted, settled, and loved is marriage.  The longer the better, 15 years, 25 years,
Have you lost your mojo and you are unmotivated? Have you lost your identity and what inspires you? This is affecting the quality of your marriage and the connection. A common situation I see, and the ending of a marriage is sometimes not the a
You’re not being heard, validated, perhaps you feel invisible and not important, and you feel resentment. These feelings begin to multiply and if they haven't been dealt with at the time resentment begins to build.  Feelings under resentment ca
You have lost interest in sex with your partner, you're just not feeling it.  Digging a little deeper for women, it’s the body confidence that has disappeared since the children have sucked you dry, pardon the pun. Let’s get your sexy happening
Many of us live busy, stressful lives. Instead of a power struggle over who’s the most stressed, being able to destress together is a great tool to have. The talking stick is the communication tool that ensures a code of conduct of respect. You
Are you friends, not intimate partners? Perhaps best friends but here is no physical or sexual connection? The longer you leave it, the harder it is to recover from. It’s not going to get easier by putting your troubles on the backburner. It’s
It is important that you can recognise when time out is needed in your marriage. Your breathing has gotten faster, your voice is louder, and your tone has changed. You may have started to feel frustrated and angry. Rather than speaking assertiv
As a masked person, you adjust yourself depending on who you’re talking to. You wear different masks for different people. You act according to how people receive you because it is too painful to risk not getting love. Often, we have learned, a
Here are the most common problems I see in my counselling sessions.  The longer you leave these issues unexplored the harder it is to find a resolution. Sexual issues Different views about money Lack of common goals Feeling misunderstood by pa
Warning signs your marriage and relationship are in trouble can be slow and gradual and one day you realize you are not happy. When you get married you anticipate that you get married for life and no mention of divorce.  If you ignore the warni
Are you asking yourself if this is as good as it gets? Are you unmotivated, exhausted, and lazy in your marriage? The reality is if you're bored and tuned out you need to do something about it. Focusing on what you want more than what you don
You feel like you have a third person (being the drink) in your relationship, and you are very tired of the behaviour and what comes with your partner drinking too much, for example: A critical and negative partner An aggressive and angry part
So, you’re in a marriage/relationship and your feeling hurt and you get angry easily, 0 to 10 very quickly. You may feel some of this: Not heard Not validated Feel invisible Not important These feelings can begin to multiply if they haven't b
Realising you're no longer attracted to your partner can be scary, worrying and all too consuming.  You start getting stuck in your head, overthinking and catastrophising. Stay in it too long and you get into an emergency response and the fight
“You please me, and our relationship is good.” “Please me and we are good, and I will stick around.” This is called a conditional relationship and a large part of relationships and marriages are like this. Conditional relationships are held tog
Your partner seems different? In every area of his/her life.  Your partner has discovered how intuitive they really are.  A whole new dimension of life has opened, enhancing job, relationships, self-esteem, creativity and health. Their ability
Healing after betrayal/infidelity is painful and hard work.  This requires vulnerability and this cannot occur without the offending partner’s continual expression of remorse. Reflecting on the experience is especially important to re-establish
So you are married for a second time or you are about too. This could be the most important information you have read in a while. The divorce rate is high so here are some practical ways and education to empower yourself. Avoiding divorce means
The 9 top marriage problems I see on a regular basis and what you can do today to fix it.  Here is my top 2. 1. Deficient communication. Communication is a verbal and nonverbal than one person to communicate, it’s focused on a connection betwee
You want more passion in your marriage. Being grounded and centred enables you to live life in a way that flows with everything. Being uncentered causes you to struggle and fight against life, it’s a struggle. Being ungrounded makes you experie
I have found a lot of people will do anything to make their relationship work and that’s why they almost never regret it when it’s time to walk away. Yes, it is painful and there will be grief, but they do it anyway.  Toxic is when you cannot l
Did I choose the wrong person? Are we just incompatible? Tough questions that many couples ask themselves after the honeymoon phase or the blissful part of the relationship has gone. Compatibility is key to a life-long partnership. “Compatibili
If you can let the thoughts pass on by on a superficial level, not giving them any energy, just noticing them you will stay in the present moment. You don’t have to repress your thoughts, notice them and don’t attach to them. You don’t have to
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