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Empowering Health Journeys

A weekly Health, Fitness and Alternative Health podcast
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Episodes of Empowering Health Journeys

Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Uplevel Your State now." Yes, you can lose the friction, resistance, overwhelm... with ease. Discover Neuroscience-based ways to stay consistently more energized, aligned, and centered. Enter "flow states" so wo
Achieving Inner Peace Through The Momentum Of Practicing DetachmentLars Rain Gustafsson - UEXL Institute  - Create Freedom With Momentum AND DetachmentDo you feel like you have hit a wall or ceiling in your relationships, spiritual growth, pers
Self Care is NOT Selfish - Elaine Gibson of Renewed Living Lana learns of Elaine's journey of cancer, a second diagnosis, and understanding the impact of alkalinity and our cell's desire for oxygen.  Decision Fatigue is real and being aware if
Tiaho - To Shine from within - To Emit Light Scott was diagnosed with Bipolar Jan 1st 2020 and then "lost" 10 days of his life.  His journey to prescription free  is inspiring .  All he asks is that we are Radically Open Minded ...  and that's
Optimism is Good Medicine! The Surprising Science of Optimism & Mindfulness  "What is optimism anyways and what does the research indicate?  Be Mindful of your thoughts - Optimism is great for our cells!Have you ever heard of the Nurses Study a
Dr. Delia McCabe of Lighter, Brighter You! and Lana discuss the  Nutritional Cost of Chronic Stress and why Being Stressed Is So Exhausting.Dr Delia's passion is helping people who want to heal their brain from trauma and chronic stress.  She c
Food for Thought ... Are You Ready to live "Lit Up"?  Come join Udo Erasmus the author of Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill and Lana .An enlightening discussion about:Udo's journey ... fyi It is Inspiring!Health yeh - Sexy Health & Human NatureThe
PEMF Device & North American Class 2 FDA approved Medical DeviceBEMER therapy focuses on the core systems necessary for health and well being. Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in
Casually monitoring some of your Health Numbers is easy . The awareness ups your live "full out"  because you are showing self love, self care.  This episode we are reviewing how to monitor how acidic or alkaline your urine is, which in turn is
I Want to Thank You ... for listening, engaging and being part of Empowering Health Journeys.I Want you to know that everyday, several times a day I am Grateful for you and what you bring to my world as I work diligently to bring value to your
Not only is The Morry Method™ the result of decades of study and research, but as one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers on the planet, Morry states with certainty that there is no truer or deeper method of brainwave entrainme
In this weeks episode host Lana is Wondering if you have a Death Wish?!!  The phrase "You can sleep when your dead" actually means you are shortening your road and speeding up the arrival!  Which means your blood pressure is rising to critical
What's Adrenal Fatigue, The Stages & What you might be Experiencing.Adrenal Fatigue is to much Stress, For to Long and our Body struggles to keep us upright.If you are wondering what Adrenal Fatigue is about then here is an introduction ... It
Coping Skills, Stress, Overwhelm - Are you feeling like life is "A little to much " right now?Connie Mah of Yogafun - Kids Yoga and Host Lana Kirtley talk about the value of yoga and yoga nidra for sleep, rest, focus and calm clarity.Connie hel
Lana talks about what it means to be worthy!  To Own Your Health!You are a frigging miracle so respect your being and know that you have the where with all to look after your health
You go to the Doctor because "something is just not right"!  They do the lab work and everything comes back "well your numbers are in the normal range" ... So NOW What?!?!  This episode will be the first of approximately 12 episodes that will t
Quality Sleep is one of the corner stones of our health.It is the time when our body goes into repair mode.  Our cells, our organs - everything rejuvenates during our rest.  Minimize our sleep at the peril of our health.Today's episode skims th
Join Lana as she dives into Divya Dhawan's Sjogren's Syndrome journey.Divya Dhawan is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and she helps people with Autoimmune disorders like Sjögren's syndrome recover their vitality naturally. Her mi
What is the Real Cost of Stress?  We all have some in our lives and our muscles grow best when given consistent stressors.  BUT when we keep "injecting" cortisol and adrenaline into our system, our endocrine system then the consequences can "fl
Lisa Pivo helps you become a more successful entrepreneur by giving you access to the secret entrepreneurs elixir.  The 80% of Success that most Entrepreneurs Struggle with isn’t what you think…  It’s not better strategy… marketing… sales… clie
Victoria Vives Khuong is on a Mission and I invite every Woman who "wants More" to jump on the train.  Victoria explains her past that we might understand her journey and why we just might want to jump on board.  Become an Ecstatic WomanBloom a
VoxxLife with Carla Archer, Independent AssociateLana & Carla talk about a piece of Wearable Tech - VoxxLife. There are components for HPT = Human Performance Technology, Cognitive Boost, Patches for Harmony, REM, Immune and Metabolic.VoxxLife
28 years ago, Susan stood in front of a mirror, suicide note in hand, ready to end the suffering. That inner voice, relentlessly screaming "worthless," was imploring her to end it all. As she stood looking in the mirror, her 4 year old self's v
Dr Selvi is a medical doctor, a health coach, but more importantly a patient with Crohn’s disease for over 2 decades. Suffering for years, including numerous surgeries, hospitalizations, a temporary ostomy, umpteen medications, and more she is
Meike Okhuijsen - Mensch to Mensch provides us some insight into her health journey and the Emotion Code.Emotion Code is a very interesting modality that can be performed virtually.  If you wish to hear how a session might go the slide to min 2
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