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14: WTF Actually Is 'Hard Work'?

Released Friday, 29th April 2016
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We're constantly being told that we cannot achieve anything in life without 'hard work'.
All the gurus and talking heads telling you to hustle, push and work, work, work... HARD!
But you know what I associated this with for many years?
I had this belief that you had to SUFFER in order to achieve something.
And if I wasn't suffering, then somehow success wouldn't happen or it simply wouldn't last.
Don't get me wrong, you have to 'do work' to achieve success.
But why does it have to be hard?
Why do we have to associate suffering with success.
Why can it not just be... work?
And this is the subject of today's podcast episode.

I talk about...

  • Why achieving a goal doesn't need to be associated with suffering.
  • How to have fun and enjoy the process of moving towards your vision.
  • Re-defining what 'hard work' is.
  • Why the RIGHT work trumps 'hard work' every time.
  • Why it's not necessary to suffer your way to success.
  • Why I hate the word 'hustle'.
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