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19: What's Your 200 Year Goal?

Released Wednesday, 11th May 2016
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This is a question I once heard from former guest on the show, Dax Moy, and I just HAD to share it.
It's all to do with what you want your 200 year goal to be.
We all have goals, visions and things we want to achieve.
But I'm certain most of us haven't really thought about what we want our 200 year goal to be.
So this is more about your legacy.
And what you really want to be remembered for.

I talk about...

  • What a 200 year goal is.
  • How it can help you get clear on your legacy.
  • Why it's important to have a 200 year goal.
  • My own 200 year goal that tends to get me a bit fired up.
  • How to figure out your 200 year goal.
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