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Back when I was growing up the ideal family was the Cleavers in the popular 1957 television sitcom, Leave It to Beaver. But the truth is families aren’t generally like that. People are flawed. And flawed parents make flawed decisions that cr
The modern woman, defined, is someone who goes after what she wants without asking for permission or apologizing for it. She doesn’t wait for a man’s approval or blessing. She goes for her dreams. While that may sound empowered, in theory, th
What is your definition of a “good woman”? Would your answer be different if I asked you “what is a good man?” Do you hold yourself to the same standard? If not, your definition of a good woman needs an overhaul. In this episode, Suzette ex
Racial reconciliation is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been especially curious about the impact of BLM, racial unrest and the call for racial reckoning on interracial relationships. So I was delighted when today’s guest, Award Winning Blogg
Are you trying to find your purpose? Well, my guest Arika Davenport of She Pursues Purpose LLC, has good news! Your purpose is not lost! So how do you know what your purpose is? In our conversation, Arika shares what she calls the “Five Com
Spiritual codependency isn’t a term you hear very often. I don’t even know if it’s a thing. But in today’s episode with Dr. Vernell Deslonde we explore how being dependent on someone else’s spiritual connection keeps you from connecting with G
What’s your pacifying behavior? That behavior that attempts to soothe your unpleasant feelings but doesn’t truly address the root cause of your pain. What do you run to to avoid what you don’t want to face? As I watch how this world is implo
I know that when we hear the word, "trauma", we automatically think about a mishap so catastrophic to our sensibilities and sense of self that we struggle both internally and externally as a result. That's true and valid and today's guest traum
Is the consequence of adulting (doing the whole grown up thing) that we become more adapted to the death of ourselves rather than truly truly living? In today’s episode, I talk about the miseducation of becoming a grown up and how we’ve lost o
Well coiffed, well spoken and well put together, that’s the quintessential woman, the epitome of the professional woman and the woman in ministry. But what happens when romance exposes holes in that image. What’s left? Who are you? Or in th
Mention the word vulnerability and the modern woman looks at you like you have 5 heads! But the truth is you can’t have real love without it. Ask any couple who is happily married and they’ll tell you that key to their longevity is safety in
In this conversation with Self Love and Relationship Coach Trena Aloma Bryant, we talk about what folks don’t tell you about FINDING LOVE LATER IN LIFE: stuff like libido, menopause, adjusting to living with a man after not living with one for
As we continue my FINDING LOVE LATER IN LIFE Series, Relationship Coach and Generational Health Advocate Joseph Kemp brings to light the disparities he sees in what is expected of men versus what is expected of women in relationships. All too
I find it troubling the number of people who’d rather put lip stick on their pain than heal it. Relationship Coach Robert Nolden aka Love Doctor Rob calls it “making broken look good.” The focus of this Father's Day episode and initial instal
If you think it’s too late for you to find love or you fear that love might not be in the cards for you, guess again. It is possible to find love – real deal love – later in life. I did! But I had to do love differently. In today’s episode,
Within the first 5 minutes of our discussion, Wealth Strategist Katrina Harrell said something I had NEVER heard before. She said that accepting that she was meant to be a Boss gave her access to her true feminine power. By no longer resistin
Have you had a moment in your life when all your theology fell apart and left you struggling for meaning? Dr. Aesha has been there. At a vulnerable moment, she questioned why she was not married. Why “he that findeth a wife” had not foundeth
The conversations that matter are rarely comfortable. Perhaps that’s why talking honestly about race in America gets hard and rouses fragility, not just in White people, but in Black people too. Hence, the cycle of shame and guilt continues.
Are you truthful in your relationships? Before you answer, let me break it down. I’m talking about showing up real. You see, it’s easy to criticize or ghost someone, but it’s much harder to show up and admit what’s really going on with you.
Who’s filling up your capacity? Capacity Coach Nicole Rhone had to ask herself that question when a health scare shook her awake. She was exhausted! She could not sustain the pace anymore, yet she had a family to love and a deep desire to se
Being the “strong woman” or the “superwoman” sounds great to some, but to Jeneen Jefferson, it is an undeniable symptom of the cycle of family trauma that plays out in the lives and relationships of women and those attached to them. With cando
Relationship consciousness described it best as Phil Sanger and I talked about his work with LGTBQ+ individuals in not just coming out but staying out. It requires something greater. A truer definition of enough has to be written not just in
We all have rules for our friendships. But do we unfairly make assumptions instead of being honest and forthcoming? Choosing honesty over making assumption is risky business. You run the risk of being misunderstood. This is true. But ther
Time is money. So how you spend your time and with whom can be the difference between wealth and poverty. In today’s episode, Suzette brings awareness to both when it comes to the real life choices we are presented with daily. It’s as simple
How do you handle conflict? For many, it’s to walk out of the room. What would happen if, instead of seeking distance, you found a way to connect more fully, more honestly? Intuitive Life Coaches Allison & Elvin Perez have discovered how to
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