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Lisa shares a few of her important reflections from 2020 and how she has shifted her mindset to live powerfully and purposefully in 2021 in a conversation with David Nebinski from The Portfolio Podcast. She discusses: How to let go of the fear
Everyone’s felt it. The voice in your head reminding you that you don’t belong. That voice can be quiet at times and deafening at others, and it seems that the only way to shut it down is by gaining the validation of others. When someone valida
Ally Brooke first burst onto the music scene as a member of Fifth Harmony. Since then she has embarked on a solo career, releasing her own hit singles, joining the twenty-eighth season of Dancing with the Stars, and showing people everywhere th
The fear of failure is often more paralyzing than actually failing. Fear is what holds us back, not failure. Fear keeps us from living our truth and acting on new ideas. Failure gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and apply our
Traditional love stories make us believe that two people fall in love and live happily ever after. The reality of modern dating is the exact opposite -  failed communication, suboptimal timing, bad texting, cheating, and misunderstandings - eve
Every narrative we tell ourselves benefits us in some way - even the negative ones. It's easy to take the role of the victim. When we normalize negative self-talk and blaming other people for our problems, we forsake the burden of responsibilit
Without realizing it, most of us fall into the rat race. Chasing a life that we believe is shinier, better than our present one. But what is it that you're chasing? Is it more money? More recognition? More awards? And if so, what would attainin
Maitland Ward is a pornographic actress, formerly known as Rachel on the popular 90’s TV show Boy Meets World. When she hit her 30's, Maitland started feeling Hollywood’s pressure to suppress her sexuality. Instead of accepting the roles forced
Lisa realizes she has been contradicting her own advice around enoughness. In her first public confession as an overachiever, she owns up to the reality that she continues to struggle with not feeling good enough, and even when she thought she
What does it take to win? What does it take to become one the most legendary teams in history? If there’s one team that can answer that, it’s the Chicago Bulls. Known as one of the NBA's greatest dynasties, the Bulls won six NBA championships b
Curiosity has the power to remind us that there is always more to learn, there's always more ahead of us. Oftentimes when we fall into the trap of negative thinking, we do so because we let cynicism take over our perceptions rather than allowin
There has never been a more critical need for empathetic leaders who truly care about their communities. Leadership is no longer about being the toughest or the strongest. Quite the contrary, the leaders we admire most are the ones who are will
In his book, The Art of Loving, Philosopher Erich Fromm wrote, “There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love.” This is especially true in
Jess Mah is the Founder and CEO of Indinero, the multimillion dollar B2B startup accounting software company employing 300+ employees. She’s been named Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 under 30, and has graced the cover of Inc Magazine. Despite being
Meg Whitman is without a doubt one of the most formidable leaders in the world today. She's worth $4 billion, and is best known for taking eBay from $5.7 million to $8 billion in sales as eBay’s CEO from 1998 to 2008. She then became the CEO of
Jean Case is a prolific executive, investor, philanthropist, and impact investing pioneer. She is the Chairman of the National Geographic Society and CEO of the Case Foundation, which has been recognized for addressing significant social challe
Fran Hauser is a best-selling author and successful startup investor,  and she did not have to sacrifice her personality to achieve it. In her book, The Myth of the Nice Girl , Fran talks about how to bring your best self to work, and how
Beth Comstock, GE's former CMO and first ever female Vice Chair, is fresh off the release of her new book,  Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change. where she shares what she’s had to do throughout her career to overc
In the final moments of the presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was answering a question when Donald Trump quietly called her a “nasty woman”. Clinton may not have flinched at the words, but the rest of the world did. Trump’s mumbled insult s
Success is almost never a straight path. In fact, the things we think we want - money, fame, power - are rarely the things that actually make us happy. Today’s guest, Betsy Pearce, hailed as as one of the most powerful people in fashion, has b
At the end of every decision is an outcome, every single time. But sometimes we don’t have enough time or information, so how can you make smart decisions to create your desired outcome? We may often find ourselves consumed with decision fatig
I often speak about the importance of self-reflection, but is there a point where we become overexposed to ourselves? Today’s guest, Alex Wolf, founder of Boss Babe, unloads a cathartic insight on social media and the exposure that comes along
What if someone told you there were no right or wrong answers, only right questions? We are often trying to chase the “right answer” without defining what the right answer is. Without setting that fundamental definition of success, we will con
Education has always been a driving force for today’s guest, Logan Cohen, CEO of Kudzoo App. Whether it's educating herself about the complexities of others or encouraging tomorrow’s leaders through her app, Kudzoo, Logan is always pushing her
Letting go can be extremely difficult. When you build something from the ground up and work on it for years, it becomes part of you. Today's guest, Rand Fishkin founded Moz, which has grown into one of the most massive SEO empires. Moz now has
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