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Ep 184: You Can do it Too! with Scott Aaron

Released Saturday, 3rd October 2020
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On this episode Elzie talks to Scott Aaron, a fellow podcaster, business coach and LinkedIn Expert. They talk about the mindset and how to shift it, setting your goals and believing in yourself. Scott’s life story has taught him to strive to do something he wants to and not what he needs to do, which is a huge mindset shift. Check out this awesome conversation full of golden nuggets!
Key points
06:05 - Life is full ups and downs. You may get knocked down, but if you look up, you can get up
07:30 - You need to create your own opportunities. Don’t just wait for them to happen
09:20 - There’s a big mindset difference between wanting to do something and having to do something
11:20 - 3 types of people that live in this world and why it’s important to live in the present
13:55 - There’s no such thing as reaching too high, it’s possible if you truly believe in it. If someone else did it, then you can do it too
17:02 - 4 Steps to use LinkedIn the right way for your business. Go to scottaaron.net and click on free info graphic to get 6 tips to perfecting your LinkedIn profile
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