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ES Presents: Sam Ovens of Snap Inspect

Released Thursday, 14th November 2013
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Sam Ovens continues the month dedicated solely to Software Entrepreneurs (SAAS).  Sam shot to the top of the online world as one of the first success stories out of the Foundation, with founders Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish.
He rose in notoriety with his interview with our friend Andrew Warner at Mixergy and gained worldwide exposure and helped contribute to the Foundation brand.
Sam's main project is SnapInspect.  We had already heard his story at Mixergy and wanted to dive in deeper how to grow beyond the Foundation and beyond the initial building of the product.  Listen to Sam go in great detail on:
Why he struggled when he came out of the Foundation even with paying customers.
How He lost his Girlfriend because of his Entrepreneurial adventures.
Why he thinks Lifestyle Entrepreneurs might be Lying....
One of his best sources for Leads (you might want to listen for his top one......)
Hear also Sam talk about a great story about Steve Jobs and how he tested the market to find the right idea.  It's all about testing, even Joe gets sucked into a "potentially" good idea that Sam quickly proves wrong!
Sam's also building a successful consulting Business over at his personal site.  This is a unique Showdown interview as we hear alot more stories than normal but it's intriguing.  Hear Sam's voice as he remembers how much he struggled and had to sell everything to pay the bills.
If you're a wannabe Software Entrepreneur, this is the interview for you.
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BONUS: Listen to an interview on Bright Ideas where Sam reveals a HUGE TIP on finding clients to build his 5 figure monthly consulting practice
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