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James Schramko, Is Being an Entrepreneur an Option, and Sticktoitiveness – ES 007

Released Tuesday, 23rd July 2013
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Dan and Joe ask the question, "Is Being an Entrepreneur a Viable Option for You?" Are some people meant to be entrepreneurs, and others not? It's a debate that could go on forever! What side are you on? After listening to the Showdown's take, check out Francisco Dao's take on Pando Daily.
We bring on in Round 2, James Schramko, as we discuss "Stick-to-itiveness" (yes, it's a flippin' word!) from his podcast, Think Act Get.  When should you keep "sticking" with something before pivoting? We didn't feel James and his host Ezra Firestone answered some of our question, so we were excited to bring him on for....
The Main Event! James Schramko takes our questions head-on and dives deeper into how to pick what opportunities to pursue. Find out how to make fancy financial models to determine what businesses to pursue or ditch. You don't want to miss it!
Bonus: Hear James' take on MLM (multi-level marketing), he buries some tips for you MLMers out there!
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 Is Being an Entrepreneur a Viable Option?
Stick-to-itiveness - Think, Act, Get
Super Fast Business
Fast Web Formula
Freedom Ocean
Silver Circle Mastermind
Ezra Firestone
Dean Jackson - I Love Marketing Podcast (great podcast!)
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"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."
-Wayne Gretzky
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