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Sean Ogle, Generating New Business Ideas & Email Marketing 101 – ES 044

Released Monday, 10th February 2014
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imageDan and Joe admit their troubles with email marketing in Round 1, but have great examples of those who KNOW how to do it right.  If you’re just starting out in your email marketing campaign, this Round 1 is for you!
Having trouble coming up with an idea for a business? Sean Ogle can help with that as we dive into Round 2 discussing how he comes up with new ideas.  Joe discusses methods he’s used to try and validate some of his potential ideas.
For the Main Event, Sean Ogle graces us with his presence but greats the value.  Sean runs Location 180 and at the same time started a new venture, Breaking Eighty, to harness his love of golfing.  If you don’t have an idea, Sean has some harsh words for you….
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  • Who does Email Marketing right and what EXACTLY they do?
  • Cheap, easy ways to validate and test your ideas.
  • Sean goes through his idea process for Breaking Eighty, he defines the problem, then solves it.
  • How Sean gets a 25-35% email response, not just open rate, RESPONSE!
  • The hidden benefits of giving first to businesses….
BONUS:  Sean Ogle joins our friend John Lee Dumas over at E… Hear Sean describe how he left his job and started his online, lifestyle business.  It may be the inspiration you need.
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