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Steve P Young, Mobile App Development & Idea Validation – ES 041

Released Monday, 20th January 2014
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imageDan has a new idea….but does it need validation? We will dive into the questions you may need to ask yourself and your new idea as well as maybe some parameters that prove validation.
We all use mobile apps everyday (even if you don’t know it….), how hard is it to start building one? Even more on your mind, HOW MUCH is it to do it? Joe and Dan discuss their experience before diving into the Main Event with Steve P Young.
Steve P Young (not to be confused with the Niners QB) enters the ring to talk about mobile apps for the first time on the Showdown.  Steve talks about his app failures and successes and what you can do to start to get into the space.
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  • Learn what idea validation is and you NEED it for any new venture you want to pursue.
  • How do I know if the idea is validated?
  • Learn exactly where Steve makes money and how much
  • Steve gives you ideas on validating app ideas, SIMPLE!
  • Should your app be FREE or PAID? Steve P Young gives the trends of today.
  • Is there a way to get to the top of Apple’s list faster?
  • Steve explains how he hustled to get sponsors on his podcast.
  • BONUS: Get your Slideshare presentations viral, Steve’s done it and tells you how.
BONUS: Steve P Young gives his most revealing testimonial about the state of his affairs, how much he makes and more.  Dan said it made him uncomfortable to listen to….
DOUBLE BONUS: Here’s a FREE Course on Idea Validation over at the $100 MBA by Omar Zenhom.  Check it!!!
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