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Are your school-aged kids at risk? How will this back-and-forth sort of schooling impact our kids? First, the back and forth disrupts children's rhythm and routine. They don't know what to expect when things change from day to day. Some childre
Parents, you have the opportunity to shape and create memorable moments your children will think about for years. A few years ago, I read The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. If you've read Parenting beyond the Rules, then you know
You can learn so much about your children from playtime. Playtime for children can be more revealing about who they are than talking or even watching them in a vocation as they get older.   When there is no test to pass, no educator to please,
You know that your kids are watching you, right? They are watching and learning from you how to communicate from the time they are little and well past the teen years into young adulthood.   Last week we finished up the series Knowing Your Stre
Why does knowing your strengths, talents, and the domain order matter?   If you missed episodes #71, #72, or #73, go back and listen to those first before jumping into this episode.   In this episode we dive into three reasons why you should ut
Knowing your strengths and your child’s strengths can bring great clarity to you and your child so that everyone can see the masterpiece God designed them to be. While many personality assessments are available, few have the research behind the
Do you know your strengths? Have you spent time trying to discover what you are uniquely designed for? Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you think, feel, and behave in a certain way?   In this episode, I will go deeper into th
Do you know your strengths? Are you like most people who spend a good deal of time trying to strengthen your weaknesses? Do you dwell on what you aren't particularly good at doing?   Chances are you do. Most people do.   While that might make y
When I began homeschooling in the early '90s, most people didn't know it was legal or if it was possible. Parents had a lot to prove to society, especially since professional educators had convinced parents that only qualified "teachers" were f
Do you know you should be praying for your kids but don't know how? Or do you wait to pray when life is difficult? I have. Do you want to be a praying mom? So why don't we pray continually?   Join Brooke and me for a conversation about her new
Are you a fan of goal setting? Do goals matter? They should because God has an assignment for you to complete! It's one only you can fulfill if you are willing to accept it.   People often ask me how I know what goals I'm supposed to set. That'
Have you been torn between deciding when to step away or push through a difficult situation? Sure you have. We all have. Making tough decisions is part of life.   Life decisions aren't easy for most of us to make. It takes time to wrestle with
Are you running your race with confidence or looking around at what others are doing? Do you know why running your race is important? Do you find yourself looking at others and trying to imitate them?   How you run your race depends on your sea
Do you see what I'm seeing? Parents and leaders across the country are noticing the character crisis permeating our communities. Lying, marginalizing, undermining, spreading partial truths all seem okay now. Are they? Not according to God's sta
We are back in the studio of Equipped To Be for part II of my interview with international bestselling author Larry Loftis. We begin this episode with how I met Mr. Loftis through a mutual friend.   During this part of the conversation, I share
The odds of becoming a published author are low, but becoming a bestselling author is extremely difficult. Larry Loftis not only beat the odds, but he has also hit the NYT bestseller list multiple times. He is a highly acclaimed nonfiction thri
Marriage can be messy and far from normal. But what can we learn about loving our spouse when they don't love us back? How do we trust God to work in us when hope seems lost? Can God heal your marriage?   God has not called us to be normal beca
We enter life curious. We wonder about the world around us, but as the years unfold that natural curiosity for life and learning can fade. So, how can we cultivate curiosity in our children?   In this episode, Connie talks with Cheryl Bastian a
Do you ever feel like you don't have enough faith to do what God asks you to do? Or that God isn't big enough to help you? If you answered yes to either question, you're not alone. Even Abraham and Noah also struggled when God gave them instruc
Is it possible to make homeschooling easy? Homeschooling is too hard! Where do I start? I could never do that! Are common questions parents ask when considering if they should homeschool their children.   I frequently thought, "I'm not qualifie
Is school driving out your child's creativity? Is a formal degree the only way to a fulling or financially rewarding career? Is your child's degree making your child unhirable?   After fifteen years of teaching college students, Dr. Ai Addyson-
Parents know the public educational system is broken, but most don't know what they can do about it. Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang was a college professor for over a decade and knew first hand what's happening in the classroom and why she walked away fr
Biblical Citizenship is grounded in faith and encourages Americans to embrace their freedoms. America is changing. What part do you play? Rick Green joins me to talk about Biblical Citizenship and how we can protect the freedoms we've enjoyed f
Self-protection isn't new. People disappoint us, so we put up walls. God doesn't answer our prayer, so we stop praying. We deal with pain and suffering by self-protecting. It feels safer. But, is it how Jesus handled pain and suffering? Did he
With all the parenting books available, what makes Love-Centered Parenting, by Crystal Paine, unique? Like many books, where the authors focus on results-based parenting. Love-Centered Parenting has a different approach.   To many, Crystal Pain
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