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007 - New Moon Magick 101

Released Friday, 22nd May 2020
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 though this is nothing drastically new to me personally as I’ve been working with the moon for about three decades now, when I stumbled upon this awesome blog - I was actually genuinely impressed. The information provided regarding the New Moon energies is given in a way that is just clear and concise and easy to follow. To me, the blog was so well-written that I wanted to reference it in my podcast to help explain the Basics regarding the lunar cycles and how to work with them magickally.  So if you want more info like this of course stay tuned to The IAYAAVERSE podcast because I will soon post my own New Moon Scopes and Spins on things magickally - all the while being sure to incorporate a bit of divination, intuitively channeled massages, and magickal hacks to harness the power of the moon. However, I also want to leave you this website link to the blog I cite in this episode so you can learn even more about the moon phases in the meantime if you so choose…

PS: Thank You to AstroMagickal.com for sharing your Dopeness to ALL!
I am not affiliated with AstroMagickal in anyway… They’re just Awesome.

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- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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