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015 - Divination / Intuitive Reading for Summer 2020 - 2

Released Saturday, 27th June 2020
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Alright - Y'all still with me?
Mmhmm- Okay. Cool!
Ready to delve Deeper...?
That's what I'm talk'n about!
I will happily be your devoted duenna 'Down The Rabbit Hole'.

So let us continue our journey in this series of Intuitive Readings offering insight on how to best maintain and sustain being in Divine Alignment this entire Summer season of 2020.

This next part features a casting of the
I-Ching. The I-Ching is an ancient eastern book of wisdom and divination system. It is a spiritual science that has offered guidance in life for well over two and a half millennia. This ancient intelligence from China has served as a manual for both individuals and rulers and an oracle for the personal lives of individuals as well as entire governments. Well revered and believed to be able to explain everything, the I-Ching, also interpreted and known as 'The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth', has traditionally been the most consulted of all books.

Personally, as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Channeler -
I feel the I-Ching to be an amazingly wise Universal sentience
to tap into for guidance.
And tap into... we shall do!

My I-Ching Reading for the Summer is the feature in this particular episode. This Prophetic Podcast will give guidance regarding our relationship with general life events, our relationship with others, and our relationship with Spirit / The Most High during this season. In conjunction with my own interpretations, I employ a beautiful translation of the I-Ching by Sam Reifler. His writings on the I-Ching provide a very useful blend of traditional eastern and conventional western spiritual perspectives that I highly recommend and resonate with.

I must alert y'all though...!
This kind of Intuitive Scope into things is NOT for the shallow minded.
Only my spiritual kinfolk with genuine free-thinking and 'Deeper than Deep' meditative minds like my own, will truly find this Yummy!
So - if that's YOU...?
Here we go!

* Eternal Supernal *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'aat Eloai

Ching: a New Interpretation for Modern Times. Sam Reifler
Book Review (10/23/19) by Philip Young, PhD on AskAstrology.com
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