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016 - Get Yo' Mind Right

Released Wednesday, 15th July 2020
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Alright - sooo... 
after a bit of deliberation on some of the Intuitive Readings I've casted to grant us spiritual guidance for the Summer - I wanna flip the script a bit.
At this time I offer some insights on foundational metaphysical perspectives and practices to help us all magickally manifest more effectively.
Thus - PLEASE, allow me to introduce: The Divine Meta Mind.

I feel developing an affirmative outlook is key. I mean, downright essential. So essential that I've dedicated much time and energy in my own personal and professional practices to mastering tapping into it.

And that's not all y'all...!
I actually aim to offer a series of Meta Classes to share this essential mojo. I personally testify to knowing it as a simple and effective way to gain spiritual leverage to support you in living your Best life! I mean I just want us All to have the opportunity to know and experience exactly how amazing, empowering, beneficial, and supportive unlocking The Divine Meta Mind can be.

Although it will be covered as well, I intend to deliver more than the initial talk about the awesome Law of Attraction. I mean - y'all do know that there
are other magickal laws - right? There are also a gambit of various ways to access the power of The Divine Meta Mind. So - I'm ready to teach - because I'm always ready to learn more!
How 'bout you...?

Virtual Classes begin this Sunday - July 19, 2020 @ 3 PM CST.

Y'all ready?
Let's Get It.

For more info... just email me.
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