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017 - Guess Who's Back?!

Released Friday, 18th September 2020
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*** IAYAALIS is Back to Drop The 411 on Podcast Plans & Upgrades ***

Sorry, y'all!
I know I kinda went M.I.A. on ya
and word on the street says it was due to 'Podfade'
- but -
((( Fake News - Fake News )))

Truth IS... ya' gyrl got busy.
Then I received my
Hand of Ifa *
and simply chose to take some personal time off to re-integrate.
but - I
never-everstopped thinking about y'all...!

So NOW - I'm Back.
And after much meditation and divine deliberation
I come Refined and Ready to UpGrade Ya!

In this magnificent mind-bending 17th episode:
I will share with you five things:
1.    Reasons for my absence, where I’ve been, and where I am NOW
2.    My Passion and True Purpose for creating this Podcast
3.    My Ideas on how I plan to make this cast more Interactive
4.    Why I have chosen to offer additional Premium Podcasts
5.    News about my upcoming courses on Metaphysics & Magick 

Ready to get it goin'...?!?
Aiight - Let's DO IT.

* Happy Harvest Season! *


* Hand of Ifa is a sacred rite of traditional African spiritual sciences. The Hand of Ifa ceremony, also known as Ise’fa, is a one- to three-day process. It is an intense spiritual ritual to provide protection, improvement in life circumstances and in essence, to offer the blueprint of one’s life prior to full initiation. Receiving Ise’fa is the beginning of formal Ifa education, training, and full initiation into one of the most powerful traditional African spiritual systems known.

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