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023 - Lunar Cast - Hunter's Full Moon - 103120

Released Saturday, 31st October 2020
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ย *** IAYAALIS offers Intuitive Readings for the Halloween Full Moon and the next 2 weeks ***

Happy Halloween, my 'Supernal Lovelies' -
How are y'all doin' during this tremendously rare
Blue Hunter's Full Moon time...?

Well - with all this awesome Samhain energy just a-brewin'...
I thought it'd be a perfect time to bring in some Intuitive Insight by way of divination. Therefore in this episode I break down a lil' spirit sci regarding this Blue Full Hunter's Moon. I share a variety of messages intuitively received from
Those That Speak (aka Universal Intelligence of Creation),ย  offering us all general guidance for this Fall season.

But that's not all...
In this Lunar Cast I also relay the spiritual advice received via Shamanic Numeromancy. These jewels are meant to energetically assist us in maintaining and sustaining being in divine alignment from this Halloween Full Moon time until the next two weeks or so (10/31/20 - 11/15/20).ย  It's just a really powerful opportunity to be treated with a few metaphysical tricks to lovingly help dreams manifest magickally delish.

Here's to The Happy, Holistic, and Hallowed Hunt...!

* Supernal Love & Light *
- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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