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In Episode 40, I discuss why I think some occult groups traffic and sacrifice children. These groups understand that rituals are need to open "Consciousness Portals" through which these demons can travel into our dimension. These cults seek o
In Episode 39, I finally discuss The Thirteenth Dimension, the world that is being prepared for us by the Illuminati. What is the Thirteenth Dimension? The 13TH Dimension is a virtual world that we will live in after our current world is made
In Episode 38, I tackle the cabal of global elites who are intent on ending consciousness. In 1902, the Pilgrim Society was formed by Sir Harry Brittain as a part of interlocking organizations with designs the create a “New World Order.” The
The title of Episode 37 is "A Demon Came Knock, Knock, Knocking At My Door." Throughout this podcast, I have told you about my dreams. In Episode 1, I told you about my out-of-body experiences and my encounter with the Shadow Man. In recent
In Episode 37, I ask the question "Are we in the middle of a Time War?" I ask the question because, for those who wish to contain God or control God, they must first control time. Is there any evidence of time travel? What about the Bermuda T
In Episode 35, I argue that the Coronavirus is an Alien attempt to re-write your DNA so that they can use you to hack God. I know. I am deep in the rabbit hole in this episode, but hear me out. Viruses are not members of any life-kingdom on e
In Episode 34, I tackle entanglement and give you my theory (hypothesis) on how entanglement works. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be connected to some people? Do you wonder why they show up in the same places where you go even when y
In Episode 33, I dig in and provide additional evidence that the Ancients were trying to program the universe when they built the megalithic structures and geoglyphs around the world. Mayans believed that the will and actions of the gods could
In Ep 32, I take on Erich von Däniken's Ancient Aliens Theory and claim that ancient man (the man of the Bible) was a genius and did not need external help to create these megalithic structures. In fact, I argue that the megalithic structures
Episode 31 is entitled "Come Hell or Highlander." How many of you remember the 1986 cult classic film, Highlander? Highlander was directed by Russell Mulcahy and based on a story written by Gregory Widen. Christopher Lambert plays a sword wie
Happy New Year!!In Episode 30, I try to leave the topic of "Who is God," and talk about UFOs, but the rabbit hole keeps calling me back. When I started researching the most recent UFO sightings, I asked myself the question, "If we live in a s
In Episode 29, I make the argument that #LIFI (Light Fidelity) and #DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) are proof that God created a swarm network. I also make the argument that they are also proof that God is an intelligent supercomputer that governs ou
According to Tamara Christine Van Hooser in her article What Is a Spirit Walker?, “Native Americans identify their spiritual leaders by many terms, such as doctor, medicine person, elder, herbalist, diagnostician or spiritwalker” Van Hooser con
I tried to finish this Episode on November 8th because I wanted to pay tribute to the number 8. In this episode, I argue that the number 8 represents the Female Consciousness of the universe and that number 8 is everywhere you look. In Biolog
In Episode 26, I make the argument that God is two quantum computers, a male consciousness, and female consciousness. How do I go from claiming that God is a sound to pushing the notion that God is a computer? Because the universe is made up
In Episode 25, I follow-up on the concepts I discuss in Episode 24 surrounding the simulated universe and the idea patterns that are encoded into the universe. In this bonus show follow-up, I try to make the case for the existence of reincarn
In Episode 24, I ask the question "Who is God?" The answer is not a guy with a white beard sitting on a cloud. It is simpler than you might think. I argue that God -- at least in Part 1 of a multi-episode series - could be a SOUND and more s
In Episode 22, I asked the question, who is the Virgin Mary. I think I shocked the audience with the answer. The answer to the question is that Jesus is Mary and Mary is Jesus. What? Let's assume that Mary's virgin birth is similar to the v
PLEASE NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS MY MOST HERETICAL TO DATE. RELIGIOUS DOGMA AND REALITY ARE CHALLENGED. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I think Dan Brown, author of the 2003 mystery thriller “Da Vinci Code,” got it wrong. The Holy Grail was is not the body
In Ep 20, I gave you my theory on where I believe the Garden of Eden is located and how it plays into my theory that Man and Woman were originally created as silicon-based beings. Why is it important to tackle this question? The Blood. I have
In Episode 20, I tackle the question: Where is the Garden of Eden? Many scholars believe that the Garden of Eden was physical Garden. I do not follow that line of thinking. Gardens are a symbol of consciousness and as such, I believe that wh
Thought I would give a little more information about the #mandelaeffect since I did not include any examples in the last episode. If you want to see a real-life example, go to my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hebeheberadio/) and watch
In Ep18, I give my hypothesis on what causes the Mandela Effect and the reason why everyone does not experience the same memories. There are tons of stories of people recalling memories that no longer exist on this plane -- Star Wars (Luke, I
If you have not listened to Episode 16, please do so BEFORE you listen to this episode. In this episode (Bonus Material), I explain how my theories on consciousness and dreaming are different from what you are hearing on the mainstream Paranor
In this episode, I explore the topic of what life was life before TIME. In the time before time, the universe had NO mass. In a dimension of No mass, there is only consciousness. In a world where there is only Consciousness, you can experien
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