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Eventual Millionaire

A Business, Education and Training podcast

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Real Talk with Real Millionaires. Join business coach Jaime Masters as she interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to learn their failures, advice, tips and stories.

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Why you must narrow your focus when selecting your niche… and the dangers of spreading too wide. The truth about 80/20 and why most people get it wrong. How to “trick” yourself into talking to prospects when you’re an ultra introvert. Once you know your niche THIS is how you find all the prospects. ...

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Why do most people need to hit rock-bottom first before they can sort their finances out. (And what to do to NEVER become one of them.) The ABC of personal finances for entrepreneurs. The “American Gangster” business model to go from financially clueless to retiring rich. The two things you need to ...

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The simplest and most profitable, yet often overlooked way of finding a gap in the market. How to turn a bad idea into a money-making business (and partner with Mark Cuban along the way). The 1-sentence advice Mr. Cuban told Jason that made all the difference. What it takes to raise capital for your ...

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Why pursuing productivity alone is a dangerous trap. The shocking discovery why the “profit formula” we’ve been all taught is a freakin’ lie and what to do about it. The sneaky way your behaviour creates your priorities and how to use that to your advantage. Why businesses that implement THIS tiny c...

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How to allow people around you help you become more centered. The surprising reason why you feel let down even when you achieve your goals. Why most highly driven people tend to self-destruct. (And how to prevent this happening to you.) What is hedonic adaptation and why it’s making you miserable ev...

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