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Human nature drives you whether you like it or not. And the secret sauce to success comes when you stop fighting nature and learn to make it work for you instead. In this episode, Andrew shares a secret known only to Tier 1 operators, athletes,
Your brain does things without your permission. It is doing things right now that you did not choose; it's making choices you don't agree with... and it does it all without you even realizing it. In this episode, Andrew explains how your brain
The last week in December is a time when people everywhere stop and reflect on what they want to do differently in the new year. In this episode, Andrew shares a few success stories from the field and asks a different kind of question for you t
Justice isn't always simple, clear, or fair. Sometimes justice happens in ways nobody wants to admit or talk about. In this episode, Andrew shares a story where justice was delivered in a way nobody would expect, in a part of the world very few
Human nature is slow to change. That makes it a powerful and predictable advantage for you to use in your career, relationships, and business. In this episode, Andrew shares two current examples of how human nature gave one person an unfair adv
Moments of clarity are easy to miss and even easier to forget. So when they happen, you have to grab them and hold on for the ride. In this episode, Andrew shares a recent and powerful moment of clarity that is about to change his life and his
There will always be people who laugh at your ambition, talk-down your talent, and try to convince you to give up. And its easy to feel like the easiest way to end the pain is to join them in their constant criticism of others. In this episode,
To wrap-up Season 5, Andrew is taking you on a deep-dive into how his company uses CIA personality testing to find and identify the perfect customer for any business. If you run your own business, or have a career in sales, HR, customer service
People think spying is the business of keeping secrets. But they're wrong. Spies make their living by finding secrets, and that takes a special kind of skill that you can use to build your career and grow your business. In this episode, Andrew
CIA operations work a lot like your everyday job. You can spend a lot of time plotting, planning, and waiting like everyone else... or you can do something different. In this episode, Andrew tells you a story about one of his current undercover
There is incredible power in anonymity. When nobody knows who you are, what you are doing, and ignores you even being present, you have every advantage over them. You are hiding in plain sight. But sometimes, you don't want to disappear. Someti
American independence was less about the birth of a nation and more about the survival of a people. But while history books skip the grittier details that led to the 4th of July, there is an awesome espionage lesson hidden between the pages. In
Not every spy lesson is equal, and not every spy looks they way you might expect. In this episode, Andrew shares a spy story about a covert CIA operative that you should have been able to see a mile away. And a shop that you'd never think would
Winning and losing in espionage relies as much on avoiding mistakes as it does being skilled. The same is true for you in your professional field. Top-tier competition is tight, and mastery is common. In this episode, Andrew explains the powerf
Spying is a game as old as mankind. But the way to win isn't always about being the best and what you do. Sometimes the best way to win is to be the one who makes the fewest mistakes. In this episode, join Andrew as he shares one mistake in Par
The sacrifice and challenges of motherhood remains one of the best kept secrets in the world. There are stories, songs, and even holidays dedicated to the women we call 'mother,' but the truth of what they experience is hidden. In this episode,
Everyone wants to do more with less, faster than before, and without any mistakes. So why doesn't it happen? Andrew found the answer while flying with a dozen blacked-out helicopters over a barren desert. And today, you get to learn the same tr
More than 74k people every month apply for government jobs in the intel sector. 98% of them are rejected. But at the same time, a much smaller group is breaking into private intelligence, making more money, and doing the same impactful work. In
Operations do not run like everyday life... but you can make everyday life run like an operation. In this episode, Andrew talks about one of his CIA mentors and a secret game that mentor taught him about operational success. Learn the game for
It is easy to get discouraged by the things you want that other people have. Smart marketers and sleazy salesman have been selling the lie that you can get more without giving anything up... even as they take your money. In this episode, Andrew
Good surveillance can operate right under your nose without you even knowing they are there. And even though your tail may have all the advantages, you have one powerful tool that can flip the odds in your favor. In this episode, Andrew teaches
Intel operators do not see time the same way as everyone else. Some people think time is a resource. Others think it is a tool for trade. Operatives view time as something completely different. In this episode, Andrew walks you through the life
We all grow up loving spy movies and books for the action! Guns shooting, bombs going off, buildings being destroyed. And while the real thing is often just as exciting as a movie, it is very different in one powerful and important way. In this
Everyone loves to talk about opportunity, hope, and new beginnings at the start of a new year. But a conversation about Failure might be more productive. In this episode, Andrew breaks down how elite operatives view, process, and ultimately avo
Welcome to Season 5! The goal for this season is to start taking action on the skills we've mastered in the last 4 seasons. That means its time to talk about field tradecraft! And the best place to start studying tradecraft is with covert signa
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