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EiKFellas reviewed this podcast on Sep 26th, 2018
"This is MY show and its good. I should know because I host it, AND you can trust me because it's my show. So listen to it! Please! No seriously, you'll like it!!! I DO!! It's funny, like HAHA funny. And I should know, because it's my show!! AND I love it, I love everyone who listens. They're like my family AND a small percentage of them ARE my family. Like my Dad, he listens and he has a good job and a pleasant home life. You want those things don't you? I bet you do, and I think I have just the right thing for you! It's my podcast, EVERYONE I KNOW!! It's great and I know you'll enjoy it because I do and I should know because I host it!! Every week, me and my brother! Hoo boy what a show! You should listen to it!! Really though, LISTEN to it. DO IT. LIIIIIISSSTTTTEEEENNNNN PLLLLEEEEAAAASS…"
Greggiehead reviewed this podcast on Sep 25th, 2018
"I listen every week! I started listening afternoon I met them at Disc Jam"
Dearjuan reviewed this podcast on Sep 25th, 2018
"Love this show, the robot voices and characters are great. LONG LIVE DRINK KING"
DaveGman reviewed this podcast on Sep 25th, 2018
"So funny! I also live in Albany and I've met these guys! "
Pete reviewed this podcast on Sep 25th, 2018
"Absolute must listen if you're into movies, music, and whacky comedy! They're have a unique show"
TBowen reviewed this podcast on Sep 24th, 2018
"I love the delay thing!! Whenever someone says the word "topic" I instantly start doing the delay in my head! It's crazy how funny THE FELLAS are, they should be professional comedians"
Dogman reviewed this podcast on Sep 24th, 2018
"I **** love this show! Chris listens to all of my favorite bands! I even listened to Brendan's band and they kick ****! Long Live EIK!!"
Newrad125 reviewed this podcast on Sep 24th, 2018
"These guys are awesome! I find myself laughing out loud on public transit more than I'd like to admit! I really love the interaction between Chris and Andy. They remind me of when I go to my hometown and see my siblings. The synthesizer / echo thing they do is a lot of fun and my favorite episode was where the devil tried to buy Chris's soul!"
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