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In This Episode: For the longest time, women have been treated poorly around the world, but especially in Africa. A lot of us have been fighting for the rights of WOMEN in Africa for decades. However, at the time, advocacy wasn't an 'in thing.'
In This Episode: AFRICA! WAKE UP! We've allowed false prophets preaching false religion to take advantage of us for too long. These false Pastors make some of you do demeaning things with false promises of riches and healing. Open your eyes, do
In This Episode: The education system in Africa has always been a bit flawed to me. Even when I was in school, I felt that the workload was too much. We were forced to do almost 20-25 subjects each school year. Yet, some fundamental subjects su
In This Episode: I was born and raised in Africa, and over the years, I've realized that as Africans, we tend to prefer foreign products to our own products. We would rather spend thousands and millions on something made on another continent, a
In This Episode: I've always wondered why people send their children to Boarding School. In my opinion, Boarding School should be something kids do for their final year in high school (secondary school) to prepare them for college. I can not un
In This Episode: Growing up, I realized that we were made to feel bad for speaking our own language in school in our country. Unconsciously, we created a situation where we trivialized the importance of speaking your language. We must change th
In This Episode: STIWANISM addresses the conditions and needs of the continental African woman on the African continent. I am passionate about advocating for the modern African woman who is strong, smart, and resilient to wake up to the options
In This Episode: 2020 has been one heck of a year, and Africa is one continent that felt the brunt of it. From the pandemic to genocides, massacres, poverty, hunger, and a lot more. The beautiful continent of Africa has been in crisis, and it's
In This Episode: There is so much unrest currently in Zimbabwe. Violence, Robbery, Rape! Yet very few people are talking about it. It's time to speak up for our brothers and sister in Zimbabwe. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter #FreeHopewell #FreeJacob Me
In This Episode: I will introduce you to one of the fiercest, strongest, most intelligent leaders and warriors in African History; Queen Nzinga. She is a woman who fought for her people, and she deserves to be celebrated and remembered througho
In This Episode: Over time, I have come to realize that there has been some mind conditioning of Africans in the diaspora that needs to be resolved swiftly. For a long time, we have allowed ourselves to be used to push the agenda of oppressing
In This Episode: I will address the unspoken division between Africans and African Americans. It is time for us to unite and rid ourselves of the ideologies and lies that have been fed to us, to keep us divided. One's accent does not deter RACI
In This Episode: Yesterday was Menstrual Hygiene Day, and people all over the world joined their voices through social media, to raise awareness and bring period education to all. However, there is still a group of women who do not have access
In This Episode: In the last episode, I raised my concerns about the less privileged children in Africa, and how they can’t get an education due to the Coronavirus lockdown. These children do not have internet access, so how do we expect them t
In This Episode: When the Coronavirus lockdown began, my kid's schools in America reached out to us and asked if we needed laptops and help with internet access so our kids can continue to do their school work from home. This got me wondering a
In This Episode: The Coronavirus pandemic has put the world on lockdown. People are working from home, and kids are not in school. The craziest thing is there is no definite end, and a lot of people don’t know how to handle this. I’ll be giving
In This Episode: The world is currently going through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Infected people all around the globe are being quarantined, while others are asked to self-isolate and practice social distancing. While these measures are signific
In This Episode: I used to be one of those people who would complain about foreigners coming to Africa to steal our resources and rip us off, but I watched a documentary recently that really shocked me and got me thinking. Are they stealing our
In This Episode: Growing up in Benin City, there was so much culture, history, and art. I grew up learning about all the beautiful artifacts created in Benin and also how a lot of them were stolen from us by the 'White Man'. This didn't happen
In This Episode: One of the things I love most about growing up in Africa is that our history and culture is so rich. There are so many stories, both mythical and real, from Africa, one of them being the story of The Golden Stool of the Ashanti
In This Episode: After a trip to my county Nigeria, I realize that there is a major difference between the ‘organic food’ we believe we consume in the USA; and the authentic organic food grown in Africa. Connect: Email: [email protected]
In This Episode: I’m going to be giving my opinion on the controversial BBC Africa Documentary Exposé “SEX FOR GRADES”. Who really is to blame and how can we find a solution? Mentioned In This Episode: 1. BBC Africa: https://www.bbc.com/news/wo
In This Episode: I will introduce you to the Mother of Modern African Literature, Flora Nwapa. She was on the most popular African Authors, who changed the face of writing. She was a woman ahead of her time, a feminist before it was “cool” to b
In This Episode: For the past few weeks, my country Nigeria has been in the spotlight of World News, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been for great things. I do not condone or support any acts of fraud, kidnapping, or violence. However, I have not
In This Episode:  I will introduce you to the world's third-largest film industry, Nollywood.  I’ll take you a journey, from the beginning of Nollywood to where we are today, and how quickly we have grown and achieved world recognition.  Mentio
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