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A weekly Arts, Books and History podcast featuring Carissa Weiser and Jason Weiser
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Episodes of Fictional

A Halloween episode with two stories from the master of Gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe. Adapted by the Weisers from "The Masque of the Red Death" and "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe
A professor checks in to a rundown hotel for a long vacation and becomes obsessed with another resident - a pale man who moves from room to room. Adapted by the Weisers from "The Pale Man" by Julius Long -- The shop: https://shop.bardic.fm
Lester’s work has killed trillions, making way for humanity’s march across the galaxy. But, after a trip off-world and witnessing a dead planet firsthand, he’s now changed. Lester wants out. Will the government release their best scientist and,
A man comes to Sherlock Holmes with a development: he's making a lot of extra money each week solely because he has fiery red hair. For the famed detective, this is terrible news. -- Check out the new site: https://fictional.fm -- Music: "Vienn
Four men took part in the ruining of one life. Their reckoning is at hand. It all ends here. -- Sponsors: Bombas: Not only is it fun to say, but they are the most comfortable socks ever seriously if your feet could thank you they would. Go to h
The Count of Monte Cristo moves his pieces into place. His revenge is at hand. -- Sponsors: Hello Fresh: For a super-easy, super-delicious weeknight meal, check out Hello Fresh. Go to http://hellofresh/fictional60 and use the code FICTIONAL60 K
  When we last left Edmond Dantes, he was sailing off into the sunset after rescuing one of the only friends he has left. Today's story begins 13 years later, after he's been transforming himself into the count of Monte Cristo, an enigmatic a
All the pieces are in place. Everyone responsible for Prospero's exile is on the island. His island. It's time to take back what's his. -- Sponsors: Wolverine: The Long Night. Check this fantastic scripted podcast at https://www.wolverinepodcas
Prospero can't remember the last time he slept. He can't remember the last time he saw his daughter or even how old she is. He has been working on one singular task for decades, and now he's nearly there. He's on the precipice of the greatest d
Dracula has already claimed his first victim, and she is working on many more. Soon, the British Isles and then the rest of civilization will be one of two things: hunter or hunted. The few that Dracula chooses to turn will feed on the rest, an
Mina is distraught. Her friend is sick, hit by a strange and sudden anemia the day a ship came into port from the other side of the world - some province in Romania known as Transylvania. Worse, Jonathan, her fiancee, hasn't returned yet. He ha
Jonathan Harker is on a work trip, which means new and bizzare foods, people with interesting stories, and a meeting with a count that people seriously will not stop warning him about. He doesn't see what the fuss is about. It's just an old guy
Irene Adler. She's in one story, but she left such a permanent, indellible mark on Sherlock Holmes that he will now and forever refer to her as THE woman. Sherlock receives two visits in one night. One is expected: royalty with a problem that c
In an alternate future, it's 1981 and the UN allies have been at war with the Soviet Union for six years. In that short amount of time, the world has been reduced to an irradiated husk of itself. Standing victorious over a fallen world, the Sov
On the season 2 finale, Victor Frankenstein's creation is responsible for two deaths, but Victor fears that the body count isn't close to being finished. The battle between creator and creation will stretch over multiple continents, destroying
A lurching green monster that's afraid of fire with bolts in his neck. A hunchback assistant named Igor. A menacing, mustache twirling doctor. None of those things are in this episode. Instead, we have an eight-foot-tall introspective giant, a
A couple in early 1800s Louisiana is headed home when they spot something unusual by a pillar, something that will change their lives, and the lives of the most powerful family in town, forever. -- Sponsor: You have to check out Masterclass. Yo
Two stories by the U.S. writer O. Henry. In the first, a young woman is dying, pinning her hopes to a leaf dangling on a branch. In the second, ol' Soapy, a homeless man in New York City, is gearing up for a trip to his summer home: prison. A w
Our humble hero just wanted to swing by a remote mental institution in the south of France on his way back home to America. He was just going to spend one night in the self-described madhouse to sate his curiosity/gawk at the mentally ill. What
When we last left Edmond, he was about to hit the rock and start his escape from Chateau d'If when he heard a scream from his friend's cell. This week, we'll see how he finally manages to get out of the inescapable prison...and what happened to
Edmond is in prison and his enemies are celebrating, but something else is coming from Elba that will change their world yet again and make them fear the man they sent to Chateau d'If.   Sponsors:   Our Casper is so comfortable that I can't
Edmond Dantes returns to France as a captain. He has just received a promotion, and soon he will be marrying the love of his life: the beautiful Mercedes. The only issue? He doesn't realize that he has enemies, and that the last request of his
Watson is happily married and hasn't spoken to Sherlock in months and hasn't been on a mystery in nearly a year. The craziest his life gets now is an abnormal patient or some sensational news story. That's all about to change when the distraugh
In this story by acclaimed science fiction author Philip K. Dick, the author behind last season's "Therein Lies the Wub", a man in 1950s middle America emerges from working in his basement all day to find something horrifying in the center of t
Last week, Macbeth killed his king, his friend, and more. If only he could stop there. Just a note, this is the season finale of Fictional. Stay subscribed, though, because we'll be back in six weeks with season two! Sponsor: Check out http://w
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