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Lately Nick's being all highbrow and watching heaps of documentaries. Following his recent episode giving a quick shout out to Inmate #1, he's now back on the mic to talk about something that's very dear to his heart...Edited By Cevin Moore"With great power comes great something something..."
Ali, Cev & Nick finally live the dream and get their sticky paws on the 2018 Dwane Johnson action epic SKYSCRAPER and don’t shut up about it for about an hour.Co-starring Neville Campbell and a guy from Batman playing The Zohan, the boys take a look at the many levels in the movie whilst discussing the safety aspects of a Galaxy Note and how boring a ladder can be.... Warning: This one’s as sweary as a muddyfunkster  Edited By Cevin MooreMusic: “Asteroid (A Corruption)” By Peter & Cevin Moore Info:  Twitter @FilmGuff“He’s a villian, a civilian villain”
Cev and Ali love their Blu Rays.A lot. Then they’re joined on this episode by Chris Mohan. Who REALLY loves his Blu Rays. The trio rifle through their stacks whilst discussing the pleasures and pitfalls of being a collector in 2020.Filmguff.comTwitter @FilmGuff@7oclockshadowEdited by Cevin MooreMusic “Asteroid (A Fragment) by Peter & Cevin Moore“You got your good things and I’ve got mine”
NIck, Ali & Cev go on a team building exercise by watching Severance (2006) to learn stuff like:A paint gun can make your eye pop like a ping pong ball.Not all women are scared of spiders.The human head stays alive for up to a minute after being removed from the body.A pie doesn’t always take an hour to bake. The easiest way to pick up a woman is a few Bacardi Breezers and Seabiscuit. An inch isn’t necessarily a mile on a map. Contact: @FilmGuffMusic: "Asteroid (Spooky Mix)" by Peter & Cevin MooreEdited By Cevin Moore“I was about to have a piss when I spot a geezer with a balaclava and a suitcase, no, more like a travel bag...”
Ali's finally got around to watching the Brit-Crime flick "Stormy Monday" from 1988 that Cev had been talking about for a while. As it's been referenced in past episodes, both of them thought it was time to jump on the mic to share their thoughts... By Cevin MooreNobody said anything about guns! They've got guns, and I think we need guns!
Bound to keep bubbling under, Nick's here with a quick word of mouth tip on a documentary that takes a deep dive into the very interesting life and career of Danny Trejo.Edited By Cevin Moore Twitter: @FilmGuff
Ali, Cev and Nick have finally made it to 100 episodes. The chaps naturally look backwards to what’s gone before whilst looking forward to what they have coming AND looking at some turtles too. How cross eyed can you get?Adding to the celebrations and confusion, one man podcast network Scottye Moore joins the gang on his way to making a new world record to talk about pizza.What lessons have been learned here:Ali misses going to the cinema. Cev doesn’t. Top Gunnage is a thing.World record breaking isn’t easy.Vanilla Ice: Cool As Ice is on Amazon PrimeThe Foot Clan are damage control.All the guys agree on a movie. For once.Shredder stinks.Power Rangers totally suck balls.Casper the pissed off ghost needs to be a thing.Contact: @FilmGuff @ScottyemoEdited by Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin MooreHello future people
Guy Ritchie. One of the best British exports since fish & chips. Cev, Ali & Nick take a dive into the Directorial endeavours of this one man industry since his 1998 debut to his 2019 Disney output.Contact: @FilmGuffEdited by Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin MooreIt's been emotional
Hard to believe the character of Harry Potter celebrates his 40th birthday on July 31st 2020. To mark the occasion, Nick & Ali look back at the book and movie franchise whilst also trying to figure out what a sophomore is, sensible bookmarks, flexible mathematics, touching fantastic beasts and Kindle alarm clocks.Contact: @FilmGuffEdited by Ali CornwallMusic "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin MooreHogwarts 'n' All
Ali, Cev & Nick complete their epic journey around the Roman Empire only to return and talk about Robin Hood instead.On the way, Cev also manages to drop in on Charlie Brigden to discuss Hans Zimmer.They also talk about GLADIATOR (2000). Gladiator is now available to stream on NetflixContact: @FilmGuffCharlie Brigden @filmsonwaxEdited by Cevin Moore Music "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin MooreDisney dogshit
In this episode Ali, Cev & Nick get their fingers in the dirt, hunker down and discuss Ridley Scott’s epic length.They also talk about GLADIATOR (2000). Gladiator is now available to stream on NetflixContact: @FilmGuffEdited by Cevin Moore Music "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin Moore
Ali, Nick and Cev get together for a bit of a breather before they start on a forthcoming attraction. As to be expected, the sheer breadth of the stuff covered is quite dizzying... Edited By Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Fragment)" By Peter & Cevin Moore  "Can't catch me, gay thoughts"
Cev, Nick & Ali tour the barren outer worlds for more bargain basement gold that may end up being a pointless idea because they see an all new special edition on the horizon as the show is being recorded.The guys then kinda get sidetracked and start talking about video games for half the show instead.Typical. Edited by Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Fragment)" by Peter & Cevin Moore  Sony can suck a cock
Ali, Cev & Nick are joined (almost contractually) by film critic, podcaster and legend in his own lunchtime Anthony Ray Bench. This time the gang tackle the thorny issue of the sequels.   Things they’ve taken away from this:Directors cuts that are better than the theatrical.The Luke Evans Valentines card range. There can be more than one.Cev agrees with Nick so much, he begins to doubt his own sanity.Having kids is never a good thing.Willem Dafoe’s got a huge talent. Edited by Cevin MooreMusic “Asteroid (A Fragment)” By Peter & Cevin Moore  Still waiting STILL sucks!
Nick, Ali & Cev get their heads together, play a bit of catching up before getting down to discussing the 2007 Art-House classic Shoot ‘Em Up and what lessons they’ve taken from it:Never kiss a hooker on the mouth.Nick’s too pretty for prison.Ali watches horror. Occasionally.Cev likes ballet.Carrots are just propaganda  & Physics.  Edited By Cevin MooreMusic “Asteroid (A Diversion)” by Peter & Cevin Moore  Sorry, Nigel
Cev & Ali sit down and talk about what's sadly missing from the collective Film Guff Blu Ray shelf with a lot of help from the Guffians.The resulting mixed bag of a conversation includes, John Woo, Film 4, The Abyss, The Keep, Jackie Chan, Steven Soderbergh, Twilight Time, Guest House Paradiso, Red Dwarf, Criterion, Gialli,  Eureka, Batman, Rob Zombie, The Matrix, Tom Savini, Star Wars, Valhalla Rising, Arrow Video and region coding.... "Asteroid (A Diversion)" By Peter & Cevin MooreEdited By Cevin Moore Pull your finger out, Jim
The guys have been away for a while in sunny Miami studying the technicalness of drug dealing. During their time spent deep undercover, Ali and Nick finally get Cev to watch BAD BOYS I & II.Obviously Call girls, Yorkshire terriers, Driving Miss Daisy, Joe Pants, ice cream vans and muscle cars are bound to crop up.  Edited by Alistair CornwallMusic “Asteroid (A Fragment)” By Peter & Cevin Moore  “Have you ever REALLY felt your leather?”
In an attempt to beat cabin fever and going stir crazy, Ali, Cev & Nick decided to go live and have people join in the fun. The original plan was to do around twenty five minutes. It went on for way longer than that.What you're listening to here is a kind of edited 'highlights' if there is such a thing... Edited by Cevin Moore Music "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin Moore
Nick, Ali & Cev are showing signs of cabin fever, which is odd because Nick isn’t even in lockdown… Draw your own conclusions there, but anyway the guys throw together a note free episode discussing how prescient DEMOLITION MAN (1993) was, considering the whole planet seems to now be in a pandemic lockdown. Along the way, they take on some far weightier subjects than normal and burgers… If you want to leave a review and do something positive for the world, please visit  Edited by Cevin MooreMusic “Asteroid (A Corruption)” by Peter & Cevin Moore  No pants were harmed during the making of this episode.
In a bizarre social experiment, Cev & Ali are joined by Ben & Smokey, better known as the Rated H Podcast to discuss Universal Horror classic "The Invisible Man" (1933). The results include:Popular science term "Unfuck himself up""I love talking in films"Bill ClintonConstabulary CastleJizzing over ancestors"Untouched At Euston" by The SmithsThe Exorcist  Edited By Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Corruption)" by Peter & Cevin Moore Recorded 23 Mar 2020RIP Stuart Gordon 24 Mar 2020
It’s time to dive into the bargain bins and see what Nick, Cev & Ali set out to see how much damage they can do to their sanity with a tenner.Nick finds he has trouble with celestial beings and Cev has trouble counting how many films he’s bought due to Besson related anger issues. Meanwhile Ali just won’t stop singing…. Edited by Cevin MooreMusic: “Asteroid” (A Diversion) By Peter & Cevin Moore   Party time. Excellent.
With the advent of James Bond getting an eight month delay because of a flu bug, Ali & Cev don their gas masks, sit in their decontamination rooms, get all dewey eyed and post apocalyptic...Edited by Cevin MooreMusic: "Hello" by John Harrison & Cevin Moore Killer monkeys.
In this episode, Cev, Ali & Nick are joined by Daniel Reifferscheid - @Reifferschizzle - to discuss the gritty Italian Eurocrime movie Caliber 9 alongside Paul Simon’s rhythms, Hart to Hart, J&B whiskey and the Yorkshire Ripper. There are spoilers, but this film was released in 1972, not last week... Edited by Cevin MooreMusic: “Asteroid (A Fragment)” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact:  “Right turn, Clyde”
Two children discuss the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and the finer points of space travel. There are SPOILERS. Sort of... Edited By Cevin MooreMusic "Asteroid (A Fragment)" By Peter & Cevin Moore    They are the egg men, I Am The Walrus
A new Will Smith film is out, where he is playing himself hunting himself?! Ali is on his own for this one but may be joined by a guest caller in the episode to hear their thoughts about the new film Gemini Man.Here is the link to our website as mentioned in the show: By Alistair CornwallMusic “Asteroid (A Diversion)” By Peter & Cevin MooreContact :"Remember, it's not always good to play with yourself!"
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