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My 7.56 Gram Shroom Trip (with Joey Vincent)
In this no guest episode, Joey shares the experience of his beyond heroic sized dose of psilocybin mushrooms.  Joey details his preparation, the experience itself and his review of it after. You will also hear details of how psilocybin affects the mind, and portion of a Terence McKenna lecture on what he calls a, committed dose.  Also, this episode is an experiment in editing and definitely different that what a normal episode sounds like.
The Comedy Origin Story of Comedian Robert Baril (with Robert Baril)
In this episode Joey talks with his friend, comedian and regular contributor to the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast, Robert Baril. Joey interviews Robert to discover his comedy roots and share his path to standup comedy with the world. Robert talks about his hometown, family and fist steps into entertainment. He shares about his work as a substitute teacher and his fetish for beautiful grandmothers.  You will also get to hear a sample track from Robert's 2nd album 'TMI' that was released on StandUp Records and is available via all the streaming outlets.  Link To Robert's Album 'TMI'
My Formerly Obese Life (with Alex Jaffe)
In this episode Joey talks with comedian Alex Jaffe about his weight loss surgery. How it was done, preparation for it and life after, we learn it all.  Also part of the conversation covers life while being obese and dealing with the physical and social impact of it.
Insurance Industry, Private Investigator and Agent (with Jeffrey Rogers)
So you think the insurance industry is boring?  It's definitely not and this episodes' guest Jeffery Rogers has plenty of stories to prove it. Jeffery is currently an insurance agent specializing in contractor liability and he formally worked as an insurance fraud investigator.  He shares his investigating adventures along with all the details of what working in the industry is like. There is even a rode rage shooting and attempted coverup story! 
Flat Earth and Much More (with Darrin Chase)
Darrin Chase is a standup comedian and a conspiracy theory enthusiast. He talks with Joey about his pro conspiracy views and presents his thoughts on why the Flat Earth conspiracy should be considered.  Along with conspiracies, Darrian also shares stories of performing with Joe Rogan, being a guest on Sam Tripoli's podcast Tin Foil Hat, his view of "controversial" (to some) comedian Owen Benjamin and he shares Tony Hinchcliffs' secret to success.  Much is discussed and the conversation opens with Darrin talking about his recent emergency surgery! 
My Cheating Bride and Failed Marriage (with Dan Bublitz)
There is nothing like a love story, especially one that ends in finding out your wife is banging a low level "professional" wrestler!  That is exactly what happened to guest Comedian and "Art of Bombing" podcast host, Dan Bublitz. Dan shares that story with Joey and doesn't hold back at all. If you enjoy the fake reality show type of drama, this real story is going to blow your mind!  Art of Bombing Podcast Dan's Website Filter Free Amerika / Website Music sample used with permission from creator, Riddiman Riddiman Beats
Bartending for Cocaine Dealers (with Matt Dooyema)
In this episode Joey talks with comedian, bartender and host of the 'Awful Service' podcast, Matt Dooyema. In Matt's work as a bartender he briefly tended bar for regular private parties that he later found out were a cover for cocaine dealing.  Matt shares all the details about the job and how he got involved. Lots of interesting booze related info is covered too.  The episode doesn't stop there though! Near the end, Matt shares a brief second story about working part time setting up for a big music event, and that story includes Tequila, Kidz Bop and...PEDOPHILES 
My Time in Jail with Murderer Rusty Bucklew (with Joey Vincent)
In this guest free episode Joey shares the story of being in jail with the recently executed convicted murderer, Russell "Rusty" Bucklew. During that time in jail with Rusty, he escaped and Joey gives all the details from the prisoner perspective, including details that were withheld from the public. Joey also details Bucklew's charges and why his execution become a national story that resulted in a US Supreme Court decision.
The Uncensored Life of A Fireman (with "Charlie")
"Charlie" is fireman working in a large US city and he joins Joey to share an unfiltered and honest look at the life of a firefighter.  Charlie's real name is being withheld so he can speak freely on subjects related to firefighters that might put his employment at risk.  You will learn about things like the racial and political dynamics within a fire house, difficulties dealing with cops, fireman drug use and suicide and so much more.  Charlie also shares some wild stories involving people who abuse 911 and Fire/Rescue services, suicide calls, rape calls and even...a fisting related death call! 
Most Disgusting Sex Stories Ever Told (with Teebie Smalls)
Aspiring author, freelance sex counselor, sex columnist and quite possibly one of the most sexually active individuals on the planet, "Teebie Smalls" is the guest this episode. Teebie's aunt life has centered around discovering, exploring and conquering vaginas and he joins Joey to tell him some of his greasiest and most disturbing sex stories. Also a warning, Teebie's very last story might cause uncontrollable vomiting in some, and uncontrollable masturbation in others....... 
Conversation with a Twin Cities Folk Hero Comedian (with Daryl Horner)
There are some comedians in this world that you must meet to truly undertstand how unique and interesting they are, and that goes double for Comedian Daryl Horner. Truly a comic's comics and as polorizing of a character as you will ever find in stand up comedy. Daryl sits down with Joey and basicly shares his story of finding stand up comedy and the path he took to become comedy fan favorite he is. He also pulls no punches and calls out a few names of fellow comedians he has issues with and shares some wild road stories too. This is a very long episode but as you will find out, Daryl has lived a wild life and there was much to cover. 
I Survived Flesh-Eating Disease (with Ellie)
Ellie joins Joey to share her amazing story of surviving Flesh Eating Disease. She starts with the day she first discovered a small bump and from there shares every detail of her medical treatment and near death. Not only was Ellie's body attack by the disease, she also had her life forever altered personally and finacially because of it. This is a wild story with plenty of gross detals. Don't listen while eating!
Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs (with "Jay")
"Jay" tells Joey his story of drug use, addiction and recovery. He shares some very funny drug adventures he has had and some very personal details about the negative impacts his drug addiction had on his life.  
My Heroin Addiction Story (with John Jewell)
In this episode, Joey is joined by recovering heroin addict John Jewell. John tell his story of first becoming addicted to opioid pain killers and then rapidly turning to intravenous heroin use.  As John's life became focused on drugs, he also became homeless and part of his story story is detailing how he survived in the streets of the Twin Cities while being addicted.  Arrests, overdoses, recovery and relapse, John shares it all in the emotional and filterless look at addiction.   
Travel Stories of an International Fighter (with Kaitlin Rose Young)
In this episode Joey is joined by Muay Thai Kickboxer and MMA fighter, Kaitlin Rose Young.  Kaitlin is ranked #1 in her weight class in the US and is a top 10 ranked Muay Thai kickboxer in the world. She has travel all over the globe kicking butt and in doing so has had many interesting experiences that she shares. Everything from playing with dingos in Australia, to having a BBQ's with Russian gangsters! There is even a fun story about a miscommunication between her and a Japanese masseuse. 
My Life with Multiple Sclerosis (with Colleen Justice)
In this episode Joey talks to comedian Colleen Justice about her life with Multiple Sclerosis. She tells him her story starting with her diagnosis at age 23 and how it has affected her life into her 40's. Many interesting facts about M.S. and some funny stories about living with it.      Then before they were done talking, the conversation turned to her and her oldest child who was born with physical birth defects that caused him to need lifetime care.  Colleen shares some powerful stories related to her son that should make every listener take inventory of themselves as people.     
LA Psychic Medium, Renee VanTol (with Renee VanTole)
Can you to talk to the dead or see the future? If yes, you might be a Psychic/Medium like this episode's guest, Renee VanTol.   Renee tells Joey all about her life and work as a Psychic Medium. Starting with discovering her abilities as a child, and up to her work today as a for profit professional. Renee also talks about her many years living in LA and she shares stories of attending cult-like parties of the rich and famous and the strange behavior she observed.  Also covered, her conversations with spirits that have committed suicide. Of course Joey asks if she can reach Jeffrey Epstine.  Lastly this episode ends with Renee telling Joey about his past life and death, and she tries to talk to his dead mom too! 
The Lies and Stolen Valor of Shawn Culbertson (with John Tole)
This episode is both an interview and a study of a flawed man who was caught is a huge lie. The guest is a man named Shawn Culbertson who lied about his military service record and rank, his education and so much more prior to the original recording of this episode. Once exposed, this episode was pulled, but now we're rereleasing it with the story of the exposure of his lies.  In this episode, Culbertson will claim to be a US ARMY Ranger, a wounded war veteran and many other things, but those are LIES.  Also in this episode joey is joined by guest co-host John Tole 
Im an Illegal Immigrant (with "Maria")
In this episode Joey left the safe confines of the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast studio to meet this episodes guest Maria, at an undisclosed location somewhere in Minnesota.    Maria and her family, "illegally" entered the United States in an attempt to start a new life.  She tells Joey about the events that lead up to her family leaving Mexico, the struggles involved in crossing the boarder and how she made a life here in the United States.   Included in her story are some incredible experiences like getting caught in the middle of a Narco Terrorist attack on a hotel and living in gang invested neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles when she first arrived in the US. 
I Woke Up In Jail, Then I Got Sent To Prison (with Nick Rod)
In this episode Joey talks with Musician Nick Rod. Nick shares all the details of a night out with a friend at a strip club, that end with him blacking out, committing a serious crime and waking up in the jail the next day with no memory of what he did. His crime sent him to prison and he also shares what prison life was like for him and he talks about how he even attempted escaping and was actually on the run for 8 months! Nick's NEW YouTube channel Nick on ReverbNation 
Growing Up Poor (with "Bigfoot")
No, Bigfoot is NOT really the guest on this episode. The guest wanted to remain anonymous because part of the conversation deals with a horrific rape/molestation incident that happened to his sister. We had to use some kind of name for the title, so why not Bigfoot?  Anyway, Bigfoot joins Joey and they talk about the shared experience of growing up poor in America. They talk about the struggles and the good times too. Near the end of the episode the conversation takes the dark and emotional turn previously mentioned and you will hear Bigfoot become a little overwhelmed as he relives the memories of what happened to his sister. A truly powerful episode that also has plenty of laughs too. 
Sage Francis Talks To FFA (with Sage Francis)FFA "Classic Episodes"
This is a re-release of a "Classic Episode" of the Filter Free America podcast. The guest interviewed in this episode is hip-hop great, Sage Francis  Sage talks about his music roots, creative process and much more!   
Comedian Stewart Huff / Comedy Origin Story (with Stewart Huff)
Comedian Stewart Huff sits down with to tell his comedy origin story. Why and how he started performing standup, and how his career has progressed to today. He also gives very honest details about the financial struggle of being a working comedian, even at his current headlining level.
I Hunt Child Predators (with Josh)
In this episode Joey talks to Josh of Predator Hunters USA. Josh is a pedophile hunter who along with his team, sets up and exposes people who attempt to set up meetings with underage children they find on social media.  Josh details all the steps he and his team takes when preparing to bust a predator and talks about what its like to meet a child predator face to face!  
Adopted in South Korea / Molested in America (with Nikki)
Our guest this episode "Nikki", and her sister were adopted as babies from South Korea by a U.S. family. Sadly, both were sexually molested by their adopted father. She details all of her memories surrounding these events and gives listeners a truly filterless look through the eyes of a victim of child molestation.  And if that's not enough, this episode has a surprise twist that once you catch it, it will change your perspective of the interview drastically.
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