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“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other." (Mat 6:24) In this episode Dr. Michael Bennett or as he is better known by Dr. Future the host of Future
What does it mean to be a prodigal son or daughter of God? Is Jesus Christ a God of second chances? And if HE is, what is our role as HIS children to help those who have stepped away from walking with HIM. In todays episode we have Johny Iron h
On todays episode we had a great conversation with William Ramsey. William takes us down the rabbit hole of extremist groups that have risen and taken over institutions of power. These groups have been reported to have committed ritualistic kil
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Yowie, Yeren are all names given to an upright hairy hominid who roams the forests of the world. Every culture has a name for this creature and in todays episode we explore this fascinating topic. The guys o
Judd Burton is back! This time the conversation is focused on the cryptids and the Nephilim who might have created them. We also dive into how many ancient stories and legends are distorted in order to confuse humanity and make them think they
We think of Karate, Kung Fu and other martial arts as a form of self defense against other humans but what if the reason these were created was in order to protects ourselves from the Nephilim and the Giants of old!? Well, have we got a show fo
Round 2 of the Flat Earth conversation. This time we talk to David Weiss about this intriguing and very controversial topic. What are the arguments for and against this topic and why or how could they hide something so big as the flat earth fro
What did Jesus mean when he said to Peter at the foot of Mount Hermon "And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." This has been interpreted in many different ways over the years. But what does it mean in its historical and cultural co
Isaac Weishaupt is the Author of "Aliens, UFO's and the Occult" and we have him on the show today! We start the episode by talking about Aliens but it quickly turns into a potpourri of various occult topics and even a ghost encounter! Very inte
On todays episode we have The Radical Christian!! *insert rock guitar riff. Drew from the popular YouTube channel “The Radical Christian” is back, and is on a mission from God to disperse truth and justice to all our listeners. Chuck and Drew h
How has politics influenced you this year? As a Christian the political sphere has more influence in our lives than we would like to think about or imagine. That is why on todays fire side chat Chuck and Omar talk about just that, politics and
Satan, Devil, princes and principalities, demons, dragon of old, father of lies are some of the ways the Bible describes spiritual beings who for some reason or another are always up to no good. In this episode we let Biblical scholar and theol
The department of defense has recently released a series of investigation into the UFO phenomena. They call it "vehicles that are not from this planet". So Chuck and Omar are here to talk about all the crazy things going on in the UFO community
What a show, what a show... this one ladies and gents is one for the record books. We hit so many current affair topics our heads where spinning. What is BLM? What is their goal? Why are so many Christians bending their knees to this organizati
In this time of uncertainty and emotional turmoil there is only one man who can save us from ourselves, he is the hero we don’t deserve but the one we need, he is Mike Davis “Emotional Success Coach” *insert classic Batman music. In this Episod
In these troubled Times FTR is here to bring you information in the only way FTR can do, with humor and fun. Tracy Yates is on today’s show and he brings some great information. We talk all about this virus and the many theories behind it. 
What exactly does is mean to be have the mindset of a warrior priest? Perhaps this invoked images of William Wallace or of George Washington, well you may not be to far off. Drew Graffia The Radical Christian is back, he is talking to us about
What does FTR episode 45 and agenda 2045 have in common!? The aliens of course. Darrin Geisinger is our guest today. He is the Author of the Sci-Novel “Zero-Gs”. He breaks down how the fake alien agenda the NWO has planned for mankind inspired
On this episode we speak to "Mr. Odd" from the oddcast podcast about a variety of subjects that connect to NWO agendas. He's neither left or right when it come to politics, but he has plenty of info that will make both sides pretty mad. "trigge
On this episode veteran guest Tracy Yates is back on the show! Chuck and Tracy hit multiple fringe topics in this interview. Nephilim, Hive mind, alien agenda, technocracy, etc. Great information you do not want to miss out on.  Tracy’s Book
Drew from The Radical Christian You Tube channel is on the show today! Wow, what an awesome conversation, was had between Chuck and Drew. We go back to our roots in this one folks, all about the fringe. Great episode and stay Radical! Show Note
Stay tuned to the end of this episode to find out how to get a free EP album recorded by Gonz Shimura and Sam Swanson! On this episode Chuck has a great conversation with Sam Swanson. You might know him as the host of Gods Property Radio or his
Here on FTR we like to dive deep into the biblical fringes. Topics such as the nephalim, divine council, flat earth etc, but do these topics have practical application in our daily lives? How does wanting to live a Christ like life have anythin
Author and Researcher Carl Teichrib joins Chuck and Omar for an awesome new episode where they discuss the ultimate game of good versus evil. Carl has been researching the New Age and its various components for over 20 years and he shares his e
On today's episode we have returning guest Ali Siadatan. He is back with all new information about the alien agenda. Chuck and Ali explore the fascinating topic of God, Angels and the UFO agenda.    show notes:
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