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Ep100: The Current State of Mental Health In Post

Released Wednesday, 23rd November 2016
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"How are you?" is a phrase you most likely ask dozens a time per day, but let's be honest: Most of the time it's just a formality. When is the last time you really asked this question of others, and even more importantly, when is the last time you asked this question to yourself?
Rather than celebrate the 100th episode of this podcast with fanfare or a fancy celebrity guest, I chose instead to dig deep into the still-taboo topic of mental health with two of my original Fitness In Post beta members from when the program first began in early 2014.
My guests for this episode are editor Monica Daniel and editor turned workflow specialist Kylee Peña, and we discuss the current state of mental health in post-production, the recent tragic death of a fellow member of the post-production community who worked with Monica, and how we can continue to support each other in an industry that chews creative professionals up and spits them out with little care for their well being.
This week's episode may not be a super fun topic, but I promise it's an important one you don't want to miss.
As I say at the end of every episode (and mean sincerely), thank you for listening for the last 100 episodes, I'm just getting started.
Be well.
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Topics of Conversation:
  • Reflecting back on 100 episodes of Fitness in Post
  • How to manage your mental health at a sedentary job
  • Learning to be open to mental health discussions
  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive community
  • Learning that therapy is not just for crazy people
  • Offering a safe space for mental health conversations with the people around you
  • Becoming aware of when you're exhausted and taking the breaks you need
  • Learning that mental exhaustion is a product of your environment and not a personal failure
  • Monitoring your sleep, general activity, and how your work conditions are affecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Valuing yourself in a work culture that says you're dispensable
  • Viewing mental health issues the same way we view physical illnesses
  • Mental illness is not something you have to deal with alone

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Guest Bios:
Monica Daniel has edited various genres of television that have been broadcast worldwide over the last decade. She is known for her “sh*tting sparkles” slogan from her award show red carpet work. She recently transitioned from editing reality television into a high level scripted network show, and our conversation today breaks down her journey and how you can walk away with actionable steps to make the same transition, regardless of your situation.
Originally from the Midwest, Kylee Peña spent six years as an editor in Indianapolis and Atlanta, working on projects ranging from PBS shows to independent films. She then branched out into post production technology in Los Angeles, applying her knowledge of a working editorial department to the technical and creative aspects of workflow design on shows like CBS's Scorpion and Jane the Virgin on The CW. A Women in Film member, she's also an advocate for gender equality in post, having spoken on the topic on numerous podcasts, in classrooms, and at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in 2015.
Show Credits:
This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, the show notes were prepared by Jakin Rintelman, and this show is executive produced by Kanen Flowers. We are a member of theTHAT STUDIO podcast network.
The music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Dorian Cheah from his brilliant album ARA.