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Flash Fantasy: The Skeleton Crew

A weekly Games, Hobbies and Fiction podcast
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Episodes of Flash Fantasy

Thus ends the adventures of Wes, Sskogga, PAPO, Gordax, Trak, and Bog. Some old friends, some new allies, all a part of the crew.  Thank you for listening to another season of our show, and be on the lookout for updates about the next exciting
Mortis - VI With Bogan defeated and nothing but 1,000 feet of open air beneath the Crew, they fall to their inescapable fate. Will this spell the end for the Skeleton Crew? Chat with the cast and fellow fans on our Discord: https://discord.gg
Having to battle Dr. Drel (AKA Bogan) in a citadel that's quickly filling with molten lava, you could say things are *heating up* for the Skeleton Crew. Could this be the end?  PAPO makes a grand entrance, Sskogga can't seal the deal, Gordax g
Things come to a head as the Crew confronts Dr. Drel in a dark and mysterious citadel. Will they side with him, or choose their own path?  Sskogga talks about the weather, Gordax does hibachi tricks, Trak tries to stun the dark side, and Wes p
With Drel's return, perhaps the Crew can finally get some answers as to where they are what's so important about it. As Drel reveals his ultimate plan, the Crew must decide to stand with him or against him.  Wes almost gives an inspiring speec
After a strange dream-sequence and out-of-body experience (those happen pretty often, don't they?), the Crew gets their bearings on this strange world and meet Father. Trak gets reprimanded, Wes does very little, Gordax feels good about himsel
With Coruscant behind them and Dr. Drel's research complete, the Crew sets a course for their final destination.  Gordax prepares some classic Chad cuisine, Sskogga gets a touching voicemail, Trak connects with Bog over a film, and Wes gets hi
With a murderous agent of the Watcher after Wes's head, the Crew's only option seems to flee the world of Coruscant. The destruction they leave behind will ensure they can never return.  PAPO's down for the count, Trak crowd surfs, Sskogga's a
The Crew gears up to meet the Watcher, Wes's enigmatic employer, but before they can, they have to deal with the hired muscle.  Wes tells of the perks of being in debt, PAPO gets in a sticky situation, Sskogga smokes 'em, Trak makes a surprise
Having returned to the city planet of Coruscant, the Crew has some time to take care of their personal matters.  PAPO gets released from service, Sskogga goes window shopping, Gordax expresses his desire for real estate, Wes goes corporate, an
With tensions on Lehon at an all-time high, it may be time for the Skeleton Crew to leave the planet for good. Once they get their hands on the Sith artifact, that is.  Trak escapes the Rakata, Wes is no mechanic, Gordax grieves a great loss,
Finally, the showdown we've all been waiting for: Gordax vs. Gordon. Who will win in this epic battle of chefs?  Gordax takes on his nemesis, PAPO discovers food, Sskogga gets plastered, and Wes has aggressive negotiations.  Chat with the cas
With Gordax confronting his life-long nemesis, the steaks have never been higher. With lives and reputations on the line, how will this conflict be resolved?  Wes chats it up with an old ally, PAPO awakens something within himself, Sskogga rec
The Skeleton Crew examines their morals as they're given the task to exterminate a rival Rakatan faction. Unsurprisingly, their morals don't even come close to standing in the way of getting the job done.  Sskogga hatches a plan, Wes smooth ta
How many dastardly characters can employ The Skeleton Crew at one time? One? Two? Perhaps even three? The Crew explores the answer to this question as they go for the record of people they'll eventually double-cross.  PAPO mouths off to an anc
Facing down a jungle rancor, the Crew must use their heads to get out of danger and into the Sith temple. Can they pull it off? Not if it requires much thinking...  Trak leads the way, Wes dives too soon, Sskogga gets a leg up, and PAPO tries
The Crew finally touches down on Lehon in a less-than-stellar landing, ready to find the final Sith artifact for Dr. Drel. Perhaps they'll even make a new friend in this otherworldly oasis...  PAPO establishes himself as the only sane one on t
The force dream comes to an explosive conclusion as the crew ends things where it all began: Tatooine. Now, they must make it out of the desert in one final trial.  Wes rips his jacket, Gordax helps someone in need, Yeago gets a toy, Sskogga g
Having escaped the hired guns of the Coruscant elite, the Crew continues their journey through a force dream with Damien and Yeago, trying to find a way out.  Wes takes the Crew to his safe house, Sskogga dabbles in philosophy, Yeago tries to
After a rousing speech from Wes, the Skeleton Crew makes an explosive exit from their high-society party. On the run from hired guns, the Crew must flee for their lives. It seems blaster bolts still sting in a force dream...  Gordax botches th
After making it past Sskogga's trial by the skin of their teeth, the crew reunites with another of their fallen comrades and must face the most dangerous opponent of all: the Bourgeoisie. Will the crew have what it takes to overcome Wes's trial
Still trapped within the force dream, the Crew must face their own personal challenges. Will they learn from these trials, or miss the point altogether? Probably the latter.  Damien gets his wish fulfilled, Gordax guns down an old nemesis, Ssk
Trapped in a force dream, the Crew find themselves at the mercy of a figure, though this stranger may prove insightful in getting them off of this weird world.  Damien pontificates the finer points of the force, Wes makes his disdain for Jedi
While exploring the wreckage of the Sith ship, the Warlock, the very same dreadnought the Crew destroyed nearly ten years ago, an anomaly in the systems turns out to be the presence of an old friend, one who has returned from the netherworld of
The crew finally has some time to kill on their way to the far off planet of Lehon. However, not everything is smooth sailing as something mysterious, something from their past, draws the crew off course.  Wes contemplates his place in the gal
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