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It all comes down to this. Flying carpets, magical genetics, wizarding food delivery services, and an epic house cup conclusion collide in this thrilling season 5 finale!
In the penultimate session of season 5 tensions are high as Ravenclaw and Gryffindor continue neck and neck in the race for the house cup. Female centaurs, imperious paradoxes, and other notable book series other than HP are discussed.
Silly wand shapes, spell theory, and the chicken and the egg. Those are but 3 of the many topics found in this week’s thrilling episode, inspired by an email received by a fellow Flipendork!
This is where a great episode description would go if it wasn't past midnight at the time of uploading this. There's just...there's Harry Potter in this episode, ok?! And flobberworms. And a long debate on the crossover between Herbology and Po
Following in the footsteps of Easter weekend, Madison, Muhamed, and Sean reconvene to discuss how the fur trade would have worked in the wizarding world, Professor Kettleburn's exciting life journey, and the what-could-have beens of the Potter
Sean expresses his dislike of conventional educational standards, Hagrid’s exploration into gender expression is discussed, and Madison provides an infallible argument into the difference between Transfiguration and Charms!
Following in the wake of their cruel April Fool's joke, Sean and Madison are back with Muhamed in tow for some more Potter discussion! Hagrid's body shape, his ability to bounce back, and his trustworthiness are all brought into question. Plus
Join the crew in another exciting episode as they delve into new “Erised Mirror” episode ideas, how Death really felt about Ignotus Peverell, and just how OP magical items are. Stick around until the end to hear some impromptu but impressive vo
Have you ever thought about what a baby centaur looks like? Well now you have. Enjoy that hilarious imagery as you listen to our hosts discuss the finer implications of not only the life cycle of a centaur, but how exactly one becomes a profess
Season 5 starts with a bang!...then a fizzle as our team realizes they accidentally forget to hit record. Fortunately, their spirit remains intact as they continue the embark on yet another season of discussing Potter. Topics include Muhamed’s
Another season of Flipendo comes to a thrilling conclusion with Hufflepuff House and Gryffindor House neck and neck to become the new house champion, while Ravenclaw cries in their dust. But first, a lengthy in-depth discussion of what the fuck
THE Mike Schubert? From Potterless? Why yes, of course! After attending Vancouver Podfest and co-hosting the Harry Potter Podcast Panel together, Mike and the rest of the Flipendo gang retreat to Madison and Sean’s kitchen to continue their ex
Halloween may have been 3 weeks ago, but Muhamed won’t stop talking about costume ideas. Will this new addiction to Halloween replace his ghost obsession? Also discussed: Harry being an ungrateful little shit, Molly Weasley’s hatred of Quidditc
Following the wake of a spooktacular Halloween, this episode features a lengthy off-topic discussion of halloween costumes before diving into the etymology of the word Nagini, wizard fashion, and the suspicious life of McGonagall as a cat.
Flipendo’s spooky Halloween episode! Join us in discussion of JK Rowling’s time travel mechanics, Voldemort’s love for Albania, and the ground-breaking realization that Ginny Weasley, Colin Creevey, and Romilda Vane were all Gryffindors in the
For the very first time in Flipendo history, our hosts are recording from the comfort of their very own kitchen! Well, 2/3 of them at least. This new relaxed environment leads to a cozy chat about the newest Fantastic Beasts trailer, using the
Did you know that there are illicit and illegal “Harry Potter” books that exist in the world? Did you also know that they are hilarious? Listen as our hosts delve into the wonderful imaginative world of such classics as Harry Potter and the Leo
Summer adventures are recounted, the topic of Who's the Biggest Jock of Flipendo is revisited, and new insights into the process of becoming an Animagus lead to some interesting original fan theories including one about Dumbledore that will SHO
In this episode, Muhamed gets a new backpack. One thing leads to another, and soon our trio are discussing hinkypunks, gnomes, banishing charms, and Mr. Potato Head!
The slate is wiped clean and a new race for the House Cup begins in this season 4 premiere! Listen as Sean asserts some obscure and controversial Ravenclaw traits, and both the legitimacy of Quikspell and the alchoholic content of Butterbeer ar
The one where Season 3 comes to a gripping finale as Hufflepuff and Gryffindor duke it out, and we all realize we've been doing this podcasting thing for more than a year now and missed our anniversary. The finer details of becoming an Animagus
Happy Pride month! In this episode, we discuss the concept of pride in the wizarding world whether it be LGBT pride, pride for Muggleborns, and self-pride for Squibs! Muhamed then finds out if he's a Hufflepuff once and for all, and an actually
You've heard his name, now get ready to be serenaded with his voice!  Meet the man behind the mystery, Simran Toor, as he joins our hosts on this week's episode, bringing fresh new delightful topics to the table including the potential for a bl
The eagerly awaited new Harry Potter app game, Hogwarts Mystery, is upon us. Barring a missed opportunity for a great pun with the name, how does this new game hold up? Listen as Madison, Muhamed, and Sean compare and rate playing the game (so
With Fantastic Beasts 2 about to hit theatres, the gang finally gets around to sharing their review of the last trailer and their thoughts on Law’s Dumbledore. Is it better than Gambon’s? Of course it is. Literally anything is.
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