Belly of the Beast

Released Saturday, 26th August 2017
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Belly of the Beast is the movie Riley has been waiting for since this podcast started. Cheap sets, mid-90s decor, the legendary Ching Siu-tung and an uncooperative Seagal combine to make a disasterously bonkers film that feels more like a rejected Alias spinoff with supernatural elements.
However, just because the movie doesn't amount to the sum of its parts doesn't mean there is nothing of note here. Seagal becomes the first man to perform two wire stunts laying down in a film, and a mysterious woman's bare chest displays secret gliphs to our hero in his moment of need. There's a lot to love here, if not always for the reasons the creators intended.
Also! This week we're pleased to start off with an advertisement from our friends from the Over the Kill podcast. They take an objective look at how action stars age, either gracefully or... you know. Guess where Seagal falls?
And, as always this week's podcast editing is provided by Riley's company Podigy, who recently put out a complete guide to editing your podcast for free. Check out the article at You'll be glad you did!
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