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At the start of any new year, our social feeds are littered with lists from blogs, magazines, and even retailers showcasing the upcoming trends you can expect to see in that industry. The world’s trending health and wellness fads come and go li
Many of us were ready to leave 2022 behind, for one reason or one hundred. And while we love busting myths here at Foodtrainers, one debatable trend that we are decidedly in support of are the much maligned New Year's resolutions that dominate
We recently received a message for a topic suggestion that we’ve avoided tackling for a long time, but it’s a big one. Many people experience the effects of cognitive issues as they get older, either personally or in someone they love. While we
“I can’t lose weight.” “Weight loss isn’t working for me.” “Nothing I try makes a difference.” We’ve observed many of our clients facing this hopelessness – even when there’s evidence that weight loss has been working. So, why is this such a co
Timing is so important – from what you eat, to what you do, to the supplements you take – sometimes the when can matter just as much as the what. The best time for anything is the time that you can do it. So, if timing things is creating enough
Many people think of testosterone in terms of men, but rarely do we hear it discussed regarding women. But testosterone is an important hormone for all people, and it performs a similar function in every body, affecting mood, metabolism, and mu
When it comes to what we keep in our house, some people like to have an abundance of food in their pantries, while others like to keep it down to just the necessities. We’re going to talk about pantry staples, what you should always have on han
We try to take a stance on most topics, but it’s always a matter of balancing nutrition and pleasure. If health was the only variable, there would be plenty of things that we should all cut from our diets completely. And dairy is one of those t
We’re going to dive into some real-life scenarios from some of our Foodtrainers clients – anonymously, of course – that can be applied universally to all of you. From examples of clients struggling with motivation, feeling like their diet is de
We are constantly trying to learn more from the “Blue Zone” areas of the world – or regions that have an unusually high longevity rate. As more research is done, it’s appearing that a component known as polyphenols may be a large contributor to
If you’re not feeling your best during COVID, there are a number of things you can do to get back to peak performance. https://foodtrainers.com/61-how-a-nutritionist-loses-weight/ (Last week), Lauren shared some of the dieting changes she made
It can be a pet peeve when people are sharing their personal results without the aid of studies. Everyone is so different, after all. But there is some value in knowing what the experts themselves do, and that they each face similar challenges
We’re getting ready to reenter the public as the pandemic winds down. One negative aspect of that is the urge to compare ourselves to others we haven’t seen in some time. Even if you don’t think this is something you struggle with, you may be d
This week, we’re running The Fix: our one-week reset program. As we all begin to reenter life, you may want to reboot your diet to give it a jumpstart. Over one week, Fix participants do an accelerated diet consisting of no booze, no added suga
Every action causes a reaction, and that’s as true of what you put into your body as anything else. We all have questions about the side effects of commonly prescribed medication, so our goal this week is to learn a little bit more about them.
We get a lot of questions about our go-to foods and supplements. Today, we’re going to bring you the Foodtrainers’ Favorites: our guide to the essentials for different parts of your day. From food, drink, and snacks to condiments and alcohol, w
We continue our discussion of “Seaspiracy” from a nutritionist’s perspective. In the film, they highlight an extreme example of farmed fish infested with sea lice. This is a particularly awful case, but how prevalent is lice in farmed fish? Sho
A popular Netflix conservation documentary, Seaspiracy, has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It provides a certain perspective on issues affecting the oceans and marine life. The documentary covers a lot of issues — some better than others. T
Clean wine has been trending lately as a healthier way to enjoy wine. You know that we love wine here at Foodtrainers, and any way to make that healthier is worth exploring in our book! In the name of research, we did a clean wine taste test. W
Food habits are a result, not a cause. It can be difficult — even impossible — to fix disordered eating when what’s causing it lies unresolved below the surface. Much of that starts in our childhood. It’s only by sifting through our past and re
I can’t believe we have to say this, but, it’s okay to want to lose weight! Under the guise of body positivity, it’s become taboo to talk about weight loss on social media. We’re going to dive into some of the messaging around wanting to lose w
There’s an undeniable shift with the seasons. With spring especially, there’s a glimmer of hope and an opportunity for change. Spring cleaning is a concept most people are familiar with, but we’re going to put a little spin on it: how do we "sp
We end every episode of Foodtrainers with a question from our listeners, but we’ve gotten so many lately so we decided to dedicate this whole episode to your questions! We get into how much water to drink, decreasing meal portions, calorie coun
Cancer is one of the great tragedies of our world. The rate and risk of cancer from your mid-40’s onward begins to skyrocket. What can we do to increase our odds of dodging this terrible disease? Oncology is not our specialty here at Foodtraine
Would you spend 5 minutes a day to nearly double your chances of sticking with your weight loss goal? One piece of advice that hasn’t changed since Foodtrainers first started is also one of the most important skills for improving nutrition: Tra
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