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How to Use Creative Investing Strategies to Turbocharge your Real Estate Portfolio ft. Cody Sperber, Founder, Clever Investor & 100 Million Academy on Founders Club Summary: Are you waiting with cash on the sidelines so that you can re-enter the markets after a steep correction? Do you think that the real estate market has peaked and good deals have totally dried up? Think again! Our guest for today, Cody Sperber is the founder of Clever Investor and 100 Million Academy. In today’s show, Cody shares some creative financing strategies that can help you earn great returns from real estate – even in the current climate. Virtual real estate wholesaling, “subject-to” deals, wraparound mortgages…Cody walks us through these any many more real estate investing strategies in today’s show.   Additionally, you will learn how, in the wake of COVID, Cody is strategizing to build a giant money machine by investing in small rentals. We wrap up this show by sharing some great apps for making data-driven investing decisions. We hope you enjoy this show! Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Cody’s background information  03:14 – Virtual Real Estate Wholesale? What’s that? Cody explains in simple terms 11:09 – Expert tips for taking your Instagram game to the next level 12:37 – How often should you post on Instagram? 13:08 – Is it a good idea to add long captions to a post? 14:12 – Advantages of having 10,000 followers on Instagram 15:43 – Typically, how much does it cost for a large group to give you a shout out? 17:09 – Building engagement and creating raving fans 19:09 – Recommended app for creating captions on Instagram 21:29 – What has COVID impacted the real estate market as a whole? Cody shares some great insights 22:44 – After a 10-year bull run, are the real estate markets set for a steep correction? 23:53 – In the current scenario, is Cody coming across motivated sellers who are eager to cash out? 25:23 – Example of a creative financing deal that Cody strikes on a routine basis 27:25 – Are rental rates in working-class neighborhoods prone to volatility? 27:49 – Some little-know creative financing strategies 27:49 – Subject-To vs. Wraparound mortgage – what the pros and cons of each investing strategy? 30:54 – What is an “all-inclusive contract for deed”? 35:08 – Cody shares how he has evolved his investing strategy in the wake of COVID 38:09 – Building a giant money machine by investing in small rentals 41:49 – How can you learn more about these creative financing strategies? 50:20 – What advice did Cody’s mentor give him – that he follows to this day?  52:13 – Cody shares his favorite apps 52:39 – How to leverage app/software for following up with your investors and striking a deal 56:13 – Making data-driven decisions for evaluating home-owner finances and making smart investing decisions 01:00:48 – Looking back, is there anything that Cody wishes he could have done differently?   Quotes: “With the money game-changing right now, I believe there's going to be the largest transfer of wealth we've ever seen. Ever.” “I don't have a money problem. I have a creativity problem. I have a problem thinking so traditionally that I couldn't get out of my own way.” “You got to create a success habit of getting out of the education world as fast as possible through active deal-making. You'll learn through screwing stuff up.” “You start a business, you hire 10 people. If we can get 100,000 entrepreneurs to start a business, and they all hire 10 people, it gets a lot better, right?” Resources: Founder’s Club Deal Automator Clever Skip Tracing 100 Million Academy
Have you dismissed TikTok as a frivolous social media platform solely meant for “singing and dancing” teenagers? If yes, you are missing out on a gargantuan opportunity to supercharge your business. Our guest for today, Rachel Peterson is the founder of Social Media United. Rachel has more than 439,000 followers on TikTok and is a part of the two-comma club on Click Funnels.  In today’s show, Rachel puts to rest some wrong, preconceived notions about TikTok and reveals various hacks to leverage this amazing tool for your business. When it comes to online marketing and getting leads, how does TikTok stack up against tried and tested platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Is it true that TikTok caters to an extremely young demographic? Can you generate business from TikTok if you are a traditional business targeting an older, more established audience?  Additionally, we also discuss TikTok’s Chinese origins and discuss if you should be worried about data security at all. We hope you enjoy this show! Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Rachel’s background information  01:40 – Why TikTok is THE best ultimate social media platform for promoting your business 03:12 – Is TikTok overly frivolous? 05:20 – Talking demographics – what is the age of a typical TikTok user? Should you advertise if you are targeting an older demographic? 09:50 – Considering that TikTok is a Chinese platform, should you worry about data security? 11:48 – Instagram vs. TikTok – how do they stack up? 13:56 – How Rachel managed to build a 439,000-follower base on TikTok in a very short time 14:58 – Using TikTok to supercharge other social media platforms 17:05 – Expert tips for creating viral TikTok videos 19:53 – How to create easily editable TikTok videos 21:49 – How to discover trending topics on the internet 23:26 – Is it a good idea to buy a pre-created TikTok account with a sizeable following? 24:50 – What are the two kinds of TikTok videos? 28:35 – How often should you post on TikTok? 30:03 – Rachel shares her contact information 30:53 – Different ways to convert a lead into a buyer on TikTok 32:44 – How can you get a business or pro account on TikTok? 34:33 – Can you run pay per click ads on TikTok? 37:15 – How can you connect with your target audience on TikTok? 39:38 – Discussing lighting and camera set-up 44:49 – Some awesome tools that Rachel cannot live without Quotes: “My personal favorite is to get them on my list or get them into the front end of a funnel, and then just nurture them the rest of the way like I would with any other traffic source.” “I love evergreen educational content because there's a snowball effect of having all that on my profile.” “We've got the four E's: we've got entertainment, and engagement and emotion. And then we also have evergreen content.” “The beautiful thing is you have a marketing piece that can generate an exponential amount of views. In fact, right now we're averaging almost a million video views per day just on my platform alone.” Resources: Founder’s Club Rachel’s Website Canva Active Campaign Dollar Eighty
Are you having trouble scaling your online business? Are you looking for some inspiration…that extra “push” to turbocharge you ahead? Our guest for today, Cole Joseph is the Founder of Cole’s Classroom. Cole recently sold his eight-year old business for eight-figures. In today’s show, Cole shares how he managed to scale up his business and achieve this incredible feat. Back in 2010, Cole started his wedding photography business, but soon realized how difficult it was to scale and grow in a traditional business set-up. A chance encounter with a friend made Cole realize the incredible potential of venturing out into the online world. And the rest, as they say, is history. In today’s show, Cole reveals why webinars are one of the best lead-generation platforms. From creating content to pitching your offer to different marketing strategies for monetizing your leads, Cole reveals some great nuggets today. He also shares how staying authentic helped him make his mark in a competitive industry. And, he reveals some of the biggest lessons that he learned from his dream exit. We hope you enjoy this show! Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Cole’s background information  02:39 – Why does Cole primarily rely on webinars for generating leads? 04:25 – Webinar strategies for real estate 06:10 – The two MAIN components of a webinar: The Content and Your Offer 09:54 – Live webinars vs. Evergreen webinars – which is the best option for you? 12:48 – How to split test and come with a winning and high-converting webinar topic 15:05 – How to conduct research and find trending webinar topics for real estate 17:32 – Recommended tool for YouTube Analytics 18:06 – Webinar framework, and how to seamlessly make an offer 20:12 – Using the ladder approach to convert your webinar leads 21:32 – What is the ideal length for a webinar?  22:10 – The TWO Metrics to consider while evaluating the performance of your webinar 24:45 – How to monetize your leads 26:50 – Understanding profitability and making money on the back-end 32:20 – Which is the best webinar software for you? 37:08 – Coles backstory 37:08 – The AH-HA moment – From wedding photography to an online business 42:28 – Quitting our day jobs to focus full-time on Cole’s Classroom 43:16 – Leveraging paid media to supercharge sales from $100,000 to $1.5 million 46:43 – How I almost quit in my first-year 52:33 – The turning point 50:55 – How to make your mark in an intensely competitive market 57:16 – How to segment your opt-ins to get increased engagement and conversions 01:01:52 – How authenticity can help you carve out your own unique space 01:13:34 – How to build a loyal following on the internet 01:15:53 – Is building a Facebook group still a good first-step for starting an online business? 01:20:44 – Making your customers feel special 01:22:12 – Recommended starter tool for creating videos 01:23:36 – The dream exit – Creating an eight-figure business in eight-years 01:24:46 – Future plans for Cole’s Classroom 01:26:16 – Biggest lessons learned from the acquisition 01:30:12 – Cole shares his morning routine 01:31:15 – Looking back, what is the one thing that Cole wishes he could have done sooner? 01:32:12 – Get in touch with Cole!   Quotes: “You got to have balls to put out a bunch of money today. Knowing that you may not see it again, or if you do, it might not be for another year.” “I genuinely despise the guru mentality, the Lamborghinis, the mansions and just in general Picture- Perfect Instagram profiles. That all is bullshit.” “Do the opposite. Do the opposite of that Instagram picture-perfect. And just share reality, share the truth. Because there's nothing that's more inspirational.” “Never underestimate how far you can take something.” Resources: Founder’s Club Cole’s Facebook Page Loom Cole’s Classroom
Are you constantly worried that your real estate investments are not adequately protected? Worried that an innocent mistake can take away all the assets that you have worked so hard for? Our guest for today, Clint Coons is an attorney and real asset protection expert. He is the founder and managing partner at Anderson Law Group. In this episode, Clint joins Oliver to reveal the right legal structure for your real estate investments so that your assets are properly protected from litigation and creditors. Today, Oliver walks you through the nitty-gritty of creating an LLC to house your real estate investments. If done the right way, you can create a separate legal entity that can safely house your prized real estate assets.  Other topics discussed on this show include how to set up a land trust, C Corp’s vs. S Corp’s, benefits of forming an out-of-state LLC, and the different costs for setting up an LLC. We hope you enjoy this show!  Tune in now! Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Clint’s background information 01:46 – Two Biggest Takeaways after buying 100 properties 01:46 – Things to keep in mind while buying out-of-state properties 06:02 – Will housing your real estate assets in an LLC help you adequately protect your assets? 07:34 – How to create a legal structure that grants you anonymity 09:44 – Will you encounter any issues with your lender if you use an LLC? 11:27 – Are you and your assets legally protected if you use an LLC?  13:58 – Can a lender pushback your loan application if you are trying to invest as an LLC? 16:20 – Setting up a land trust to protect your primary residence 17:20 – Who controls the land trust – the trustee or the beneficiary? 21:03 – Benefits of setting up an LLC as a trustee  22:06 – How to use LLC’s to adequately protect your real estate rental investments 25:53 – Can you save your tax dollars by using a C Corp? Are C Corps better than S Corps? 28:56 – Learn how you can get Clint’s Real Estate Asset Protection book for FREE! 30:04 – Can you protect your real estate assets if you are staying in a litigious state like California? 00:37:24 – Forming an out-of-state LLC 00:40:57 – The Basics - How to set up an LLC 00:42:50 – What is the cost of setting up an LLC? 00:43:24 – Best states for setting up an LLC 00:45:23 – Should you hire a fire to set up an LLC? 00:46:36 – Typical costs for setting up an LLC 00:48:34 – Do you need to set up a separate LLC for each property? 00:49:49 – What is the benefit of setting up your LLC as a partnership? 00:54:20 – Clint shares his contact information   Quotes: “I've been in the process in the last two years of cutting all that stuff out of my portfolio, and sticking with the concentrations of where I have the majority of the investments.” “You're going to have to close in your own name because it's a personal residence, but then I would transfer it to a land trust and I would set my land trust up with a nominee trustee.” “When you run your business as an S corp because it's a flow-through all that activity shows up on your 1040 and lenders know you're in business for yourself.” “And if you do not understand the risk, you then will not be able to appreciate the risk and by failing to appreciate the risk, you're going to take action that will possibly result in you going through bankruptcy, losing all of your assets.” Resources: Founder’s Club Clint’s Real Estate Protection Book
Has your real estate business taken a hit due to the pandemic? Are you looking for some powerful yet actionable tips so that your business can be an outlier in this floundering economy?  Our guest for today, Kevin Ward is the CEO and Founder of Yes Masters. Kevin is a “No B.S. Real Estate Success Coach” who started training agents back in 2012. In this episode, Kevin joins Oliver to reveal some great hacks that will enable real estate agents not only protect but also grow their business in the wake of COVID. COVID has had a telling effect on the American economy. And some experts claim that the ongoing situation is far worse that the 2008 financial crisis. The real estate market has not been spared either as we are witnessing a huge mismatch between supply and demand.  In today’s show, Kevin reveals why, contrary to popular perception, right now is the THE BEST TIME for real estate agents – if they play their cards right. From popular real estate opportunities to investment philosophies to success mantras, this show is loaded with some immense value guaranteed to help you out. We hope you enjoy this show!  Tune in now! Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Kevin’s background information 02:19 – Selling 100+ homes a year  02:50 - Importance of a good work-life balance 03:27 - The Seven domains of life to FOCUS on 05:44 – Finding alignment in life 10:01 – Leveraging the power of visualization for long-term success  11:20 – Being next-level focused 14:29 – Short-term pain for huge long-term gains 15:44 – Bootstrapping Yes Masters; Kevin quits his job to pursue his dream 19:11 – Spending money after coaching (even when I did not have it) 21:43 – Kevin’s big WHY that attracted him to real estate coaching 23:33 – Helping people fulfil their dreams 24:43 – From agent producer to author coach 27:30 – Advice for broker owners who wish to hone their leadership skills    28:39 – Learning the art of public speaking and communicating from renowned voice coach, Roger Love 30:16 – K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple, Stupid; The McDonald’s Approach to Real Estate Investing 30:47 – Hiring a showing agent to do your legwork and scaling up your business 33:57 – Why you should focus your lead generation efforts on sellers rather than buyers 37:50 – Why right now is THE BEST TIME for real estate agents 37:50 – What is the impact of COVID on the real estate market and the larger macroeconomy? 45:53 – Discussing the utter lack of professionally trained agents 49:38 – Using attraction marketing to develop long-term relationships with clients 00:51:36 – The Four Superpowers of SUCCESS 00:51:36 - #1 Commitment 00:51:55 - #2 Competence 00:52:07 - #3 Compassion 00:53:30 - #4 Courage 00:54:08 – Pricing strategies to help you protect and grow your real estate business during COVID 01:00:18 – Open house vs. Scheduling showings – which is the best option for selling real estate? 01:00:55 – Strategies for making sales in a high supply-low demand market 01:02:45 – How to make the most of the current situation 01:03:33 – What are some good pockets of opportunities in the real estate market right now? 01:04:27 – Is it a good time to cash out so that you can reposition at a later date? 01:09:50 – How to target sellers who are downsizing right now 01:11:12 – Can you make money off short sales right now? 01:13:24 – Recap of all the best opportunities in the real estate market 01:15:12 – Sellers are frogs and buyers are snails – Kevin explains his analogy in simple terms 01:18:06 – Kevin shares his mixed-method approach for real estate investing 01:23:45 – How a burning desire to be the best can help you overcome the most challenging situations  01:25:04 – What are some key attributes that helped Kevin’s star agent reach a million dollars in 26-months flat? 01:26:27 – Want to learn the nuances of nuances of Agent Mastery LIVE 01:28:33 – How to track data for real estate investing 01:30:02 – What should be your investing strategy in the wake of COVID? 01:33:32 – Market Crash or Buying Opportunity  01:34:40 – How can hiring a coach help you out? 01:38:44 – Why being intentional is the need of the hour 01:40:20 – How to gain referrals and grow your business 01:42:15 – The FIVE levels of success   Quotes: “I don't care about your money. I care about your dreams. Because I will fight for your dreams if you're willing to fight for them.” “The moment you commit to become the best, you just got better.” "The standard of competence for me is being the best in the market." “When buyer’s want something, they got to be excited about it. And when they want something, the fund reasons to do it.” “I can spend time and effort to get business. That is prospecting. I can spend money to get business. That is marketing. I can build relationships and get top of the mind awareness, and get results. And people line up.” “I'm not just here to get a paycheck. I'm here to build a relationship and part of that is I want to do such a good job that I get more business from you because of that.” Resources: Founder’s Club Yes Masters  
Casey Zeman is a father of three and still growing his business faster than ever.   Casey is Founder and CEO of Easy Webinar, the only software platform that combines webinar technology and marketing strategy into one. He is a best selling author, podcast host, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create content that makes deep connections with their audience. We wanted to find out how Casey Zeman has managed to grow his business, the hacks he uses to reach his goals, and building a team that freed up his time.  “I’ve had to let more things go… giving up control is difficult for control freaks and I consider myself one of them.” -Casey Zeman Some Topics We Discussed Include: A daily schedule that juggles 3 kids while growing a business A major factor to stop wasting your time The 1 thing that will keep your team on track Building a team to free up time (and double profits!) A new content strategy to connect with customers 5 growth hacks to build a bridge to your goals Instagram strategies for building a personal brand How to hone your Social Blade A new campaign that’s bringing influencers together The 1% who can actually improve your software Why you need alter-egos to tackle different situations
Are you late to the social media game? Struggling with the intense competition, and looking for some expert tips to build an monetize all that traffic? Our guest for today, Zach Benson is the CEO and Founder of Assistagram, an Instagram marketing agency. Zach’s agency can help you build up a sizeable Instagram following in a passive, hands-off manner. In this episode, Zach joins Oliver to reveal some little known-marketing strategies guaranteed to boost your visibility on Instagram. Are you better off purchasing an established Instagram group? Or should you attempt to build a group from scratch? How can you network with other influencers and leverage their followings to build up your own loyal fan base? What can you expect to charge per paid post? And is it possible to barter marketing services with free hotel stay This show is full of actionable tips guaranteed to help you out. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 00:00 – Zach’s background information 01:47 – The book the INSPIRED Zach to give back to society 04:20 – What was Zach’s biggest takeaway after devoting a year of his life to social service? 05:25 – Zach struggle to find his birth parents and get in touch with his Korean roots 06:40 – A back injury cuts short Zach’s dancing career 07:03 – With no plan B in sight, Zach decides to invest his last $10,000 in an Instagram account opportunity? 09:00 – Rationale for purchasing an Instagram account 11:12 – Using Instagram marketing to get 800 FREE nights at some of the world’s most luxurious properties! 12:35 – Zach explains his modus operandi 15:28 – Buying an Instagram account vs. Building one from scratch – which is the better option for you? 18:36 – How can you find a lucrative Instagram account to invest in? 21:52 – Should you pay thousands of dollars for an Instagram account?  What are the different deals you can structure to drive profitability? 23:30 – Leveraging Instagram for real estate marketing 24:43 – Will you see a major dip in follower after going for a content overhaul? 25:33 – How to generate advertising revenues from your Instagram account through paid posts 28:00 – How many accounts does Zach typically review before zeroing in on a winning one? 30:23 – Expert strategies to grow your follower base once you buy an account 31:40 –Typically, how much will you end up paying for putting up a paid post on a popular Instagram account?   33:45 – Diversification is the key to success 35:07 – How is Zach helping Russell Bronson market his company, Click Funnels 36:03 – Is Instagram an effective platform for building up your brand visibility? 36:56 – Should you use any automation tools for your Instagram Marketing? 38:03 – Personal pages vs. Business page – which is the better option for you? 40:10 – Should you outsource the management of your Instagram account to experts? 40:10 – How can Zach’s agency, Assistagram help you and your business? 42:30 – How much Zach charge for his services? 43:25 – Does Zach guarantee growth? What can you expect once you sign up? 44:20 – Great bang for the buck; how an Instagram account can help you build you brand visibility 45:42 – Does Zach and his team broker Instagram account sales? 47:30 – Currently, what kind of content is getting the best engagement on Instagram? 50:05 – How did Zach first discover that it was possible to barter his services for free hotel stays? 50:22 – What kind of deliverables does Zach offer when bartering his services for a free hotel stay? 58:44 – How big of an account do you need before can get hotels interested in your barter services? 01:05:30 – One thing that Zach wish he knew sooner Quotes: “Treat everyone as an important human being and just see them for where they're at”. “You never know what's going on in somebody's life. You never know what their story is, what battle they're going through, until you sit down. You talk to them”. “Keep doing that. Keep growing and keep monetizing it. And then use it to get whatever you want, whether it's like suits, or like new equipment or new gear, nice restaurants or hotels. Like there's a lot of things that you can use it for”. “The key is, is that once you buy an account, you network with other people who have bigger accounts than you”.   Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Assistagram
Are you a real estate agent or investor worried about the impact of the virus outbreak on the real estate markets? Are you struggling to keep your business afloat in the wake of the pandemic? Our guest for today, Grant Cardone does not really need an introduction. Grant is a real estate mogul who has built a $2 Billion fortune from scratch. In this episode, Grant joins Oliver to reveal a strikingly fresh perspective on the real estate and housing market. How can you make the most of the current situation to survive AND thrive? Grant shares how the current state of fear and uncertainty has given rise to some lucrative business opportunities in real estate.  This show is full of actionable tips guaranteed to help you stand out in a tough market. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 01:34 – Grant shares his success mantra  04:32 – Market crash or real estate opportunity? 07:57 – Are the markets showing a knee-jerk reaction to COVID-19? 08:21 – What can real estate agents do to fill up their sales pipeline? 11:55 – From not being able to afford rent to owning $2 billion in real estate  12:32 – Do you have the right vehicle for success? 13:26 – Do we have an emotional need to buy the house of our dreams? 14:50 – Was there a spike in the housing market right after 9/11? 15:54 – Will the current situation result in greater demand for large houses in suburbs? 16:14 – How to make the perfect real estate pitch in the wake of the virus outbreak 19:10 – Will things get uglier before they start getting better again? 21:27 – Expert tips for surviving the imminent market crash  25:56 – How to pivot your messaging  31:51 – Grant shares how he raised 360 million dollars through social media in 2019 34:13 – Is this a good time to hunt for real estate bargains? Grant shares his perspective 34:22 – Will the work-from-home model suppress demand for commercial office space? Can we expect any tax incentives for homeowners shortly? 37:27 – What effect will the virus outbreak have on multi-family investing? 38:47 – Should you be analysing your real estate deals differently right now? 41:20 – Grant shares his biggest real estate wins 44:37 – Looking back, what is the ONE THING Grant would have done differently? 47:37 – Grant’s parting advice – Follow the money   Quotes: “It was a mental game before corona. It's even more mental now”.   “You can have the right attitude, you can have the right strategy, but if you don't have a vehicle that can propel you to Mars, you're not going to get there no matter how much you think about Mars, or how much you draw spaceships”.   “Fear is an indicator that you haven't accepted that the boogey-man is about to tear your face off”.   “I'd rather go to hell than sit in purgatory and wait it out”. “I would tell you kids, follow the money. Go don't follow your heart. Don't follow your passion. Don't worry about what you're good at. Follow the money”.   Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Grant Cardone
How can you pivot your digital marketing strategy in the wake of the coronavirus? What tips and tricks can you utilize to give your business more visibility and generate more leads in these trying times? Our guest for today, John Lincoln is the CEO and Founder of Ignite Visibility. In today’s show, John goes down the rabbit hole and discusses a bunch of marketing strategies guaranteed to give you the competitive edge. From lead generation to follow-up, we share how you can communicate effectively with your prospects and bump up your conversions. Tools discussed in today’s show include YouTube ads, Facebook ads, HARO, Google Search Console and much, much more.... We hope you enjoy this show! Key Takeaways: 01:09 – How to pivot your marketing response in the wake of COVID-19 05:28 – Communication and risk reversal 07:51 – Will your marketing be perceived as too “salesy” give the current situation? 11:19 – John explains how to leverage HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for media outreach 14:03 - How to make the perfect pitch on HARO 16:10 – “Digital” refresh strategy for real estate 16:10 - How to build an online business model to acquire and retarget leads in the real estate niche 20:39 – How to follow up with leads who show intent 22:23 – YouTube ads vs. Facebook ads – which is the best option for real estate marketing? 22:23 – Typically, how long should it take you to set up a YouTube ad? 24:32 – Do unedited ads shot on iPhone work better on YouTube? 25:32 – How to set up an ad campaign in YouTube 28-38 – Lead generation strategies for real estate marketers 31:35 – How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected ad spend? 37:38 – Web scraping as a tool for lead prospecting 39:04 – Best practices for marketing success on LinkedIn 41:27 – How to leverage LinkedIn groups to further engagement 42:52 – Is the demographic on LinkedIn more suitable for real estate marketing? 43:17 – Should you come up with a new offer than is more aligned with the current scenario? 46:04 – Creative ideas for virtual networking  49:00 – Check out our previous show with Travis Thom and learn how to conduct virtual open houses 50:44 – How to (efficiently) shoot a video on YouTube and gain maximum exposure 55:31 – How to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO 56:30 – Can you use infographics to market your offer? 58:58 – What about evergreen webinars? Are they still a good tool for real estate marketing? 01:01:44 – John shares a quick synopsis of his book, “The Forecaster Method” 01:05:27 – Latest SEO updates that you should be aware of 01:10:17 – Does your domain name matter? Will a “.com” domain name manage to pull in more traffic? 01:12:11 – How can you determine you page load speed?   Quotes: “Just go from the gut. Tell what you really feel and be authentic. Try to get real specific with the audiences and scale out” “We went into all the industries that were doing well and we doubled our media spend and we're able to make up almost all the revenue lost. We actually ended up having our biggest month”. “So, what's that one main topic...that one main term, and then create more and more videos around it and just keep on growing your authority around that cluster”. Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Ignite Visibility HARO
Are you a real estate agent or builder struggling to market real estate properties after the virus outbreak? Looking for some creative marketing solutions to rejuvenate your business activity? Our guest for today, Travis Thom, Elevated Marketing REM is a Facebook expert who specializes in real estate. In this episode, Travis joins Oliver to reveal how you can set up and promote a virtual open house using Facebook ads. You will learn how to build audiences, garner engagement, leverage Facebook Lives, and then retarget your warm audiences. This show is full of actionable tips guaranteed to help you stand out in a tough market. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 01:28 – What exactly is a virtual open house? 01:38 – Plummeting Facebook ad costs due to the virus outbreak 02:30 – Step-by-step workflow for setting up and promoting a virtual open house 05:15 – Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience 06:57 – Using Facebook Live to generate leads 09:54 – Travis shares how he first started using this strategy a year-and-a half back 10:50 – Validation – how Travis used this strategy to sell $600K houses in a single week 12:34 – How to use Facebook ads to promote an open house 16:18 – Leveraging Facebook Lives 16:18 – How to brand your Facebook Lives 18:14 – Converting your Lives to video view ads  22:33 – How to accurately gauge the lead’s intent 25:08 – Tools required to shoot an open house 28:00 – How to pull in organic AND paid traffic for your virtual open house 31:37 – Best practices for shooting an engaging Facebook Live 38:15 – How to send out a Facebook Live to your mailing list  39:49 – Recommended tools for creating Facebook creatives 42:05 – Using Facebook images that maximize engagement 44:44 – Why creating an engagement ad is way better than boosting your post 46:56 – What is the ideal daily ad-spend and audience size? 47:50 – Will your quality of leads deteriorate if your audience size is too big? 49:40 – Will your ad costs go up if your audience is niche and really small? 53:55 – Typically, for how long do you need to run your Facebook ads for an event like a virtual open house? 55:20 – How many people can you expect to attend your open house after running a digital marketing campaign? 59:28 - Retargeting strategies for reaching out to your warm audience 01:04:35 – Can you target a wide audience using zero targeting on Facebook? 01:05:21 – Is Facebook’s AI powerful enough to read images? 01:08:22 – Is Facebook really spying on us?  01:12:45 – How to repurpose your content to generate multiple touch points with a leads 01:12:45 – Creating blog posts from videos 01:15:39 – Creating content for HGTV and Instagram 01:17:28 – Can digital marketing help other businesses that are badly impacted by the virus outbreak?   Quotes: “So right now, we're seeing throughout most of Facebook, it's like about a 50% surge of traffic. We have not seen this kind of explosion in a long time. So there's a ton of eyeballs on Facebook. And so what that equates to in terms of ads and ad spend right now is that Facebook ads are almost on sale”. “In marketing closing the gap is really the name of the game”. “If you want people to click on it and respond to the event, then you really need to tap into the Facebook ad manager and choose engagement as the objective”. “As real estate professionals can now use data to target homeowners and sellers and buyers to a degree that no one's ever been able to do in human history”.   Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Elevated REM Travis Thom Kapwing Facebook Ads Zillow  
How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind In the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic ft. Michael Bernhoff on Founders Club Summary: Are you struggling to deal with overwhelm and anxiety in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic? Worried about financial repercussions? Struggling to adapt to the “work-from-home” lifestyle? Looking for some help to reign in negativity and swing into action mode?  Michael Bernhoff is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in the personal and professional development industry. In this episode, Bernhoff joins Oliver to reveal how you can reprogram your subconscious mind to better deal with your personal and professional life in the wake of the virus outbreak. You will learn how to advertise, communicate, protect and grow your business in these trying times. This show is a particularly relevant and inspiring one considering the current situation, and is full of actionable tips to help you out. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 01:53 – Why effective communication (with others and with yourself) is the key in these trying times 03:42 – Wake-up call for all us  06:16 – How can we reign in negativity right now? 07:20 – The FOUR big areas of marketing 08:44 – Importance of visualizing life beyond COVID-19 11:17 – Language – your greatest asset  13:07 – How are mentally tough business owners dealing with this crisis? 13:27 – Being brutally honest with employees 14:41 – How reaching out to your customers can help you protect your business 16:12 – Has life been too easy for us? 18:50 – Creativity will see you through 20:51 – Innovative ideas for selling real estate 25:42 – The THREE P’s of success 25:42 – Adapt and PIVOT 26:06 – PROGRESS – are you expanding your circle of influence? 28:15 – PROSPER – every cloud has a silver lining 29:09 – Displaying empathy and doing your bit for the society 34:02 – Leveraging your transferable skill-sets for a career change 36:02 – NOW IS THE TIME  37:58 – With competition at all-time low, this is THE TIME to work on your business 39:33 – How Michael is going all out, working for the greater good, and in the process, building incredible brand goodwill 43:11 – Do we have a propensity for negativity? 48:47 – Getting the right perspective 50:25 – What actions can you take to reign in negativity, and combat the current situation? 55:35 – This is not going to go on forever 58:16 – The idle mind is the devil’s workshop 59:49 – Feeling down and out? Simple hacks to help you get started 01:03:00 – Need help overcoming a negative mindset? Go to Call 2 Action or text the word “Future” to 202-759-4210 01:05:39 – How to avoid being impacted by negative news 01:09:35 – Going digital to protect your business 01:11:34 – Morning routine to set you up for a productive day  01:14:40 – How to deal with negative people in your life 01:18:37 – How to market your business considering the changing dynamics? 01:25:12 – Parenting tips for dealing with kids while you are stuck at home 01:29:21 – Flipping the problem to help you cultivate the right mindset 01:39:40 – Looking back, what is the one thing that Michael would have done differently?   Quotes: “The next 10 years of your life are going to be defined whether you got stuck to Netflix, or you did what needed to get done”. “Communication is the most underdeveloped and underutilized asset that we have as human beings”. “We will be judged as human beings in the next 90 days on how we live, how you treat your money, how you treat people what you do right now, the next 10 years of your life are going to be defined whether you got stuck to Netflix, or you did what needed to get done”. “There's never been anybody that in this world that was reliant on others that succeeded permanently”. “My wife and I putting in 100 hours a day, right? Right now, because you like sports, how do you win a game? Someone has to screw up. Somebody dropped the ball, and I'm going to pick it up and I'm running into the end zone”. “Success is dramatically inconvenient”. “We are in a land grab for eyeball right now” “It is easier to be negative because it takes zero effort and the unconscious mind wants the easiest path”. “We are bigger than what we're dealing with”. “If you lose everything, you don't lose everything. Because the man you are today is a person that has things you didn't have before”. “The idle mind is the devil's playground. When we're making progress, we feel good. Have you ever met anybody that was depressed while they were doing push ups?” “The world rewards those in motion. Get moving”.  “It's time to accept the power of your own influence”. Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Michael’s Website Call to Action
What is the secret sauce to Jesse Itzler’s phenomenal success? His grit? His zen-like focus? Or maybe his utter lack of self-doubt?  Jesse is a rapper, author, and founder of The 100 Mile Group and Marquis Jets. The 100 Mile group is the brand incubator behind Zico Coconut water. And Marquis Jets, the world’s largest private jet-card company was acquired by Warren Buffet’s NetJets in 2010. Jesse also founded a sports music company that was sold to SFX in 1998.  In this episode, Itzler joins Oliver to explain how he managed to find success in myriad different businesses. He shares how he managed to pitch his big ideas to some of the biggest corporations and most influential individuals as a young twenty-something with zero business experience.  Jesse also reveals some of the most valuable life lessons that he learned after he invited the toughest guy he ever met, an ex-SEAL to move in with his wife, Sara Blakely, and their kids.  This show will be particularly interesting to entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for some effective ways to UPLEVEL their businesses and lives. We hope you enjoy this show!   Key Takeaways: 02:32 – Jesse signs up with “Delicious Vinyl” 03:05 – Performing in front of an unruly crowd at the Georgia Dome 05:43 – Is your business low on aggravation and high on rewards? 08:16 – How Jesse got into the music industry 08:16 – His BIG AH-HA moment: An important, $160,000 lesson 11:43 – Jesse starts approaching record labels 13:15 – Moves to NYC to make his mark 14:10 – The cassette that changed Jesse’s life and landed him his first-ever record deal 17:47 – Jesse’s BIG mistake 18:42 – Moves back to NYC 19:14 – Jesse ventures into sports music 19:22 – Song for NY Knicks climbs to #1 on NY Radio  20:18 – Sells his company to SFX 20:45 – How I co-founded Marquis Jets, the world’s largest private jet-card company 20:45 – The BIG IDEA 21:44 – Pitches his business idea to Warren Buffet’s, NetJets 24:03 – Sells Marquis Jets to NetJets 24:15 – Closing Jennifer Loppez, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon 30:21 – Runs 100-miles for charity 31:00 – How I started Zico Coco Water 31:48 – Partners with Zico and Coca-Cola 32:15 – How to overcome self-doubt and influence people 33:19 – Writing an engaging business email 35:12 – Power of clean-slate thinking 35:34 – Overcoming your fear of being embarrassed 36:34 – Funny story about how Jesse met Sarah, his wife 38:08 – Self-doubt, your biggest enemy 38:25 – How I invited the toughest guy I ever met to move in with my family 50:05 – The 40% Rule: How to go from being good to fucking great 51:32 – Pushing through pain while running a marathon 54:02 – Jumping into a frozen lake to overcome mental inhibitions 59:15 – #1 thing behind Jesse’s success 01:01:04 – Takeaways from Jesse’s book, “Living with a Navy SEAL” 01:01:18 – Jesse’s guiding philosophy: “Remember Tomorrow” 01:03:11 – Structuring your daily routine   Quotes: “You want to do stuff in your life that is low on the aggravation meter with the most reward”. “It’s very important to reset your goals every few years and actually write them down”. “You find your purpose. Your purpose is at the intersection of what you are good at, what you like to do, and what is good for the world”. “Self-doubt is the biggest enemy of success. If we can eliminate the self-talk in our head, we will be more successful in all the areas of our life” “You can’t get better getting the same thing every day”. “The limitations that you put on yourself are self-imposed”. “When your brain says that you are done, you still have 40% more”. “When you ignore the tap on the shoulder and you tap into your reserve tank that is the difference between good and fucking great”. “How do you do anything is how you do everything”. “I love bucket list stuff. But I am a bigger believer in dropping the B and adding an F and creating a Fuck It List”. “I didn’t come this far only to come this far”. “Figure out what you want to do. And do it with urgency. Consistently.” Resources: Founder’s Club Oliver Graf Jesse Itzler’s Website Jesse’s Itzler’s LinkedIn Zico Coconut Water Marquis Jets
Are you a VICTOR? Or a VICTIM? No matter where you came from or what your story may be, anything is possible with the right mindset. When Long Doan was 13 years old, he was smuggled out of Vietnam on a fishing boat. His chances of making it to the US alive were less than 50%. But he made the decision to take responsibility for his life, make the most of the opportunity he was given, and do everything in his power to help others. Today, Long serves as the Founder and CEO of Realty Group, the #1 brokerage in the state of Minnesota. With more than 25 years in the real estate industry, he has grown Realty Group from zero to 450-plus agents. Long and his business partner, Mike Bernier, treat every agent as the CEO of their own business, reinventing the brokerage model as an education, development and operations center for realtors. On this episode of Founders Club, Long joins Oliver to share his harrowing journey from Vietnam to the US and explain what that experience taught him about the power of mindset. He discusses what differentiates Realty Group from other brokerages, sharing their seven-step recruiting process and the secret sauce that took his business to the next level of growth. Listen in for Long’s insight around learning to USE your time rather than SPEND it and learn why the most successful people don’t win or lose—we win or learn. Key Takeaways [6:10] What differentiates Realty Group from other brokerages Treat every agent as CEO of own company Plug-and-play partnership model [13:12] Realty Group’s ecosystem of economic impact Revenue share with vetted vendors (e.g.: plumber, photographer) Negotiate better deal to benefit end consumer [18:25] The five steps entrepreneurs go through to grow WHY WHAT (systems) WHEN (use of time) WHO WHERE (expansion) [20:45] Long’s seven-step recruiting process Know who you are + what you want Understand target audience(s) Craft message for each audience Deploy messages (i.e.: social media) Reach out with call, meeting Follow up (dating process) Check in re: experience [30:30] The ONE thing that took Long’s business to the next level Partnership with Mike (visionary and integrator) Give up hats until doing what best at + love most [33:58] Long’s insight on lead gen and nurturing relationships Leverage tech for opportunities (Aspiration, Research and Transaction) Use notes in phone as CRM, convergence of humanity and tech [45:57] How Long leverages VAs in his business Assign process-driven tasks to remote VAs (then what exercise) Daily communication via Zoom or Google Hangouts [53:11] Realty Group’s process for onboarding new agents 106-point checklist including transition plan and ‘broker breakup’ Automated processes first ten days and 90-minute orientation [57:59] Long’s harrowing journey from Vietnam to the US Dad imprisoned in reeducation camp after Vietnam War Lined up to get rations for family daily (communist government) Mom sent Long on smuggler’s boat alone at age 13 Spent eight months at Bidong refugee camp known as ‘hell island’ Made decision to be VICTOR rather than VICTIM [1:18:13] The three ways we learn Imitation Experience Reflection [1:20:24] Long’s experience as an immigrant teen in Minnesota Entrepreneurial kid (scaled paper route and lawn mowing job) Overwhelming culture shock, carried dictionary everywhere [1:24:43] How the rest of Long’s family got to the US Middle brother came two years later in similar process Sponsored Mom and youngest brother seven years later Dad eventually released and exiled to US (prisoner of conscience) [1:27:41] The top three things Long has learned from successful people Take responsibility Take action Just figure it out [1:29:51] What Long wishes he had known earlier Take chances sooner Surround self with people in growth mindset [1:34:45] Long’s advice on scheduling and organization Schedule workday and personal calendar Don’t compromise personal commitments Connect with Long Realty Group Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Zendesk RingCentral Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters Ylopo CallAction Follow Up Boss ScheduleOnce Calendly Zoom MyOutDesk The VA Hub Your VA Desk Trello Google Hangouts Bidong Island on Wikipedia Closing Table Mastermind Real Closers Facebook Group
Imagine making $10K per month per property on luxury homes YOU DON’T OWN and having the option to stay in those high-end homes when they’re available… The increasing popularity of home sharing sites like Airbnb, VRBO and Expedia make it possible to make a lot of money on luxury vacation rentals—whether or not you have the capital to buy a million-dollar home yourself! Jerry Conti is the Cofounder and CEO of LuxHomePro, Arizona’s top short-term rental (STR) marketing and booking specialists. Jerry’s team manages a portfolio of 22 luxury properties in the Scottsdale area worth $23M, capitalizing on the millions of travelers seeking high-end properties through online travel agencies to generate returns of 100% to 500% in monthly revenue. LuxHomePro also boasts an education arm, helping entrepreneurs start their own luxury vacation rental business in markets across the country. On this episode of Founders Club, Jerry joins Oliver to explain how his vacation rental model works, discussing why he prefers the lease option and the luxury niche. He walks us through the process of finding a property, addressing homeowner objections, financing the deal, and negotiating an option contract. Listen in for Jerry’s insight around what to look for in a STR property (and how to price it accordingly) and learn the skill sets you need to run a successful vacation rental business. Key Takeaways [1:16] How Jerry’s vacation rental model works Look for luxury property on market 12+ months Approach homeowner with idea to cashflow as STR Bring in investor after year once proven concept Continue to lease from investor as vacation rental [7:18] Why Jerry prefers the luxury niche Generate $700 to $1500/day on single property Use for own mastermind events [14:16] How Jerry finds properties Use Airbnb/VRBO to research areas, occupancy rates Generate list of homes for sale on MLS and visit area Negotiate with homeowner to put together deal [21:49] Your options for structuring a STR deal Buy property for vacation rental Lease method Partner with homeowner as host Seller financing Foreclosure deals [29:55] Jerry’s advice on getting a lease under contract Negotiate option to purchase (even when overpriced) Disclaimer to exit lease should regulations change [35:40] Who Jerry’s team negotiates with Preferably homeowner themselves Give realtor fee to help make deal [41:00] How Jerry addresses common homeowner objections Security checks, cameras and NoiseAware system Secure damage waiver insurance policy [46:12] What Jerry looks for in a property Open concept kitchen + right bed configuration Amenities (pool, hot tub and room for gaming) [52:26] Jerry’s insight around pricing a STR 80% of revenue should come from weekends Weekday rate about 1% of goal for month Consider low and high season + special events [1:00:10] Jerry’s approach to mitigating neighbor concerns Apologize as necessary, respond to Airbnb asap Systems in place (i.e.: house rules in manual) [1:06:19] The key to running a successful Airbnb Know your numbers and optimize listing Personal connection earns positive reviews [1:12:05] How Jerry keeps his STRs immaculate Put energy into training cleaning crew Quarterly inspection of appliances [1:18:30] Jerry’s tips on the check-in and check-out process Promising early check-in can jeopardize experience Let guest buy day before for half price (if not weekend) [1:26:40] What surprised Jerry about the STR business Need multiple skill sets to be good operator Must get joy from providing great experience Connect with Jerry LuxHomePro Jerry on LinkedIn Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Royal Palms Hotel NoiseAware Jack Canfield Closing Table Real Estate Mastermind AirDNA Vrolio Real Closers Facebook Group
Are you trying to predict what’s next in digital marketing? If you ask Ryan Deiss, effective marketing is not about being on the cutting edge. It’s about leaning into what’s working right NOW. And you might be surprised what channels matter most for growing your business in this moment. Ryan is the Cofounder and CEO of Digital Marketer, the premiere training platform for growing your business online. Known as one of the world’s leading digital marketers, Ryan created the well-known Customer Value Optimization methodology and used it to start multiple companies around the globe. He is also the Cofounder of the Traffic and Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conference in North America, and Ryan is a sought-after speaker and recognized expert on marketing in the online era. On this episode of Founders Club, Ryan joins Oliver to share his secrets for managing multiple ventures at once, discussing how his leadership team is structured and what responsibilities he outsources to an executive assistant. Ryan walks us through his journey from selling eBooks for extra money as a college freshman to CEO of Digital Marketer, describing the pivotal moment when he jotted down what has become the customer value journey—on the back of a napkin at a hotel bar. Listen in for Ryan’s surprising insight around what marketing channels are hot right now and learn how you can implement his one-page marketing plan to grow your real estate business!  Key Takeaways [1:09] How Ryan manages multiple ventures at once Involved in day-to-day during launch, hand off to dedicated team Monday leadership meetings guide how serve teams that week [8:01] How Ryan’s leadership team is structured General manager for each venture Centralized specialists work across all divisions (e.g.: HR, sales) [13:04] The role of Ryan’s virtual executive assistant Matched through agency based on personality tests Meet 2X/week via Zoom to go over calendar + email [19:24] Ryan’s journey from selling eBooks to Digital Marketer Freelance as web designer in college, only client paid with eBook Expanded to 200 websites based on common search terms Asked to speak at marketing conferences, do consulting work [25:33] The genesis of Ryan’s famed customer value journey 2006 algorithm shift led to failure, $250K in debt buying ads Jot down how business gets customers on million-dollar napkin Use realization to create standardization and rebuild business [32:00] What’s hot right now in digital marketing Instagram stories Email newsletters [43:11] Ryan’s insight around marketing on YouTube Use retargeting for high ROI Don’t break eye contact with camera [45:17] How Ryan would approach a new real estate market Put energy in product = properties know can lease Create custom audience of likely tenants on Facebook, Google Bring on right partners to learn and gain experience [52:19] The habits that have helped Ryan achieve his big goals Wake up at 6am, no snooze Document each day in planner (evaluate big wins, lessons) [57:12] Ryan’s advice on getting eyes online Buy ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Advertise to CONTENT [1:01:02] What Ryan is investing in right now Put money back into own company Buy art at auction (up and comers) [1:05:56] The one thing Ryan wishes he’d known sooner Better cashflow management Basic business budgeting Connect with Ryan Digital Marketer Ryan on LinkedIn Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources RIVAL BRANDS Richard Lindner Traffic & Conversion Summit Roland Frasier on Founders Club BELAY Solutions Perry Belcher Dan Kennedy Gary Vaynerchuk TikTok The Skimm The Hustle Morning Brew Quartz War Room Mastermind Atomic Habits by James Clear Dean West Evernote Notion Feedly Pocket Profit First by Michael Michalowicz Real Closers Facebook Group
How do you start over in a new market and compete with established top producers? Kevin Markarian did it by investing online leads and developing follow-up systems for high-level conversion. Eventually, Kevin built a team and then a brokerage to support the lead flow, and he continues to leverage the best available digital tools to manage his growing real estate empire. Kevin is the Broker-Owner at Marker Real Estate, a wildly successful brokerage out of San Francisco with regional offices throughout California. Since its founding in 2014, Marker has become known as one of the nation’s most innovative companies and earned a spot on the Inc. 500. As a thought leader in the industry, Kevin is a regular contributor to RIS Media and Inman News, and he has served as a panelist and speaker for the National Association of Realtors. On this episode of Founders Club, Kevin joins Oliver to explain how he got his start in real estate working for a developer in the Central Valley and what he did to start over in San Francisco after the crash. He shares what inspired him to go all-in on online leads, discussing how the Marker Real Estate systems empower agents to grow their business. Listen in for insight on Kevin’s 1985 Bears Defense approach to marketing and learn how he is outsourcing his proven model to support others. Key Takeaways [1:48] How Kevin got his start in real estate Grew up in Modesto, introduced to broker at age 20 Hired on with top developer in 2003 (became #1 agent) [8:26] Kevin’s transition from Modesto to San Francisco Made decision to fail big in big city after crash Started buying leads, building SOI before move [16:17] The AHA moment Kevin went all-in on online leads NAR session on managing high volume of leads Bought all of San Francisco County from Built team to handle lead flow, CRM to track [27:50] What differentiates Marker Real Estate as a brokerage ISA team responds to online leads, sets appointments Long-term follow-up system = high conversion rate [36:15] How Marker Real Estate is growing now Expand to other markets throughout California Partner with others to use model in their business [42:25] Kevin’s strategy for growing his business Connect with hard-working, collaborative people Leverage digital tools to be everywhere all the time [50:52] Kevin’s 1985 Bears Defense approach to marketing Blast target audience with email, text and calls Become celebrity to client base on social media [59:43] The art of building duplicatable systems Keep it simple and battle test them yourself Ask others to document for your review [1:04:50] What Kevin is investing in now Natural hazard disclosure, mortgage ventures Profit centers related to real estate business Connect with Kevin Marker Real Estate Marker Advantage Marker Concierge Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Top Producer Follow Up Boss Zoom Verse CallAction RealScout PowerISA Virtudesk MyOutDesk LionDesk Real Closers Facebook Group
What separates Rodrigo ‘El Zorro’ Ballon from other mortgage lenders? For one, he’s responsive. He answers his phone on nights and weekends—and has systems in place to field calls when he’s not available. He does his homework, making it a point to learn about the agents he’s prospecting. And he’s fast. Rodrigo’s average close is 14 days, beating the industry standard by a full week. So, how does he do it? Rodrigo is the Producing Branch Manager at CrossCountry Mortgage and one of the top loan originators in the United States. In 2014, he ranked #1 for purchase volume in San Diego Country, and his team has closed more than $100M in volume every year since 2011. Rodrigo has also received numerous awards from San Diego Magazine and Five Star Professional. On this episode of Founders Club, Rodrigo joins Oliver to explain how he built a world-class lending business and why investors, agents and consumers like working with him. He shares his automated systems for communicating with clients and marketing to an agent’s database as well as his extra-mile approach to prospecting realtors. Listen in for insight on how to qualify for a mortgage loan and learn about the non-QM loan products available to business owners and entrepreneurs! Key Takeaways [1:13] How Rodrigo built a $100M/year lending business Start as admin assistant for loan officer Rely on sphere as loan officer in downturn Known for ‘impossible loans’ (El Zorro) Largest lender for flippers in 2011 Met agents through working with investors [12:20] Why people like working with Rodrigo Reliability and perseverance Track record of closing quickly [15:18] The tech Rodrigo uses to communicate with clients Video text to client with iPhone Automated systems to contact agent leads [22:59] Rodrigo’s insight on delegating email response READ folder for things he needs to address Assign to people you trust, know you well [29:06] Rodrigo’s approach to prospecting realtors Do recon on Facebook to find things in common Research current lender, average time to close Gifts with WOW factor (e.g.: champagne) [37:21] How Rodrigo compensates agents for referrals Send buyer referrals to sphere Support agents with marketing systems [44:30] Rodrigo’s availability on nights and weekends Answered phone when wife in labor Pop by open houses with cookies Stop what doing to qualify client NOW [49:25] How Rodrigo facilitates a 14-day average close Get loans approved ahead of time Rely on backend team to handle volume Leverage experience (don’t rely on underwriter) [57:10] The ‘free money’ available via loan products Bank statement loans for entrepreneurs 680 credit score + 10% down to qualify $1.5M [1:03:20] Rodrigo’s advice on qualifying for a mortgage loan Manage credit (don’t max out, pay on time) Don’t buy car or change jobs Consult with mortgage banker for credit simulator [1:16:44] How to reduce your mortgage from 30 to 22 years Make two additional payments per year Write separate check, specify ‘apply to principal’ [1:19:17] What Rodrigo is investing in Green investments Ground-up development in Utah near ski resorts [1:23:45] Rodrigo’s top tools for running a business Crisp keyboard templates WhatsApp for foreign national clients Dropbox for security Connect with Rodrigo CrossCountry Mortgage Rodrigo on LinkedIn Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Salesforce BombBomb Big Purple Dot HubSpot Follow Up Boss Real Closers Facebook Group Credit Karma Crisp Ryan Lipsey at Ticor Title WhatsApp Waze Dropbox
The beauty of multifamily investment lies in the opportunity to increase a property’s value in a short amount of time. While single family homes are appraised on the condition of the property itself, multifamily real estate is assessed based on rent rolls. Find a value-add opportunity, and you can force appreciation by rehabbing the units, increasing occupancy and raising rents. And the best part is, you don’t have to use a penny of your own money to get started! You can take your real estate business 10X as a multifamily syndicator. Today, Oliver is joined by Kevin Easterly of Easterly Investing. Kevin got his start in real estate with single family fix and flips before purchasing several fourplexes in Las Vegas. Inspired by Grant Cordone, Kevin started taking his real estate business 10X, adding 42- and 57-unit properties to his portfolio. Now he is up to 140 units, building his team as well as his brand. On this episode of In the Know, Kevin walks us through the advantages of multifamily as a real estate investment. He explains how to scale your business 10X by building a reliable team and employing the ‘plug and play’ method for each new property. Kevin discusses what he is looking for in a multifamily deal, how to leverage relationships to find off-market deals, and how to structure a value-add deal. Listen in for Kevin’s insight on partnering with high net worth individuals, using your knowledge and their money to invest in multifamily real estate! Key Takeaways [0:54] The advantages of multifamily Everyone needs place to live Spread out risk Force appreciation Opportunity to refinance [5:35] How Kevin got into multifamily Fourplexes in Vegas Inspired by Grant Cardone Up to 140 units today [7:26] How to scale your real estate business Same processes as fourplex ‘Team sport’ Plug and play [9:14] Kevin’s progress since 2009 Laid off from job on video project Start production company with $2,500 Fix and flips, then fourplexes [10:25] What Kevin looks for in a deal C building in B area (value-add opportunity) Upgrade units and raise rents [11:40] Kevin’s advice around finding deals Relationship with broker (off-market) Respond even if don’t like deal Talk to vendors, contractors Don’t burn bridges [14:28] How Kevin structures a deal Value-add, turnkey or full rehab 30% down + rehab budget [16:30] The value of securing multiple itemized bids Keeps contractors honest Option to use more than one contractor [18:00] The concept of syndication Partner with high net worth individuals Use your knowledge + their money [20:47] What Kevin wishes he’d known from the start Go bigger, faster Connect with Kevin Kevin on LinkedIn Kevin on Connected Investors Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Grant Cardone Cardone Zone Podcast
What’s stopping you from getting to the next level? Marshall Sylver contends that your subconscious programming is the reason you’re stuck. And if you can learn to reprogram your mindset, success is not just possible—it’s a certainty. Marshall Sylver is the leading expert in subconscious reprogramming, persuasion and influence, earning worldwide acclaim for his three decades of work in the personal development space. A sought-after business consultant and keynote speaker, he has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his self-development training and book, Passion Power Profit. Marshall’s latest venture is Certainty International, a platform designed to help entrepreneurs run successful businesses in today’s complex environment.  On this episode of Founders Club, Marshall joins Oliver to discuss the subconscious programming that holds us back, explaining how to replace those mental roadblocks with a mindset of certainty. He shares the story of his introduction to the power of hypnosis and describes how his humble beginnings motivated his current success. Listen in for insight on applying subconscious reprogramming in your business and learn his three-step approach to putting people in a YES state! Key Takeaways [0:42] How to overcome your subconscious programming Replace mental roadblocks with new mindset All things possible when CERTAIN [10:02] How his humble beginnings motivated Marshall’s success Single mother with 10 siblings, homeless twice Devoted life to making mother’s life easier [17:14] Marshall’s introduction to hypnosis Hypnotized at school assembly, realized powerful force Reintroduced by fellow DJ (led to appearance on Letterman) [29:35] How to apply subconscious reprogramming in business Be authentic, painfully honest Cultivate massive empathy gene [35:20] The three things you need to get anything you want Create self-mastery (control over thoughts, emotions) Need tools for task at hand Ability to take action in present moment [48:17] Marshall’s insight around cold reading people Every thought creates physical response in body Come from place of certainty, full attention on customer [56:38] The benefits of Marshall’s Turning Point event Turns up your wanting-ness Learn to reprogram brain Develop irresistible influence [59:24] Marshall’s advice for getting to the next level Appreciate what you’ve got Be certain Find somebody you identify with + hack them Identify personality distinction that needs to change [1:09:58] Marshall’s three-step close Start with emotion Back up with logic Spanky spanky Connect with Marshall Certainty International Marshall’s Website Marshall’s Turning Point Seminar Marshall’s Next Level Seminar Call 1-800-92POWER Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Marshall on Letterman Rob Dyrdek Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life by Richard Branson The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand Books by Ayn Rand Napoleon Hill
How do the skills learned in pro skating translate to entrepreneurship? For Mikey Taylor, a career spent doing darkslides and noseblunts was a masterclass is managing fear, building a brand and finding purpose. And today, Mikey is leveraging what he learned to invest in real estate—and help other athletes and entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom in the process. Mikey is the President and Managing Principal at Commune Capital, a private equity real estate investment fund built around the idea that financial freedom isn’t a dream, but a tangible life worth pursuing. He has 20 years of professional skateboarding experience, holding sponsorship contracts with DC Shoes, GoPro Cameras and Alien Workshop and cofounding SOVRN, a skateboard and apparel company out of Los Angeles. Mikey was also the cofounder of Saint Archer Brewing Company, a multimillion-dollar craft beer operation acquired by MillerCoors in 2015. On this episode of Founders Club, Mikey joins Oliver to discuss his evolution from pro skater to entrepreneur and explain how pushing through fear has served him in both ventures. He shares his good fortune in being introduced to Randy Sanada, describing how he learned to invest in himself—and other lucrative asset classes like multifamily and self-storage. Listen in for Mikey’s insight around building a brand, responding to criticism, and creating a community through Commune Capital. Key Takeaways [0:38] What drew Mikey to skating Opportunity to compete against himself Changed way of seeing world (e.g.: handrails, cement walls) [3:00] How Mikey learned to push through fear Trick brain into allowing body to try things Learn what hold you back + monitor fear [10:32] Mikey’s insight around building a brand Know WHO building brand for Consistent + welcoming = TRUST [17:08] Mikey’s introduction to investing Parents encouraged to meet with Randy Sanada Taught to live below means, deploy capital in opportunities [23:12] Mikey’s first investments HIMSELF (becoming better skater to increase income) Stock market, storage units [28:06] Mikey’s experience with Saint Archer Built around action sports community Challenge to navigate massive growth [38:40] How Mikey dealt with the end of his skating career Loss of identity, lowest point despite success Realized purpose necessary to push forward [47:55] Mikey’s vision for Commune Capital Start with idea to help skaters learn investing Expand to include other sports and entrepreneurs [50:37] Mikey’s take on the criticism re: gentrification Realized error in communicating mission Critics see through lens of their experience Deep value-add projects improve communities [58:54] The projects Commune Capital is pursuing now Multifamily properties and storage units Accredited investors (eventually add Reg A offering) [1:02:12] Mikey’s advice on finding deals Build relationships with brokers, developers Get educated + be persistent to get first deal [1:07:21] The benefit of investing with Commune Capital Part of community, return beyond money Preferred return for every investor [1:14:23] What’s brought Mikey the most joy Giving brewery investors’ money back Putting others first = most rewarding [1:18:11] Mikey advice for aspiring entrepreneurs Self-aware of strengths + weaknesses Don’t be limited by what others think Connect with Mikey Commune Capital SOVRN Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Street League Skateboarding Randy Sanada Jr. Zach Harris’ Piece on Gentrification BiggerPockets Saint Archer Craft Brewery Eric Upchurch
Does the idea of buying the rainforest sound impossible? What if I told you that five minutes in a room with the right people could shift your mindset—and make the idea as simple as eating a bowl of soup? What if you could apply the same 3 principles of realizing a big vision to your real estate career and become a megaproducer? Today, Oliver is joined by Scott Duffy, the founder of Scott Duffy Media Holdings. Scott is driven by the idea of helping people live their dreams through entrepreneurship. He has been named a Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Entrepreneur Magazine and appeared on CNBC, FOX News and CBS Radio, among many other media outlets. On this episode of Founders Club, Scott shares his incredible experience selling a company to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He offers advice for new agents and insight around how his mom became a megaproducer, selling $1B in residential real estate in LA. Scott discusses the role of mindset in making it through tough times and the value for entrepreneurs in focusing on mastering one skill at a time. Listen in for Scott’s view on surrounding yourself with likeminded people and learn how to ‘buy the rainforest,’ become a megaproducer, and execute on your big dreams! Key Takeaways [0:42] Scott’s experience selling a company to Richard Branson Created Expedia for private jets Call from Virgin Group (met by chance) Chase opportunity down when get break [4:42] What top performers have in common Consistent passion for learning ‘Awesome at one thing’ not enough [7:35] Scott’s advice for real estate agents Don’t work more/harder at what no longer works Put self around right mentors Progress takes place in plateaus [11:14] The secret to Scott’s 90-day launch plan Mistake to focus on too many things at once ‘One hammer and one nail’ [12:42] How Scott’s mom became a megaproducer Build trust with high-end clientele, detail-oriented Phenomenal negotiator not afraid to walk away Great at MINDSET [16:38] How Scott learned to ‘buy the rainforest’ Start with WHY (rooted in purpose) Decide how to do it Secure financing [20:12] How to shortcut success and reach big goals Surround self with people who execute on big vision Connect with Scott Scott’s Website Scott on Twitter Scott on Facebook Scott on YouTube Scott on LinkedIn Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Richard Branson Virgin Group Business and Burgers Launch: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market by Scott Duffy
If anyone deserves financial independence, it’s the military families who serve our country. But understanding the benefits available to vets is difficult enough and knowing how to leverage those benefits to invest in real estate is harder still. Eric Upchurch is the Referral and Investment Chief with Active Duty Passive Income, an online education platform dedicated to helping the military community achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. A former Special Ops Crewmember in the US Army, Eric serves the ADPI team as a liaison for connecting new investors to passive investment opportunities.    On this episode of Founders Club, Eric joins Oliver to share the mission behind Active Duty Passive Income and discuss the community they’ve built on the platform. He explains how he got into real estate investing and offers advice around leveling up your networking, finding off-market multifamily deals, and transitioning from SFH to multifamily investing. Listen in for Eric’s insight on being willing to do what other people won’t and learn how ADPI is fostering the wealth and health of those who serve. Key Takeaways [1:02] The mission of Active Duty Passive Income Teach active duty vets to maximize available benefits Source for all things military and real estate investing [8:51] How Eric got into real estate investing Friend had extra ticket to Rod Khleif bootcamp Fix-and-flips with high school friend in KC [11:50] How to transition from SFH to multifamily Invest in coaching, conferences and masterminds Build team to take down large multifamily deal [17:20] Eric’s advice on leveling up in networking Willing to do what others won’t (e.g.: plane ticket) Ask people about themselves Respond to ALL messages from brokers [23:19] How Eric is finding multifamily deals Buy list through CoStar, look for 100+ value-add deals Cold call brokers and owners and track in CRM [32:10] Eric’s view of a home as property Make use of live-in flip strategy Move family 9 times in 8 years [36:20] Eric’s big WHY for serving the military community Veterans deserve to create generational wealth Support for addiction, PTSD through ADPI Helps [49:19] How the ADPI Podcast scores high-profile guests Write down goals (Top 100 List) Cold call or email member of team [54:44] What Eric is investing in right now Passive multifamily opportunities (575 doors) Portfolio across multiple asset classes [57:20] Eric’s top tools and apps Voxer for global communication Paper and post-it notes Connect with Eric Active Duty Passive Income Active Duty Passive Income Podcast ADPI Facebook Group Email Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Rod Khleif’s Podcast Military House Hacking eBook Military Real Estate Investing Academy VA Loan Mastery Course Military Multifamily Academy Rod Khleif’s Bootcamp Kevin Easterly CoStar Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz Grant Cardone on ADPI EP087 Robert Kiyosaki on ADPI EP064 Garrett Sutton on ADPI EP051 Voxer National Military Spouse Network Elena Cardone on ADPI EP098 ClickUp Mike Ferry
What if I told you there was a way for real estate investors to significantly reduce their existing capital gains tax liability? And eliminate ALL capital gains taxes from a property’s future appreciation? The dream is real, and it exists in the form of Qualified Opportunity Zones, a program included in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to encourage investment in low-income census districts. So, how does it work? And how can you take advantage of these opportunity zones to grow your business? Andrew Greer is the CEO of Thomas Strafford Investments, a real estate investment company based in San Diego. Thomas Strafford manages investments in single and multifamily renovations as well as ground-up builds throughout Southern California. An expert in local zoning, Andrew believes that specialization is key in delivering predictable returns. On this episode of Founders Club, Andrew joins Oliver to share the big-time tax benefits of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) and explain how the program works. He discusses how to find the low-income census districts that qualify as QOZs, offering insight around which cities have the most upside potential for developers. Listen in for Andrew’s advice on learning about zoning and find out how brokers might market QOZs to grow their business! Key Takeaways [1:23] The fundamentals of Qualified Opportunity Zones Invest in one of 8,500 low-income census districts Capital gains tax deferred, reduced or eliminated [4:23] How the opportunity zone program works Double basis in spend within 31 months Works best with ground-up development [11:37] Why Andrew is developing microunits in these areas Much lower cost per square foot Reduce cost of parking stalls (public transport access) [17:51] The cities with the greatest QOZ upside potential San Diego, LA and Oakland New York, Florida and Tempe, AZ [20:40] The benefits of investing in opportunity zones Deferral on taxes through 2026 Hold 7 years = no tax on 15% of gains Hold 5 years = no tax on 10% of gains Hold 10 years = no tax on appreciation [31:15] How to find Qualified Opportunity Zones Resources on Andrew’s website Search by address or census district [33:42] Andrew’s advice on learning about zoning Attend local planning committee meetings Network through Urban Land Institute [45:44] The best resources to learn about zoning No universal tool available (local specialization) Use Scoutred, Google city name + zoning [51:07] How to market for Qualified Opportunity Zones Educate property owners re: selling for max value Search for cash buyers in area [57:07] Andrew’s top tools and apps Workep (Trello on steroids) Facebook ads Connect with Andrew Thomas Strafford Investments Email Qualified Opportunity Zone Info Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources IRS Opportunity Zones FAQ Forbes Article on Opportunity Zones Urban Land Institute Scoutred Los Angeles Zoning Kent Clothier Workep How to Be a Real Estate Developer
Keri Shull began her illustrious career as an Oscar Meyer Weiner Girl, driving the Weinermobile across the US for $30K a year. Today, she runs a real estate empire, leading a team of 85 to more than $4B in sales. So, how do you go from driving a hot dog to scaling a real estate team that dominates the DC Metro market? Keri started building her real estate team in 2010, and today, they are ranked #1 in the DMV and #33 in the country. Keri’s team is working toward 1K transactions in 2019 with an eye to become #1 in the US within five years. Keri also serves other realtors looking to scale through HyperFast Academy and HyperLocal HyperFast Coaching. On this episode of Founders Club, Keri joins Oliver to explain how she went from 21 to 365 transactions in five years by focusing on builder accounts. She discusses what inspired her to start building a team and shares her approach to training, accountability, and overstaffing. Keri also describes how she thinks about profitability and offers insight into how her team does content marketing. Listen in for Keri’s advice around getting started in a new market and learn how she continues to scale by moving from idea to execution—in an insanely short period of time! Key Takeaways [1:16] What makes Keri’s team #1 in her market Care deeply about clients, team Very focused marketing Replicate other’s success [6:15] Keri’s niche focusing on builder accounts Look for high land value, low property value Target letter giving client options Send 3X in 3 consecutive weeks Provide more value, client support [16:20] Keri’s early days in the real estate business Recruited to sell new homes, then condos Got license to help investor do bulk sales Deal fell through, started working as agent [23:02] What inspired Keri to build a team Met agents doing hundreds of transactions (live event) Hire to solve for weaknesses [28:59] Keri’s approach to overstaffing Hire ahead of salespeople to facilitate success Anticipate where going, hire for that [30:43] How Keri trains her team Social proof drives coachability Evolving commission or salary models [34:50] Keri’s take on accountability Weekly individual meeting with sales manager Publish conversion and sales numbers Weekly email to team Tools to help meet income goals [40:51] Keri’s Buyers-in-Waiting Database Already invested money in finding buyers Made up of past clients, opt-ins on ads [44:28] How Keri thinks about profitability Invest in digital game (e.g.: Facebook ads) Salaried position to do personal referrals Use SOI cap to reward hunters [51:33] Keri’s goals for continued growth #1 team in world in next five years (1,723 sides) Grow companies to support other agents [56:20] How Keri’s team does content marketing Implement digital mayor strategy Blitz Day contest with team (videographers) Pay to drive traffic to social channels Feed audience into funnels, set appointments [1:05:43] The content that gets the most engagement Amazon is Coming to Town custom audiences Content YOU care about (e.g.: tips for traveling moms) [1:14:29] How Keri got into the coaching space Record systems to train team Online academy to share with others Encouraged by own coach to do one-on-ones [1:23:03] How Keri goes from idea to execution fast Delegate in real time at event [1:25:17] Keri’s advice on starting in a new market Build relationships (i.e.: mommy groups) Use geofencing strategy to stay in front Network with divorce attorneys [1:34:25] Keri’s top tools and apps Facebook autoresponder bot Notability app Connect with Keri Keri’s Website Keri Shull Team on YouTube HyperFast Agent HyperFast Academy Inner Circle Keri’s Coaching Program Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Billy Gene is Marketing Northern Virginia Building Industry Association Keri’s Interview with Ryan Serhant Sharran Srivatsaa Real Closers Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk Calendly Keri’s ‘Amazon is Coming to Town’ Video The Keri Shull Team Blog Closing Table Mastermind Jennifer Hudye Infusionsoft Notability Sharran on Founders Club EP013
You can’t argue with a story. And that’s why digital marketing legend Perry Belcher leverages storytelling to make sales. So, what makes people buy when they’re under the influence of story? And how can we harness an understanding of storytelling to sell real estate? Perry is the cofounder of DigitalMarketer and the cocreator of Traffic & Conversion Summit. A serial entrepreneur known for his expertise in digital marketing and copywriting, he is a prolific author and sought-after consultant in the realm of growing an eCommerce business, driving web traffic, and increasing conversion. Today, Perry runs Olympus Peak Media, a digital marketing and membership company with 5.5M annual readers and a client roster of 500K. On this episode of Founders Club, Perry joins Oliver to share the DigitalMarketer origin story and discuss how his background in retail contributes to his success in eCommerce. He offers his formula for building a business around a domain name, explaining why he sees web addresses as land and where to go to buy available domains. Perry also describes his ‘peel the onion’ approach to writing headlines and weighs in on the top tools for writing copy that converts. Listen in to understand the relationship between storytelling and sales—and learn how to apply the story arc for effective real estate marketing! Key Takeaways [1:23] Perry’s background in business Retail, manufacturing, eCommerce and digital marketing Partner with Ryan Dice on DigitalMarketer [6:50] Perry’s insight around domain names View as real estate (buy and register for 10 years) Build site with content to increase value [13:26] Resources for buying domain names Registercompass, JustDropped and Undeveloped Use NameJet for domain auctions [19:16] Perry’s formula for picking winning domains Product people need Over $100 Hard to find in local market Don’t sell on Amazon [22:31] The DigitalMarketer origin story Met partner at mastermind Made $9M in first 7 months [28:07] The relationship between storytelling and sales Creates connection with consumer Make promise, tell story + call to action [35:57] Perry’s explanation of the story arc Set the scene Introduce characters ‘Story cliff’ [43:19] How to adapt the story arc to real estate History of home Imagine… [51:12] Why story is key to persuasion Puts prefrontal cortex to sleep Reptilian brain releases happy chemicals [1:03:40] Perry’s ‘peel the onion’ approach to writing headlines Figure out what customer really wants (the WHY) Make replacement offer, not improvement offer [1:09:30] Perry’s favorite online tools and software Hemingway app to write to grade level Natural Reader reads copy back in human voice Trello for storyboarding [1:12:20] What Perry is investing in right now Business of human capital Trained and managed outsourcing Connect with Perry DigitalMarketer Olympus Peak Media Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources War Room Mastermind Traffic & Conversion Summit Roland Frasier EstiBot GoDaddy Registercompass JustDropped Undeveloped Domain Marketplace Frank Schilling NameJet Yanik Silver Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari Significant Objects Perry’s 21-Step Sales Letter Formula Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs John Paul DeJoria Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini Hemingway Editor Natural Reader Trello
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