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The future!? Finch finds himself over one hundred years in the future, and it looks like his only hope of getting out of this desert is to tag along with this rag tag group of treasure hunters. Where will this map lead them? SOCIAL MEDIA
Finch finds himself in the middle of a desert all alone. Where has he found himself? Find out today on Four Orbs! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - Reddit - https://w
After the fight with The Collector, our heroes venture into the still standing Universal Library. What will they find hiding in the back of the library after the adventure of this act's prequel? Find out today on Four Orbs! SOCIAL MEDIA T
Our heroes finally face The Collector, the attacker on The Universal Library from the Act 4 Prequel and it proves to be quite the challenge. How will our adventurers fair against this minion of Vorin's?  SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - https://twi
Our adventurers trek to the top of the mountain and find a scene familiar to our listeners. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - Reddit -
Our adventurers arrive to the city of Somar! Outside the city walls, they find a peculiar general store attached to the Pedestrian to Equestrian and get roped into a tri-weekly event in the city for some extra gold! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter -
The group has found themselves in a predicament as they are ambushed by gnolls on the road to Somar! Will they escape the North Carlen Forest unharmed? Find out today on Four Orbs! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Insta
Our adventurers meet up with Rico to give him the news about the slaad attack on his lumber mill. Then they continue north on their long journey to Somar. What else will they find in the days ahead of their journey? What danger lingers in the
Outside the town of Djon at Rico's Lumbermill, the group investigates the recent slaad attack tracking where the creatures came from into the forest. Find out what they find on today's episode! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter -
On day 9 of our adventurer's journey north to Somar, they stop in the town of Djon. They find a community board in the town square and try and pick up some side jobs for some extra gold. But danger seems to lurk at every turn. SOCIAL MEDI
Finally leaving Chandellon, our adventurers check out the countryside on the road to Somar. What will they find? Will they get distracted? Of course they will... SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - https://www.
Our adventurers finally get back together and discuss their separate questlines and what has happened to them over the last couple days. And after some heavy discussion decide on a direction for their search of the blue orb. SOCIAL MEDIA
The Realm of Eggs is in need of the heroes' assistance, so they have been summoned to take on Hairy Hare Dare! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - Reddit - https://www.
Astra and Keth search for Quor Ravenest. Finch and Felamyr hunt the murderer Grant Corder. Dorith faces Loric.  SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - Reddit - https://ww
Dorith wakes up in a strange, wet place. Astra and Keth discover more about Astra's powers. Finch and Felamyr chase a familiar face through the streets of Chandellon. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - https:
A week after the attack on The Crimson Keep in Chandellon, our adventurers wake up from recovery. Dorith heads out to catch the festival. Astra receives a letter from the Sovereign Archon. Finch checks out the crumbled keep. SOCIAL MEDIA
For the start of Act 4, A Break in Time, four Aesians have been recruited to become acolytes of The Universal Library. They will eventually become members of The Monks of Time and assist with archiving the magically duplicated books of Aesis t
The Holiday Planes are in danger! First flooding, and now a blizzard?! What will our heroes do? Join Ornament, Gingerbread Man, The Grinch and his dog, Snow Miser, Rudolph, and John McCain in today's episode of Four Orbs! SOCIAL MEDIA Tw
Q&A session with the crew! We answer your questions about the story of Act 3: The Law of the Land! SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - Reddit -
Velmir reports back to Vorin in the throne room in Grixolis. He brings troubling news and the two villains plot their next moves. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Instagram - R
Today's episode is a scripted audio drama. We finish the tale and adventure of Ziv Reinhold with the ritual of powering the orbs. Will this bring Aesis the dawn of a new age? Or a cataclysm? Find out today on Four Orbs! Special thanks and cred
Trapped! With an imposter leading them to the top of a tall keep, our adventurers attempt to escape! But what waits for them on their exit? Has this adventuring party met their end? SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Ins
Our adventurers explore a little bit more of Chandellon at night a week before the Summer Quantal. Astra comes face to face with Olga the Witch and our adventurers investigate the Crimson Keep further. Can getting the Black Orb be this easy?
After a couple out of body experiences, our adventurers head into the heart of Chandellon. The City of Gold welcomes them along with the beginnings of the Summer Quantal. And Dorith's excitement distracts the group briefly in the Sloppy Slug.
The Temple of Dellune is being used as a hospital. Monks of the temple are working tirelessly to help those in need. But our adventurers think something else is up with the temple. What will they find on today's episode? Could it be something
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