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In this, the longest of Summers, we here at Free Ira Brown masterly debated long and hard about when we should release our annual bundle of summertime love. Then Petrusev dropped his bomb and we realized Ayayi (who since announced his return) and Kispert's decisions were just around the corner. There is no time then, like the present (or the present as it was nearly a week ago when we recorded this, big whoop wanna fight about it?) for Adam, Chris and Marty to come together and regale you with our COVID summer tales. Who gained weight? Who lost it? Who looks like an extra on the "Boogie Nights" set? (it's Chris). The answers to all these questions and more await you on this episode of Free Ira Brown: THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast!
College basketball always has the most abrupt ends to its season, but this…this is something else entirely. One of the weirdest, gut-punching-est 24 hours in sports history culminated with the cancellation of the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments. The most fun weekend of the year, the weekend Free Ira Brown actually gets to see each other in person, the most fun annual sporting event just…gone. And thus, dear FIBber, the tone in our final episode of the season starts out expectantly somber. But with the help of each other, a little perspective and quite a large amount of alcohol, our heroes find the energy to discuss the first time (some of us) haven’t been in a bar watching games together in over a decade, give tribute to our seniors and whether this season finishes as a success. Those stories, plus we have a mailbag! You had questions! We had answers! Some of them even applied to the questions! Well…ish. It was late in the pod and we, uh, may have had a few. We also decided, since we simply couldn’t go without breaking down ANY bracket, to take Joe Lunardi’s final bracketology of the season and run our own foolproof simulation to determine who won the national title. You may be surprised who won (or you may not…yeah, you probably won’t be). And finally, since sports are all theoretical at this point, our final Top 3 of the season involves historical sports matchups we’d love to see. All this and more on Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come hang out with us one last time this season, won’t you?  This one is . . .Very Long. So here are some (Approximate) landmarks: News: 15:00 Season Eulogy Montage: 19:07 Lamentations: 26:35 Senior Tribute: 47:20 Hypothetical Tourney: 1:05:28 Mailbag: 1:32:15 Song - The Day The Madness Died: 2:06:20 Top Three: 2:12:02
The numbers are staggering: 17 titles 22 years, 23 straight WCC Tournament final appearances and now 22 straight NCAA Tournament appearances. And yet, beating Saint Mary’s in the final never ceases to be fun. Good, ol’ fashioned, virus-free fun. You could see what it meant to the players in their celebrations after, and you can hear what it means to (at least some) Gonzaga fans on the latest offering from Free Ira Brown! In our latest episode, our heroes welcome Jack Ferris from the Sac and Jack podcast to help us break down the WCC Tournament, from the closer than was comfortable victory over USF to the weirdness that was BYU vs. Saint Mary’s, finishing with a little bit of revenge for last year’s WCC final. Those stories, plus we discuss what might be the best number in Gonzaga history, we go into the background of Sac and Jack got off the ground, we look ahead to Selection Sunday and go over some of the teams we would like to play and would like to avoid. And finally, a couple weeks ago we ran through some things we were randomly good at. Now it’s only fair we go over some things we are randomly not so good at (like timing, considering this podcast was recorded before the NCAA came out with the news there would be no fans at the NCAA Tournament games). All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come enjoy some numbers with us, won’t you?
It was a Senior Night properly celebrated, as Gonzaga honored five seniors before beating Saint Mary’s en route to its eighth straight WCC regular season title. Wait, I can hear you asking, five seniors? Aren’t there only three? There are three ON the court, but the Bulldogs pulled a pair of spectacular surprises, brining student manager Mac Graff out for celebration before bringing out NBA lottery pick and former Bulldog Rui Hachimura (WE HAVE A RUI!!) to enjoy what would have been his senior night. Yes, dear FIBber, by that point, the game was a formality but we here at Free Ira Brown won’t let that stop us. And in our latest episode, our heroes react to the Senior Night festivities before breaking down the win over the Gaels (and all was right with the world). Those stories, plus with the end of the regular season we turn our attention to Vegas and the WCC Tournament. To help us, we brought in someone who has some experience (and expertise) in postseason tournaments: Kerry Keating! The former Santa Clara coach makes his return to the pod to (in theory) help us understand how teams prepare for conference tournaments before things, well, drifted ever so slightly. And finally, with the retirement of Adam Morrison’s jersey, we wonder what else might be worth putting on the North Wall of The Kennel. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come celebrate another WCC title with us, won’t you? @freeirabrown
The world is clearly ending. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria. Gonzaga has lost a conference road game! Well, OK, so it’s obviously not that bad, and we here at Free Ira Brown try to take Saturday’s loss to BYU in stride and focus on the positives: the loss doesn’t affect our seeding much if at all, it wasn’t in March and we still have a chance to get a bit of revenge in the WCC Tournament. We also run through Thursday’s win over USF, which featured one of the worst first halves in quite a long time but it’s pretty safe to say a solid second half. Those stories, plus: it’s Senior Night! Or, it will be on Saturday against those mugs from Moraga. To help us prepare for that and Thursday’s game against USD we welcome FIB Patreon Ryan Lambert. Ryan also helps answer some questions from Chris, there are derps galore and we’ll have an extensive investigation into just who Brook Steppe is. And finally, we run through some things at which we’re randomly good, much of which resorts to old video games and dad skills. All this and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come see the world’s end with us, won’t you?
The Pepperdine student section was loud and proud last week, but ultimately waved goodbye to their upset chances when Filip Petrusev showed his mettle, dominating the home team inside. This being the only game last week you might think this will be a quick show, but nay sir, do not underestimate your humble heroes’ ability to wax on about Filip’s continued improvement, Corey’s samurai like assassination skills and the Houston Asstrholes. We also mention the NBA All-Star game (Behold the Thickening) and dig deep into the upcoming match-ups against USF and BYU. Speaking of BYU, they’re ranked in the top 25 this week and Ding-Dong! Hello! This is a massive match-up between two top 25 heavyweights. Marty introduces us to our formidable opponent the only way he knows best, through song. All this and a discussion of those sports figures who, well, who may be compensating for something. This week on Free Ira Brown! THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. @freeirabrown
Laughing. Guffawing. Chortling. ROFL…uh…ing. Schadenfreude is rarely so much freude as when it’s Saint Mary’s on the schaden end. And it just so happens, dear FIBbers, we here at Free Ira Brown are all about the schadenfreude. So in our latest episode, our heroes bring in a reinforcement to help us soak in all the joy of that mauling in Moraga. Free Ira Brown fan Connor Coombs joins us as we shower Drew Timme with love, bathe in that glorious first half and  give Randy Bennett some good, clean advice. Those stories, plus, apparently we also played against LMU? We’ll investigate that, take a look ahead to  Peck…uh…Pepperdine and review the NCAA’s mid-season bracket release which has us (perhaps surprisingly) as a 1 seed in the West region, ahead of undefeated San Diego State. And finally, we finish by sharing some of our own unpopular opinions. All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come share the schadenfreude with us, won’t you?
You ever wonder why something is called jam-packed? Is jam have an unusually dense packing? Why is it not peanut butter packed? Or ice cream packed? Mmm, ice cream. It might be time to head to your local grocery store, pick up a pint and throw on the latest offering from Free Ira Brown! Our latest episode is ice cream packed as our heroes take a look back at the more-competitive win over Santa Clara and the nail-biting win over San Francisco. We’ll run through the after-effects of Tillie’s injury, what it means for the lineup going forward and … it’s Saint Mary’s Week! Those stories, pus we take our first real deep-dive into Bracketology, it’s Saint Mary’s Week!, we have a mini-segment of Crazy/Not Crazy, we take a trip into the wonderful world of derps and it’s Saint Mary’s Week! And finally, we finish up with a Top 3 full of love and hate and bits of love-hate. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come share some ice cream with us, won’t you?
You ever imagine what a soundtrack to a Gonzaga game would sound like? It would start with Zombie Nation (obviously), but then what? Something more tense, more dramatic (like Filip going down with an ankle injury)? How about something more joyous (like Filip starting the next game)? Or just a straight energy boost (like Tillie throwing one down on the break)? Well, dear FIBber, we here at Free Ira Brown imagine – at least in WCC play – it would be a little something like this: Zombie Nation, followed by It’s The Same Old Song and finishing up with DJ Khaled (All I do is winwinwin, no matter what…). Yeah, that sounds about right. And in our latest episode, our heroes welcome another guest (Lissa Tripp, you may know her as ZagsChick on Twitter) to help us examine the same old story, the same old song and dance as Gonzaga trounces the (paper) Tigers of Pacific. Those stories, plus we extend a tribute Brandon Clarke (and Matt Bouldin), we lament someone other than Heister announcing our game and we touch upon the loss of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. And finally, we return to Top 3 with our top three movie soundtracks, a wide-ranging set of choices sure to leave out your favorite. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come push play with us, won’t you?
Do you have any eligibility left? A spare season or two from your collegiate days? Maybe you’re still in school and feel like lending a hand (or ankle)? It feels like that’s what is needed after yet another injury, this time to Gonzaga’s leading scorer and rebounder. Unfortunately, dear FIBber, we have exhausted all our athletic eligibility. All we can give is the newest episode of Free Ira Brown, in which our heroes discuss the ankle injury to Filip Petrusev, why this was the best time for it to happen (not that there’s ever a good time) and what it means going forward. Those stories, plus we welcome FIB super fan David Jenne to help us enjoy the thumping of BYU, we make fun of Marty relentlessly for believing in Santa Clara and we revel in Killian Tillie’s defense, Ryan Woolridge’s speed and Joel Ayayi’s all-around excellence. And finally, we finish up with a fun discussion of which TV personalities we like and which ones drive us nuts. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come spend your remaining eligibility with us, won’ you? Support the Show!
It’s sort of like finding your favorite pair of slippers, right? Maybe they had been lost under the bed, or the dog used one as a chew toy and it was lost for a few weeks. But once you find it, you slip it on and it’s as comfortable as you remember. So it was, watching Gonzaga regain its form in a pair of blow-out conference road wins. A savaging of San Diego? Slipping the right foot in. A mauling of Marymount? Your left foot sliding into an ocean of comfort. It’s nice to see the slippers still fit, isn’t it? And – no surprise here -- with a pair of games comes the latest offering from Free Ira Brown. In our latest episode, our heroes exalt in Ayayi’s excellence, Woolridge’s brilliance and at least one game of moderately passable free throw shooting. Those stories, plus there’s a heated(ish) discussion of the best #13 in Gonzaga history, we have the largest amount discussion of Santa Clara in the history of the pod and we look ahead to a matchup with a dangerous BYU team who will likely be without star forward Yoeli Childs. And finally, we have some fun with some accurate and not-so-accurate movie plot summaries. All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do kick back, put your slippers on and join us, won’t you? @freeirabrown
After about six-and-a-half years of putting out the podcast, one thing has become unassailably clear: We have no idea what we’re talking about. So in order to help, we brought in the best possible option, the one person who has the combination of basketball smarts, access to the program and killer, killer hair. That’s right, dear FIBbers, Free Ira Brown is back, and on our latest episode, our heroes interview Dan Dickau! Yes, that Dan Dickau. No, we’re not sure how it happened, either. But he’s here and there’s audio evidence to prove it. We ask the Gonzaga legend his thoughts on this year’s team, what his time was like working as a player development coach with the Portland Trailblazers and who wore the #21 best? Those stories, plus: did you guys hear about this Minnesota kid who committed to Gonzaga? Someone named Jalen Suggs…of course you heard, we all heard and we do a poor job of hiding our excitement about the highest-rated recruit Gonzaga has, uh, recruited (Dickau has some typically intelligent thoughts on Suggs, too). But just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more, we also evaluate the West Coast Conference’s non-conference schedule, review Gonzaga’s first two WCC games and take a look ahead to San Diego and Loyola Marymount. And finally, we see the return of some crazy (and not-so-crazy) predictions. It’s an episode packed to the brim with goodness on Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come enjoy a chat with a legend with us, won’t you?
The holiday season means a much-needed break for the Gonzaga players, giving a chance to rest, heal up some injuries and enjoy some high-quality Christmas music (see our last episode). But fret not, dear FIBbers, we are still here to help you through this most festive of periods. That’s right, Free Ira Brown is back, and in our latest episode, our heroes fight through colds, Disney and whiskey to bring you a brief (well, for us) New Year’s pod. There isn’t too much to cover, but we will review the win over Detroit Mercy, the Gonzaga women roaring back from a 20-point deficit to get a big win and some absolute gold from Greg Heister. Those stories, plus with the new year comes the start of the West Coast Conference season, and we’ll take you through the conference openers against Portland and Pepperdine (ROMAAAARRR!!). And finally, we would like to take a moment to wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year. We wish nothing but the best in the new decade. @freeirabrown  
Gonzaga basketball caps off a tough stretch with glorious victories over North Carolina and Eastern Washington. In honor of their sweet, sweet domination, Marty blesses us with a song . . . about Greg Heister? You're in for the yuletide of your life on this episode of Free Ira Brown! @freeirabrown
Do ever wonder how well Gonzaga would do in a real conference? You know, what that doesn’t include the lumbering lummoxes that are the LMU Lions? Or the ponderous peasants that are the Portland Pilots? What if, and go with us here, what if Gonzaga were in a real, proper conference? Like, for example, the Pac-12? How would Gonzaga do in the Pac-12, where the west coast behemoths that are Washington and Oregon and Arizona live? What’s that, now? They beat all those teams, you say? And not one of the games was at home? And Tucson is six hours from the ocean and shouldn’t be considered the west coast? We hear you, dear FIBber! And since we here at Free Ira Brown are in the truthiness business, in our latest episode our heroes end the discussion on who the best team in the west is (as if there was any doubt) after Gonzaga goes into the McKale Center and comes away with a (mostly) impressive win over Arizona. We’ll take a look back at Ayayi’s brilliance, Angry Filip(!), Mannion’s miscues and what, exactly, precisely….what the holy hell happened those last 90 seconds. Those stories, plus we spend some time with Peter Woodburn and Keith Ybanez from this very Website, getting their thoughts on the season so far, what’s been a surprise -- both good and bad – and why Peter has ruined Keith’s ability to get into a game ever again. And finally, we finish up with a look ahead to Eastern Washington’s return to the MAC. Oh yeah, some other team is making its way west, as well. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops podcast. Do come bear down with us, won’t you?
Did you ever do Sunday dinner with the family? Mom and dad, or maybe grandma and grandpa, host as many members of the family as possible, maybe cook up a nice turkey dinner, or –ooh!—maybe a lasagna.   Just out of curiosity, what did you put on your food? Were you a gravy fan for your turkey? Maybe parmesan or Reggiano for your lasagna?   We hear at Free Ira Brown, we prefer Husky tears.   And in the latest episode, our heroes exult in the full supply of Husky tears available after Sunday’s win. Woolridge all over both ends of the floor? Cue Husky tears. Ayayi with a clutch 3-pointer? More Husky tears. Tillie being the best player on the floor? Even MORE Husky tears. We rejoice in it all.   Those stories, plus we give a shout out to the great Frank Burgess, pick an interesting thing from the Texas Southern game, take look at what should be a fun game against Arizona and weigh in on the topic du jour: Gonzaga’s student section.   All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come join us at the dinner table, won’t you?
What was it Meatloaf once said? Two out of three aint bad? It seems unlikely he was singing precisely about Gonzaga’s trip to the Bahamas 40+ years in advance, but we’re gonna go with it anyway (seriously, if you haven’t heard the man sing, go find him and treat yourself). And in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, our heroes dissect the loss to Michigan in the Battle 4 Atlantis final. What went wrong? Mostly everything. What went right? Mostly nothing. Should we freak out? Not yet. We also take some real heart from the gutty, gritty, dig-way-down-deep victory over Oregon, talk about Ayayi’s continuing improvement and see if there’s anything we can do to help our starting backcourt get healthy and effective (just remember: don’t be sad, cause two out of three aint bad). Those stories, plus we have another pod dedication, we mention the words “Texas Southern” and we get ourselves prepped for that small matter of a cross-state trip Sunday to take on Washington. Isaiah Stewart is an elite talent, but is he enough to carry the Huskies to a long-awaited victory? All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come belt out some Meatloaf with us, won’t you?
As the season of thanks and commercialism descends upon us and turkeys everywhere run and hide, we here at Free Ira Brown turn our attention to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Specifically The Bahamas, of course, as Gonzaga has made its way from the lovely climes of Spokane to the totally average, nothing-to-write-home-about beaches of Nassau (seriously, what a downgrade). It is on those pristine shores the Bulldogs will face their stiffest competition yet (no, not you, Southern Miss) with potential matchups with Oregon/Seton Hall and UNC/Michigan looming. And it’s here (well, the link below, anyway) where you can find the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, in which our heroes look (briefly) ahead to the game against the Golden Eagles and (thoroughly) to the Thanksgiving Day game against either the Pirates (always a scary proposition in the Caribbean) or the Ducks (always a good Thanksgiving dish). Who do we match up with better? What are each team’s strengths and weaknesses? Why is Southern Miss so bad at shooting the basketball when they play a game where the goal is to shoot a basketball? Those stories, plus we take a quick, obligatory look back to the razing of the Roadrunners, wonder what’s wrong with Corey, pay some respect to Kayla Standish, give our thanks for all that is Greg Heister and get into a little podcasting after dark. And finally, with the Bulldogs heading off to the Bahamas, we provide the lads with a little extra motivation with the return of the Top 3. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come eat at the big kids table with us, won’t you? @freeirabrown  Contribute!
The French don’t have a Thanksgiving Holiday. That’s not really surprising, considering it’s a holiday celebrated by New World entities. But we here at Free Ira Brown won’t let that small, petty fact deter us from raising a toast to the return of Gonzaga’s Cagnes-sur-Mer Magnifique, Killian Tillie. For as our forefathers taught us, “Give us Tillie, or give us bad non-conference losses!” Pretty sure that’s in paragraph three of the Declaration of Independence. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, our heroes were celebrating Tillie’s return to lead Gonzaga past a plucky, feisty, annoyingly game UT Arlington team who seemed determined to ruin the rest of our week and make us forget the dominating performance the Bulldogs put on just a few days earlier in a blowout win over Texas A&M in College Station. Those stories, plus we have the most heated pod dedication argument in recent memory (all five episodes), Heister learns what kinesio tape is and we struggle to find any noteworthy alums from our next opponent, Cal St. Bakersfield. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come celebrate the return of our French Fantastique with us, won’t you?
In 2017, led by one Geno Crandall, North Dakota came into the McCarthey Athletic Center and pushed a loaded Gonzaga team (aren’t they all loaded, really?) to overtime. That 2017 team, however, did not have Filip Petrusev. Filip Petrusev does not suffer such dramatics. Nor would be there any of the accompanying hand-wringing this year from Free Ira Brown. That’s right, dear FIBbers, we’re back, and in the latest episode our heroes go deep into finer aspects of the cruise-control wins over Arkansas-Pine Bluff and the Fighting Hawks: Petrusev feasting on lesser fools, Corey doing a bit of everything and Woolridge being really fast. Those stories, plus we get into the NCAA and why they got it right (or didn’t) with the James Wiseman situation in Memphis, take a swim in the waters of Lake Schadenfreude (Winthrop! At home!), nod our collective heads and drinks to Kevin Pangos (and P-Maag!), try to determine whether Joel Ayayi (#A11Aboard) is the best rebounding guard in Gonzaga history and finish up with a brief game of What If? All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come along and laugh at others with us, won’t you?
Basketball. Games. Actual, counts-for-real, honest-to-goodness basketball. Gonzaga is back! And to help celebrate the season-opening romp past Alabama State, we here at Free Ira Brown brought in someone who kinda actually knows what he’s talking about: friend of the pod Steven Karr (he’s on twitter at @skarrGo, which we’re told is pronounced like the snails, not a nickname for Scarlett Johansson). Steven helps our heroes preview the Gonzaga women’s season, discuss whether it’s too early to give Corey Kispert the Naismith Award now and figure out Alabama State is about on par with Michigan State. Those stories, plus we brave through Filip’s injury scare (no getting hurt!), we preview the upcoming games against Arkansas Pine Bluff and North Dakota (the Geno Crandall internal Civil War special!) and run through some pet peeves from the sporting world and elsewhere. All that and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come revel in the return of actual basketball, won’t you? @freeirabrown
It can be scary out there, in the offseason. No ghoulish games to look forward to, no ghastly matchups to set your mind aflutter. Nothing but the vast, dark emptiness that is the wasteland of sports without college basketball. Thankfully, our nightmare is over. Yes, the Gonzaga Bulldogs will finally come back to the court. And with them, so Free Ira Brown returns! That’s right, dear FIBbers, our heroes are back to finish off the season preview pods. A scrimmage against Michigan State? We got that. Breaking news on Oumar Ballo and how that affects us? We got that, too. Those stories, plus we take a look at each other freshman and what to expect/hope, go over the roster/rotations with a fine-toothed comb and break down our non-conference schedule. We also have a lightning round at the end, just for giggles. All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us in the season countdown, won’t you? @freeirabrown
Free Ira Brown Returns! That's right, four of five starters from last year's team have moved on, but Free Ira Brown is here to get you introduced to the new squad. In this ep, we take a look at the veterans, returning players and transfers, who will form the backbone of the roster.  We also go over the new NCAA rules and look back at our own personal shining moments. Thanks for listening to THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. @freeirabrown  
Yeah. So, this is our summer pod. It was recorded before the USWNT won the World Cup, so we didn't talk about that. Also, we pick a player from the past to name the episode after, but you can tell that from the title.  We talk about the off-season moves, the inevitable departures and the welcome surprises, then we tell you, with complete accuracy, how all these young guns are going to fit together next year. Do have a beach day with us, won't you? We're a little laid back here at headquarters, so this one's a freebie patreon patrons. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If you aren't contributing, we'd welcome any support you can muster, go to Follow us on twitter @freeirabrown.
If you thought, after five years, it would be easier to put together an end-of-season pod; if you thought, after five years, we would keep things in the proper perspective, not get too up or down on the emotional roller coaster which is college sports; if you thought any of these thought entirely and utterly inaccurately. Because, dear FIBbers, there’s no getting around it: this one hurts. A lot. But through the pain, through the sniffles and the hangovers, Free Ira Brown still manages to cobble, well, something together. In our last episode of the season, our heroes look back at Gonzaga’s loss to Texas Tech in the Elite 8 and try to figure out why a season with so much promise ended so abruptly. Those stories, plus, we look ahead to who may or may not be coming back next year, what our starting lineup for the opening game might be and we try to figure out why this loss stings more than some of the others. And finally, we try to remember it’s not all bad, as we realize, yes, Gonzaga may have lost but others have it worse. All that and more on the season finale of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do commiserate with us one more time, won’t you?
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