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Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

A daily Health, Fitness and Mental Health podcast
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Episodes of Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

This podcast talks about Remdesivir, given to hospitalized patients who have been diagnosed with Covid based on a discredited PCR test. freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com. 
Dr. Alvin Perry talks about weight loss from his book: "Just Fat!" and how he used three basic principles to lose 80 pounds. Send your family, friends, and neighbors to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com. 
In this podcast, Dr. Ralph LaGuardia, MD tells about the "Gang of Seven" treatment and prevention of Covid-19 from his book "Infected." Send your family and friends to this podcast at freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.
This podcast explains how the CDC has backtracked on its Covid 19 guidelines reversing what they used to call misinformation.¬†Send your family and friends an invitation to subscribe to this free [email protected]
Initial comments about efficacy, transmissibility, and safety issues from outside the CDC platform were labeled misinformation. Now they are changing their tune admitting that this wasn't misinformation at all. Send your family and friends to:
In this podcast, Dr. Ralph LaGuardia, MD discusses where the Covid-19 virus originated and many other interesting and important facts. His book, "Infected" is highly recommended providing truth just below the surface.   Follow Dr. LaGuardia nex
In this podcast, Tommy Armstrong, Kentucky representative, and investigative researcher talks about Covid 19. Send your friends to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.
In today's podcast, Ashley Davis Bush tells about healing from loss, especially the death of a loved one, from her perspective as a 30-year psychotherapist. ...freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.
Ronni Tichenor and Jennie Weaver tell their story of childhood trauma and abuse from their book, "Healing Begins with Us.  Go to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com. 
This podcast guest, Valentina Tjan, explains in her memoir how she has succeeded in life and brings these solutions to her audience. She also talks about her spouse's infidelity in her marriage and how she decided not to divorce but to continue
Dr. Robert Young is a world-class scientific investigator and expert, especially on microscopic and sub-microscopic elements in human blood. In this podcast,  Dr. Young describes a poison is being added to the Covid 19 shots and boosters,  name
In this podcast Dr. Mark Hayden, MD reveals the truth just below the surface about T cell natural immunity.
Even though the CDC COVID-19 Guidance Agency is admitting It was wrong, they still are holding on to unscientific directives to continue in this biggest man-made scam in human history to inject gene-altering DNA, and injecting people with self-
These pictures will take your breath away. They start off with some statistics and stories but when you get about halfway down, you will see the pictures of the dead, The babies and the children. It will literally tear your heart apart. When a
In this podcast, my friend and addiction expert, Dr. Donna Marks, talks about three reasons why family values and traditions are important. Ask your family, friends, and associates to subscribe to this free podcast. They can access it easily at
In this podcast, Dr. Caxton Opere discusses the intimidation of doctors and other significant Covid issues. Send your friends to: freedomffromaddiction.libsyn.com.
The American Board of internal medicine is attempting to remove Dr. McCullough's board certification for "misinformation". They refused to have an outside expert panel of doctors resolve the issue. Send your friends to: freedomfromaddiction.lib
In this podcast, Dr. Betty Martini talks about monkeypox. She also talks about the relationship between aspartame poisoning and poisoning by the vaxx shot. send your friends to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.  
Bryant Lusk discusses heart disease and hypertension and how they relate to vitamin and mineral supplementation¬†therapy.¬†For this program go¬†to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.¬† Bryant's email is [email protected] His website is: htt
Today's podcast talks about the disease ADHD, about the diagnosis, and about medications. Dr. Karniski talks about whether these medications are effective and safe for long-term usage. He told me that they are not addictive.   freedomfromaddict
Our podcast today talks about "Frogglewogs" which is a book of 16 poetic stories to teach children moral lessons to cope with their everyday lives. It provides the opportunity for parents to discuss with their children the stories to promote po
Dr. Mark Hayden, MD (our expert on oral inoculation of live Covid,) discusses why North Korea has the lowest Covid death rate in the world.. Be sure to go back in the archives and listen to all of Dr. Hayden"s previous programs. Share this podc
A powerful, deadly narcotic is sweeping through our country. Here is up-to-date advice.  Go to: freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com or Search Apple podcasts. 
Dr. Robert O. Young discusses graphene oxide poisoning and Bentonite/Montmorillonite clay as an antidote for it. Go to Nancy Addison's website at https://www.organic healthy life.com to access her podcast with Dr. Young. My free podcast can be
Dr. Joseph Mercola tells about the Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. SADS reports are increasing dramatically since the mRNA vaxx shot arrived on the scene. The report is compliments of mercola.com. https:/freedomfromaddiction.libsyn
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