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NaPodPoMo #1 - A song!
It's November, and that's National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo)! Are you kidding me?? Anyway, here's the first one, for November 1st, featuring an original tune by your host Adam Sultan, and not much else.    Sign up for our newsletter: Support Friends With Deficits!  
Everything I Wish I Knew About Podcasts But Already Do
SEASON FINALE!  What is a podcast? Does it bite when provoked? Can children under 5 take it with meals? Will your podcast and the sun disappearing change the world forever? These and other questions will be asked in the following podcast. Sensitive listeners are advised to pull up a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa and talk about their feelings with someone…maybe a fireman? Topics include: Growing your audience: How often do you need to prune and fertilize? How to make guests feel comfortable in that weird chair of yours Editing out the harsh noises (a.k.a. “dialogue”) There’s also helpful tips and inspiration, such as: You can’t spell “podcast” without “dcas” It’s OK, you can keep your day job and have a podcast If you think the world doesn’t need your podcast, you’re just living in a rational, authentic reality. Sign up for our newsletter: Support Friends With Deficits!
NaPodPoMo #21 - Adult Dictionary
It's National Podcast Post Month! This is episode #21, and it's for Adults Only, who would like to learn new words and phrases.  Created and performed by Buzz Moran. IG: Friends With Deficits
Inside-out Girl: Jessica Ryan and Gastroschisis
Wedding and events planner Jessica Ryan hadn’t planned for the birth defect that gained her a strange nickname and a heck of a scar. Jessica bears these with good humor as she recounts the past and current challenges of having been born with gastroschisis. Google it—or just listen in (it’s not that gross)!
The Eye Opener - Jeff Hoskins and Stargardt disease
Stargardt macular degeneration is a genetic eye disease that affects about 1 in 8 to 10 thousand people. Jeff Hoskins is a sound engineer, drummer, and a decreasingly avid cyclist who has Stargardt's.  We chat about his condition; its origins, symptoms, and challenges. We also try to make a fancy cocktail called the Eye Opener from an old mixology manual that Jeff gave me. He helps me record this episode, and I help him sew. Plus--drum solo!  
Spectra Stewart Pt. 2 - Super Sensitive
It's not easy being Spectra. Along with Hyperhidrosis (as you may recall from Part One), Spectra Stewart has to deal with being overly stimulated by taste, sound, and touch. In this episode, we'll discuss Sensory integration The pleasure of buffets Uncomfortable furniture Spanking Wearing socks to bed And more! Be sure to listen for the ever-popular Friends With Deficits After-Hours segment, and of course--fake commercials. 
NaPodPoMo #7 - Sound of Wings (A Song)
It's National Podcast Post Month! Host Adam Sultan presents a song he wrote in no time at all while breaking down the steps to write and record it (NaPodPoMo #5 and #6 to unveil the process).  Become a supporter! Visit Friends With Deficits!      
Laser Eye Misery - Garry Mason and Corneal Neuropathy
Lasik and neuropathic pain – is there a connection? There is if you’re Garry Mason, one of a rare handful of less fortunate patients who traded in better vision for a host of other issues. In this episode, we discuss Garry’s struggles with corneal hyperalgesia, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), and blepharitis – otherwise known as a whole lot of pain for one corrective surgery.   Sign up for our newsletter: Support Friends With Deficits!
Jamie Rhodes and The MTHFR of Gene Mutations
Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase: a gene mutation with almost as many letters as health issues it causes. Artist Jamie Rhodes discusses her history and symptoms of MTHFR, as well as strategies for dealing with it—just short of living in a bubble.
Spectra Stewart Pt. 1 - Super Sweat (Hyperhidrosis)
Spectra Stewart is a badass Texan who gives a new twist to an old saying: It’s not the heat, it’s the SWEAT. That is, when you’re dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). She talks about the trials of slippery living, including the embarrassment, annoyance, and occasional benefit. But wait, there’s more! Turns out the conversation uncovered a couple more of Spectra’s interesting qualities, which we’ll cover in Part Two… For now, we discuss handshakes, doorknobs, deer feeder batteries, pole dancing, hugs, church, bowling, birth, and of course, sweat.  Join the Friends With Deficits community by signing up for our newsletter at Help support the show! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook!      
Livin' Large - Leila Henley and Gigantism
Leila Henley is a badass vocalist, saxophonist, and flute player. She really stands out in a crowd. Leila could've been an even taller presence if she hadn't had that pesky pituitary gland tumor removed.  We chat about her bout with gigantism, and traverse some of her life story from Alabama to New Orleans, into the heart of Texas (where everything is bigger, after all). EXTRA!--This episode has a commercial, but it's not selling anything but a pretend product Leila made up on the spot. She sings in it. EXTRA! Put the kids to bed and enjoy Friends With Deficits: After Hours, where we explore the potentially romantic side of living with challenges, and attempt to answer the age-old question, "Is bigger better?"
"A Sea of Pink Circles" - Kathy McCarty and Face Blindness
In this episode, Austin music legend Kathy McCarty discusses how she came face to face with face blindness (prosopagnosia). How is this well-recognized singer-songwriter, musician and artist unable to recognize faces, even those closest to her? We talk about coping strategies, being the world’s best busboy, mean Southern women, South Park, and of course, music. Also featured is a sampling of Kathy’s musical career over the decades, including her influential Austin rock band Glass Eye, and her solo recordings “Dead Dog’s Eyeball” and “Another Day in the Sun”. For more on that, check out:  See her art:   Support Friends With Deficits!
Tightly Wound - Shelby Hadden and Vaginismus
Shelby Hadden is a writer and documentary filmmaker. Her current animated film, Tightly Wound, explores her challenges living with vaginismus. In this episode, Shelby opens up about this painful pelvic floor condition: what it is, when it occurred, and how she’s dealt with it over the years. We also discuss behaviors and attitudes around sexuality, sexual health, and sex education.   Friends With Deficits is supported by YOU. Find out more about sustaining the podcast at
NaPodPoMo #5- Writing A Song While You LIsten
It's National Podcast Post Month! (WHY?) Host Adam Sultan writes a song in real-time, so you can be amazed or bored by his process. Part one: Lyrics   Support Friends With Everything else:
NaPodPoMo #16 - A Conversation With Mike Saenz
It's National Podcast Post Month - a post every day for 30 days! Today's guest is editor/filmmaker/musician/pal Mike Saenz. We chatted over tacos at Radio Coffee and Beer in Austin, TX. We discuss many important things, like the careers of former game show hosts, and ask pressing questions such as "Can clubs get arrested?" and "Why do you hurt people?" www/
NaPodPoMo #17 - Writer's Block--NOOOO!
It's National Podcast Post Month! Host Adam Sultan is getting tired of this NaPodPoMo business. In fact, he's run out of ideas.  In this fascinating episode, we--oh, just read the darn title. IG: Friends With Deficits
NaPodPoMo #18 - An Outtake With Leila Henley
November is National Podcast Post Month, and this is the 18th episode for the month! Do you remember Livin' Large - Leila Henley and Gigantism, way back when we were a fledgling podcast? Here's an extra bit from that episode that will surely whet your appetite.      
NaPodPoMo #22 - Journal Entry From When I Was 22
It's National Podcast Post Month! In this 22nd episode, your friendly host Adam Sultan recalls his youth and shares a journal entry from that time. Yikes.
NaPodPoMo #24 - Live From Sound Check
It's National Podcast Post Month - 30 podcasts in 30 days! Today your host broadcasts from onstage at The Highball in Austin, TX, during a soundcheck for Graham Reynolds' country and western big band - or at least pretends to.
NaPodPoMo #27 - RSVP NOW!
It's National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo). Today we invite you to COMMENT in the COMMENTS, be it, Instagram (Friends With Deficits), Facebook, or wherever you find a place to COMMENT on Friends With Deficits. No request other than you say hello and let us know you're out there!  RSVP NOW!
Changes and Choices - Diane Hardin and MS
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto-immune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. No fun. However, Diane Hardin is fun, and manages to cover the topic of her MS with humor and wisdom, without spilling her martini.  We cover a wide range of material, from the causes and symptoms of MS, to Roseanne Cash, "blood patches," and Air Force training films. In other words, we jump around Diane's brain as if it were being rewired by lesions forming on it (wait, maybe it is...)
SEASON 1 FINALE! Holly Lorka, gender dysphoria and top surgery
Holly Lorka doesn’t have a dick, and that for her is a deficit. Holly used to have a “nice pair of breasts”, which she also considered a burden. What happened, and why is it awesome? Holly is a contributor to a monthly lifestyle magazine in Oxford, England. She’s also a reverend available for weddings. She is the author of the upcoming book, “The Captain of Some Ridiculous Ship”. Some topics and interesting phrases from our discussion: “Masculinizing a chest” “Black Market Androgel” “Taking the gendering out of the courtesy” “Dysphoria” “Are we off the record?” “Seriously, none of this goes on the internet” “Advice for kids” (ok, maybe trans kids)   Patreon patrons also get “jaguars”, “station wagons”, “scrambled porn” and “splooge”! For more info, visit    
Feelin' Beat - John McCane and Vasculitus
John McCane is a multi-instrumentalist with a multi-faceted auto-immune disease known as Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a form of vasculitis (did I lose you yet?). In this episode of Friends With Deficits, John describes the fascinating, frightening, and sometimes just gross details of his symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, along with an intriguing possible cause. He also performs some rad, old-school beatboxing and a couple little instrumental compositions to round out the story.
Bodhi Prihoda, Part Two - Badges of Honor
Do you ever dream about a life of security? What about “maximum security”? In this second half of our two-part interview, Bodhi Prihoda recounts his 30-year journey through the prison system -- facing his fears, and finding his true self and freedom from a life of crime.  Hear part one: Sign up for our newsletter: Support the podcast!
NaPodPoMo #12 - The Dirty Dozen
November is National Podcast Post Month. An episode a day, America! Today's episode brought to you by the number 12. IG: friendswithdeficits
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